• Chapter one No! But Love?
    When she left a part of him died, she had walked away without a second thought… it seemed… his heart shuddered… and he only kept his gaze were she had stood, were they were happy… what went wrong? They were the puzzle pieces to fit but maybe not, nothing could stand between them or so it was…now she just so easily walks away? Without a tear to shead? This clearly was not his love the girl that had said no matter what you’re in my heart! She was happy with him… but then she disappeared for a month! And when she came back she was pail… saddened even her voice had changed! It had the sound of a harp that only angels could play, yet so much pain that hell could not give out? What had happened to her? He wondered he had to know! This was the very meaning of his existence and she just walked away? Crawling up, he herd voiced so far and pressure on his arms, he blinked… suddenly back in reality to find Nattily (his cousin) shaking his arms screaming his name demanding if he was okay, questioning what had happened… worried if they would have to take him to a shrink or hospital…
    “I’m fine” he tried to say but all that came out was a crumbled little cry saying “okay” it was just in that moment her faced popped back into his mind it was set, sad… and hurt ‘I can’t do this… if I hurt you I would never be able to live’ she blinked ‘never but forever… I have to leave I’m sorry’ by this point her face was stern and promising… with that she turned and left… a sob unleashed its self as he curled into Nattily’s arms
    “It’s alright… it was the girl wasn’t it” Nattily’s face was so furious that a thick cloud of hate spread over her eyes “Tell me the truth it was … Midnight wasn’t it? You love her and she hurts you! I know you better than anyone, and you, I. Jasper I love you I do… and you love her… I’ll kill her!” Jasper shook his head in her arms
    “I don’t know why but something told me she did what she did, for reasons and it hurt her as worse than anything hell could throw at her… one thing I don’t get she said ‘if I hurt you I would never be able to live, never but forever’ do you have any idea what that could mean?”
    Suddenly as if she was hit her face was paler then normal… her gentle demanding voice was different “did she look, sound, smell any different? Then what she did?” Nattily didn’t bother hiding her concern…
    “Yeah… she was pretty, very pretty. More pretty then when I saw her last month but I rather my old Midnight not who ever that was…” his voice cracked “ Nattily I don’t know how to say this but u have to believe me… that wasn’t my Midnight” she nodded to his surprise! “You mean you believe me?!” She nodded again she focused on the words he was saying…
    “Jasper… don’t think I’m crazy now but… Midnight, is a Vampire just like I, please believe me and not be scared, Jazz you know if I ever joke about this at such a time!” he paled could this be plausible? How long had it taken her to become a vampire… if I ever hurt you I would never be able to live, never but forever… her everything was different… it wasn’t his midnight it was already hell’s midnight… that means she still loved him! “Are you okay with this, wait you do believe me right?!” he nodded “What’s happening in your mind? I mean common what are you thinking?”
    “It’s possible then, that she still does love me?!” Nattily thought then nodded sternly “Why did you hide this from me? For how long?!”
    “We come from to different parents remember… our mothers are sisters. Well my father is a vampire, and well when I was developing he turned my mother, so basically I’ve hide this from everyone my whole life… and I couldn’t make any exceptions. But now you know… I’m sorry, I don’t like hiding it from you… truly I don’t, neither does mother” she continued to blab on…
    Jasper couldn’t stop thinking ‘he turned her’ does this mean she could turn him?...
    Chapter 2 What happened?
