• Running, screaming, halting, hiding, beating, blackout. Where am I, I don’t feel like myself. Am I me, or am I someone who knows you, yet you don’t know me? I hear somebody talking. My eyes are closed and as I open them I see you. My Angel, My Guardian. You look petrified, scared, worried and I wonder why. But then it comes to my attention that I am in a hospital. I am bandaged up and have lots of IVs hooked up to myself. I have bandages on my torso, arms, legs, and head. ‘What happened?’ it’s a rhetorical question I have been asking myself. I hear beeping and turn to see liquid in a bag beside my head, more IVs from the looks of it.

    You are sitting beside the bed in which I am laying. You are holding my hand as I look into your very pained eyes to see just how much damage I am in. I look fragile and broken. You seem so distant but your right there beside me. I sense questions forming in your mind, but all that comes out is “how did this happen?” A lonely tear falls from your left eye. I slowly reach up with my free hand and catch it. I grunt from the pain and wince as you take that hand and place it back by my side. You take your hands away from me and hide your face.

    I can tell your crying because of the movements of your shoulders. Slowly I sit up and pull you towards me and let you cry on my shoulder. You release all your feelings as I stroke your hair which comes half-way down your face, and rub your back which is tense. When you finish crying you look up at me. “You were in a horrible accident. You almost didn’t make it. But unfortunately….,” you hesitate so I squeeze your hand telling you to please continue, “Unfortunately, your parents didn’t make it out in time. They burned alive.” I look into your eyes to see the truth and look down as a tear falls. I cover my face with my hands and cry into them, shaking my head not wanting to believe it.

    You pull me to you as I cry hard into the front of your shirt. You stroke my hair and rock me from side-to-side. “It’s okay, it’ll all be okay, I’m here,” you say. I look back up into your eyes sniffling the tears still streaming from my eyes and nod alittle satisfied. “But,…when will I be able to leave this hospital?” I ask in a hoarse voice. You press a finger to my lips to stop me before I finish. This tells me to rest my voice and not speak. “All in a matter of a few days, you just don’t worry. I’ll be right by your side,” you say as you remove your finger.

    I nod as you gently help me lay back down. “I’ll be right back I promise,” you say leaving. I nod and close my eyes thinking ‘this will never happen again’ I open my eyes and look around. I sigh and begin to poke my bandages wincing as I do so I stop. I look at the ceiling and sigh again closing my eyes drifting into sleep. As I sleep I dream of you and I, of nothing. I wake up abruptly by being shaken fiercely. I open my eyes and see you there shaking me.

    You have a tight grip on my arms and I flinch as I look into your eyes and see mixed emotions. Your eyes are full of panic and fear, their wide with terror as well. I want to shake you off and run but I can’t. I shrink back into the bed as you let my shoulders loose and back away some.

    I watch you cautiously as you stand very still. I relax a bit and wait for you to say something, except you don’t. I begin to speak my first word but before I utter the first syllable I notice a string on your shoulder. I motion for you to come forward to me. You step to me and I reach up and tug at the string. I pull it fully out and look at it. I see the color red and look back up at you.

    Your arm is covered with the same color red as the string. The liquid falling from your fingers to the floor into a puddle. I look closer and see that it’s blood and begin to hyperventilate. My eyes go wide as I watch you closely. To my growing horror your arm falls off of your torso. I gasp and look at you but you have no expression. Your staring at me with eyes of death and black abysmal nothingness.

    I look down at your detached arm and see its drenched in blood as well as your whole body. I begin to feel nauseous but hold it down. I watch as your legs fall off, you should be laying on the ground but your not, your hanging by a noose in the ceiling that wasn’t there before. I cover my mouth with my hands as I feel more tears fill my eyes. I don’t think that my eyes could become any wider. I look on at you with horror on my face clearly. I begin to wonder where the doctors are.

    Your other arm falls off and lands on top of your legs and arm. I tremble with terror and fear wanting this torture to stop. But it goes on as thought ignoring all my existence. I don’t want to cry but the tears invade my eyes and spill over onto my cheeks and down my face. I am crying now and there is no turning back from here.

    I watch as blood upon blood flows from the holes in your body. I feel some splatter onto my face and I don’t bother touching it. More tears leave my eyes and descend my face to the white bed sheets that I sit under. I look now at your torso and I see swords, daggers, pokers, knifes, and all things sharp infiltrate it out of every direction. I scream and close my eyes wanting it all out of my head now and forever.

    I am awakened by the shaking of my body. I look around and I’m in a very dark room. I recognize your voice. “It’s okay, calm down, I’m here, It’s all okay, I promise,” you say holding my trembling body close tightly. “Where are we? Am I in a hospital?” I ask looking around as much as I can. I don’t hear beeping or feel bandages. I don’t hurt, and I don’t feel scared. “No, we’re in your room,” you say leaning back looking at me, “You had a terrible nightmare and were thrashing around. So your parents called me up and told me to come as fast as I could. So I rushed and woke you up. Since your parents couldn’t.” I nod and lean into you crying.

    As I do you stroke my hair softly and kiss my head. “So it was all a nightmare? That’s all?” I ask looking up into your eyes. You nod and smile kissing my forehead.

    “Yes and later you can tell me all about it. If it’s okay with you and wont bring back anything,” you say rocking me back and forth. I sigh and nod. “Let me begin with this then, It all started with me in a hospital and you crying beside me and my parents dead…..” I began hugging you to me as you hug me to you.