    It was a normal day, damp, gray… yet full of life. I was waiting for my boyfriend Jasper to come to the mall so we could hang out… I was tan, tall but not too tall, I had long blonde hair that curled at the end! Beautiful green eyes. Every one said I was funny and awesome… totally normal. Then why would this happen to me. I was at a bench by the water fountain I remember it as if it was yesterday
    Her soft eyes focused on the water, she reached into her purse and pulled out a dollar coin, ‘hrmmm’ she thought… ‘I know what I want… I wish that I and Jasper could love each other for ever!’ she blushed at her thought and threw the coin down into the water and sat back down, and continued to wait
    “Hey, whets wrong” a voice so soft that it could have been an angel speaking to her “wow you’re so pretty, and you smell so, wonderful” the strangers dark eyes peered daringly at her “I mean you must be waiting on some one right or is it my lucky day?” he smirked and she noticed that one of his teeth were unusually sharp and bigger than the others, not too much though…
    “My boyfriend” she said ‘wow he is so hot’ she thought and blushed “I don’t think I’ve seen you before… I’m…” she was about to continue but the stranger interrupted her
    “Alex,” he smiled so lovely, “I don’t suppose I could get you to talk for me for a little long,” Alex gave a puppy pout and his shaggy blonde hair almost covered up his dark eyes
    “Well I see no harm in it. I told my boyfriend if he wasn’t her in 15 minutes I would go on a walk that was about” she looked at her phone and was immediately mad, and she continued “35 minutes ago ah man the movies already started, that’s just like him to… humph would you like to escort me to the parking lot its already December I would hate to go alone out back because all those gang members and its dark out… please you seem nice” she added quickly “I’ll have to stop by his house and see what’s taking him so long” she didn’t want Alex to know she liked him… because she loves Jasper.
    “It would be an honor,” he said with an axcent, style but she ignored it and wrapped her arm through his and they bounded towards the door. “So do you think I’m trust worthy, and nice?”
    “You most certainly seem so, it’s great getting to know you Alex” she said truthfully
    “I think we should have a tad bit more time getting to know each other please?” he begged so charmingly she couldn’t say no. She nodded. “Here come over here towards the trees I want to show you something” she followed
    Why am I following this stranger? Why can’t I say no, who is this ‘Alex’ were is he from? She remembered his accents. What caused him to speak like that? Ofcorse there mall had to be in the middle of the woods, she sighed out loud then suddenly hoped he didn’t hear it but he did and looked at her as if asking for an explanation. “Um just a little tired that’s all, what are you showing me?”
    “Do you see how big the moon is tonight?”
    “Yeah it’s gorgeous” she wondered what that had to do with anything
    “Good common” he quickened and then they were in an opening to a beautiful iced over meadow with the moon reflecting off the lake
    “Oh, it’s so beautiful,” she whispered
    “Yes it is would you like to see what I wanted to show you though?”
    There was more?! Wow amazing… they stood face to face less than 10 inches away, he stood slumping a little so that they could look directly into his eyes, then he opened his mouth as if to talk but just kept it open and those sharp teeth she notice were even longer! And he reached forward to her neck, RUN! She thought but couldn’t move and pain informed around her neck everything went black and she couldn’t see she felt like she was laying down now, the pain was not just in her neck this time but also even at her knees it was creeping its way away from her toes and up her body in fact this unbearable pain was seeking its way back to her heart! ‘No!’ she wanted to cry but didn’t… she couldn’t not even scream it was unbearable then her heart thudded as fast as a humming birds wings then, it stopped. Everything the pain was gone she was okay she opened her eyes to see that Alex was still there it was day now and the trees loomed over her like death “WHAT HAPPENED?! WHATS GOING ON?” she shouted standing on her feet. Her face filled with horror that wasn’t her voice! It sounded like angel’s playing the harp
    Alex smiled, lovely, too lovely to be human. “Good morning, I’m sorry about that you smelled incredible and the fact that I just bite you to turn you was amazing of me. You look even prettier as a Vampire then human although your tan is gone” He frowned “But now you’ll have no choice but to love me too, I want you beside me” he studied her features and smiled very pleasingly and perverted “I chose well,” he stood up and made his way toward her, she backed up and was back to back with a tree she was trapped! Finally he was as close as they were the last thing she remembered… it was fuzzy but defiantly that close and he held her head reaching toward her his lips found hers and she pushed him off!
    “What are you doing? Get away you... you creep!” She wanted to run but didn’t she didn’t understand what was it that had happened “What did you do to me? What are you, me, we errr… what did you do?!?”
    He chuckled darkly. “Well you know what a vampire is right?” she nodded hesitatingly “I am over 500years old, and you are now mine! You’re a vampire now too! And we’ll be together forever! And well we should start for ever now shouldn’t we?” he chuckled even more darkly and the smiled that was there before, widened.
    “No! Stay away you… you creep! I belong to only Jasper!” she said sourly.
    “Well I wouldn’t you might hurt him! You’re a vampire now and you shouldn’t be taking any chances of hurt him, if you really loved him!” he took a step back “Please at least give it a month here with me? He kissed her hand, and during the month I want ‘try’ anything, unless you want me to.” He raised an eye brow suggestively
    “No never! Ugh fine a month then what can I go back to him and he’d be mine again?”
    “No but you may dump him to make it so he has a chance of a life again” he paused “then it would be just us, babe”
    “DON’T YOU EVER CALL ME THAT AGAIN!” she yelled and crawled up against the tree and sobbed, I can’t hurt him... I won’t hurt him… but I can’t take the risk… at the end of the month I disappear from Jasper, forever. This is defiantly not what I wished for!
    And so the month had passed, Alex still try to convince her, and she continued to morn for losing Jasper, she promised he wouldn’t see her shed one tear ‘Better to get it out now, than then’ she repeated in her head over and over again! “You can go now, but only if you come back to me!” Alex told her
    She nodded and within minutes was at the park and found Jasper napping on ‘their tree’ like how they always did, I guess he hasn’t gotten over me yet she sighed and it woke him “I’m dream he stood up, Midnight why did you leave I missed you so…” he stopped and saw her, she must have looked pissed, and she was, but only at her self
    “It's over I’ve got to move on... if I don’t you might get hurt…” she paused her face was hiding nothing “I can’t do this… if I hurt you I would never be able to live” she blinked “never but forever… I have to leave I’m sorry” her face by this time she was sure was promising and stern, good, she thought. ‘Cause I intend it to look that way! Without even waving she turned and walked away only to hear him barely stammer what made her stop for just 1 second was when he said “u… I …we...lov…ed each..other …..ever….and …for” a silent sob went through her lips and she continued “goodbye” she mouthed when she was finally out of sight, tears strung down her face and she went back to Alex and she would tell him how horrible he was!
    Chapter 3 So, Now what?
    Alex held Midnight close to his chest, for once in her new life he had not been perverted at all. Instead he just held out his arms and was truly full of sarrow. When she finished yelling at him, she cried in his soft loving arms, while he stroked her hair and cooed sweat things to her like; there, there… you’re still pretty… I’m sure he was wonderful honey… I’m here I won’t ever leave, ECT. She spent the entire night in his arms and he was careful with her the whole time. She pushed her way out of his arms and he looked at her curiously… “I’m thirsty… I don’t have to” she gulped “Drink…Blood, do I-I?” she stumbled on her words barely choking them out. Alex nodded. “Does it have to be humans?” This time to her relief he shook it.
    “Humans are better, but, no you don’t have to drink it. You can drink any type of blood that you want.” He explained. “But it does have to be blood, this is always the hardest part the sad part of killing to feed I no.” he kept he loving expression. Then added a little cautiously. “Would you like to hunt with me? We’ll go after some dear maybe? Or lions…” he paused thinking. “Lions sounds nice… but dear is easier” Within a ¼ of a second he was on his feet holding her hand waiting, for her to agree.
    “I-I suppose, it’s got to be better than human not by taste but by killing,” she frowned “I would hate to be a killer” He held her again and then started to lead her
    The blood ran out too fast, but she did have to admit it was refreshing to her. And once she had her fill (Alex had more than enough because he was a faster hunter) they walked back to the Meadow.
    “Would you like to go to the mall” Alex asked out of the blue.
    “With all those people… what if I can’t take it, what if I hurt someone?” She asked suddenly alert.
    “I want you to smell them, if you hurt someone we’ll leave. Plain and simple. We’ll flee’d the country for a century or two all will be forgotten” he stroked her cheek. They had begun to bond, and she was glad to have some company with her, he was nice. Her first thoughts of him, she recalled was that he was absolutely a creep! But now that she knows him, she thought he was nice as a vampire could be. She nodded, and he smiled. “Great.” He kissed her forehead; this would have bugged her if his lips weren’t so soft and gentle.
    And they were at the mall within minutes. He held up some keys, as she gawked at him in a surprised way! Her car keys! How long has her car been at the mall? What about 5 months! It was nice of him to keep her keys and this made her flush, as she ran to hug him a name shouted out “Midnight! I never want to hear such a name again! Leave me alone now you mere human! I don’t care if it was the name of your novel I said LEAVE!” this voice was too familiar! It could only be jaspers, but it, too, had a ring to it she glanced in the direction the voice came from.
    Alex held her closer and a hiss began to form in his chest then she buried her face in him and smothered out her question “Is he a vampire? Is it my jasper?” The person that had yelled glanced in their direction. She forgot that vampires could here very well. And the person made his way over to the two; Alex just started to coo at her again while stroking her hair pressing her closer and closer.
    “Who are you?” The male said to them and then added quickly “Are you both vampires.” His gaze zoomed in on Midnight, he studied her over and over again, while yet another hiss began in Alex’s chest this time making it up his throat.
    “Who are you” Alex spat back sternly then also added “Yes, the Girl and I are both vampires.”
    The male nodded and much harsher spoke “I’m Jasper, I may be a new vampire, but I can assure you, you would not like to fight. I belong to a coven!”
    “Jasper!” Midnight leaped out of Alex’s arms to look, sure enough the person did resemble a little of her old boyfriend Jasper “Oh my, Jasper what had happened to you? Why… Why are you a vampire, please stop hissing your making me nervous!” with that she stumbled backward only to Alex’s soft but strong arms catching her and holding her, so she could see her back was buried into his warm body.
    Jasper studied her again and let out a soft whisper “Midnight?” She nodded sternly once. “Midnight, You left and now you’re…” he stopped and rethought how to say this. “I mean you already are in love, you’re a traitor of real love!” he shouted! Midnights eyes filled, how could he say that to her? How could her yell at her, be so cruel, there was never a time she didn’t wish that she was back in his arms!
    “Stop making the lady cry!” Alex spat into jaspers fixed with anger eyes. “Please you interrupted us, we we’re trying to enjoy the night to night… may I ask you if we can continue as if you didn’t rudely interrupt!”
    Jasper and Midnight flinched away and looked at Alex. Jasper was the first to speak. “I promised love for ever to you, and you leave me for him? I vowed to you I would love you as long as you loved me. Do you think you’re tears affect me still? You’re thinking how could I do this right? HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME? Like that. I can’t believe you…”
    Midnight cut him off. “You think I wanted to leave you?! You think I ever stopped loving you? I still LOVE you! Do you have any idea of how hard it was to walk away from you that day? And not cry in your arms I left because I loved you! If I ever hurt you, I would kill myself! Alex was here for me, he helps me deal with my new life urges as a vampire! When I said I’d love you forever and ever I meant it!” she was shouting behind her acidly blinding tears “Please, because you don’t still love me, Leave. Stop hurting me and leave!” she was clinging Alex, who was the only reason she was still standing he was holding her.
    “You heard the lady.” He brushed away her tears and kissed her hair… “It’s okay, you’ll always have me.” He tried to comfort her.
    “You don’t still love me, or else you wouldn’t be clutching him like that, you would let me hold on to you. Because I could never stop loving you.” His voice was broken but gentle now. He turned to Alex, and sighed. “I guess you’re right I’ll get my coven and we’ll be leaving”
    “No, Midnight and I, have no more a reason to stay. Come on babe it’s alright I have you” he continued to give her all the effort and love she needed desperately right now.
    “Thank you.” She mumbled to him. “Jasper I’ve never been the type of girl that would fall back to someone she loved you of all people should know that much.” Alex and her turned toward the trees and another vampire came out.
    “I know you’re NOT giving my cousin, Jasper a hard time are you runts?” she challenged blocking their way.
    “Nattily leave me alone, you’re all talk and no game! Get out of my way!” Roared Midnight without any hesitating in her voice.
    “Midnight? Oh how much I have been wanting to kill you, now I can!” her face was lit and happy. “I can even steal you’re cute boy-toy too.” She winked at Alex, in his response he just kissed midnights nose. “Alright smart guys, ask Jasper if you get to live!”
    “Let them go, nattily” a voice coming from the east said.
    “Yes father.” Nattily agreed unwillingly.
    “I’m sorry for the interruption please continue as if we weren’t here Sir Alex” Nattily’s father said “It’s Damon, if you don’t remember, we fought together in the great vampire depression for this land to be shared between us, I’m sorry that my family is being so hasty” He shot a look at his daughter.
    “I shall just forget it, if my new lady can… it’s nice to see you again Damon… you better keep those two under control, you don’t want me to fight them do you?” Alex spoke very calmly as if he could kill them less than 15 seconds. “I mean you know how good of a killer I am.”
    “Yes, I do, they would not even stood a chance in the fight, ah good memoires. Truly I’m sorry we’ll leave now, best of luck to you and your girl” he seemed pleased and when he said that a Huge growl had excepted Jaspers lips, he was down in a hunting crouch and Nattily’s father had spun around to him, and then pulled him up and they took off.
    Alex spun Midnight around, so she and Alex were face to face, he leaned forward and kissed her lips pulling them apart and kissed her with such urge but gentleness, some were in the background Midnight herd Jasper screech in pain. But she didn’t care she wanted to kiss Alex back and so they kissed for what seemed like 10minutes and then he pulled her away kissing her hair he hugged her gently, “Are you ready to go into the mall?” he asked. Midnight shook her head, “Why not?” he asked out of curiosity.
    “I’m not done kissing you,” she held him back tighter reached back up to his lips but he pulled away from her, she pouted. “Oh sure you get to kiss me when you want to but I can’t you’re so not fair” she stuck her tongue out at him.
    Smirking he said gently, “We can go in now, we have forever with each other… remember?”
    “Forever can start now” she spoke still trying to kiss him this time he let her, and it only continued for a few minutes. They headed into the mall. The human aroma filled the air and she had to tighten her jaw then she muttered “You better keep my mind off of the scent, I no one way you can” she smugly spoke at the end and he laughed.
    “What happened to when you didn’t like me? You weren’t so smugly then” he laughed darkly again and kissed the tip of her nose then walked more into the mall. She was becoming dizzy in his arms, the scent was overpowering, he held her and half way dragged her through the mall then set her down, “Would you like to leave” all too quickly she nodded. “Are you sure it’s that it’s too over powering and not that you want to kiss me again?”
    Nodding she said, “I wouldn’t mind kissing you, but this is too hard I can’t bare it please? Please can we go?” she begged him and they were back outside in the fresh air.
    Groaning he said in a whisper. “You see she loves me because You didn’t go after her as soon as you could!” he laughed evilly and added. “Ask her if I’m a good kisser.”
    A distant hiss formed, Midnight new it was Jasper and Alex was having a good time giving him a hard time, and she began to laugh too. Because all of what he had said was true, if Jasper went to look for her, be her knight in shiny armor she would be in his arms but he didn’t even look for her… not once! “Alex, you said you would kiss me if it made my head feel better” she groaned at him. “Well we can try, can’t we?” another of his growls r broke out this time not as far, none of this mattered to Midnight, she was aching for Alex’s soft sweet touch to warm her, some way he had always been able to make her feel so much better. It was as if he was her painkiller, once taken she felt better. She opened her eyes and searched for his lips, he was taking his time, typical. He really did like making him jealous!
    “Calm down now Jasper, you have no idea of how strong Sir Alex is. And if she chose him over you, her fault not yours. They are together now, not Midnight and you!”
    “Mom he has the right to be mad! I agree with him, if it wasn’t for you and dad we would have taken them both!” Alex broke away from their kiss laughing and she could feel nattily’s harsh eyes looking at them, she looked around. Everyone was there, nattily, her parents, and Jasper.
    “Can’t a girl have some privacy?” she moaned. “Alex please the scent is still overpowering may we Please go? Ohh” she cried out, Alex looked down at her, with such caring eyes.
    “Sure, Love.” His voice rang out even softer than normal. “I would ask you, if you’d like to come Damon but I can tell you don’t… shame I am sorry that I created this mess between us, we were so tight, but I can’t think of anything I rather than to be with Midnight, I would much like us to remain friends” he glanced at Jasper who looked like he was in pain about to cry like a little boy when his toy gets smashed. And back to midnight with such kindness in his eyes. “But now we must make our bid, Midnight feeling not well, the humans in the mall were a little too over powering right honey?”
    She nodded, “The second time I’ve ever smelt humans before” she glanced at Jasper and back to Damon. “I’m sorrier I did not want to hurt him… but I can’t help it, he didn’t come after me, and well” she blinked and open her eyes up on Alex’s smiling bright face at her. She continued. “He did, he needed me and loved me from the start…” and he kissed her forehead and they were off.
    Chapter 4. You never came, Don’t blame me you lost, because you didn’t fight!
    Back in the meadow, Midnights head was feeling much better, she could think a little more clearly… God why did she let him kiss her in front of Jasper, she knew how much it must’ve hurt him. But she also now realized she Loved Alex. He was her personal knight in shining armor. He rescued her, from death. And he loved her; he treated her like a goddess. She wondered, does he only like her because of her beauty? Or did he love her for her? “Alex.” She asked.
    He looked up at her with curiosity, “Yeah? And how’s your head, you look like you’re feeling better that’s very good, I suppose now that you can think properly you’re mad at me…” he looked away unable to meet her eyes.
    “Well, I was until I realized that I love you. You had been here from the start. And you would come after me, while as Jasper would just hope I’d come back.” She sighed and continued. “But that’s not what I wanted to ask.” He looked at her carefully and studied her face, then shrugged and nodded for her to continue. “Why do you like me? Is it because I’m somewhat pretty? Or is it because of who I really am?” she looked down in embarrassment and almost cried while falling to her knees.
    He chuckled darkly. “Somewhat? You’re absolutely gorgeous! And mine, at first I’ll admit I only wanted you because of your appearance. But now, now that I know you… I feel as though I need you. I could close my eyes and see any one. But you… you’re so perfect in every way, her thoughts, emotions, way to explain it, it’s all so perfect you make me feel like you were made to be in my arms forever” he got up and held her chin to his face, then curving his hands around the side of her face, she leaned forward Kissing his all mighty lips, the one’s she craved now like a person smoking a cigarette, she loved his everything, the whole thing about him seemed to make her feel bright and welcomed. No one else would ever understand, no could ever understand how she needed him, she draped her arms around his shoulders as she kissed him back with everything she had. He pulled away for only long enough to say this. “How about you?”
    Unwillingly she tugged her lips away she could tell that Alex didn’t want her to either but she had to answer. “You are my everything, you are my new life, and I refuse to live without you!” she tried to kiss him back but he pulled her off.
    “I think we should make a coven, of vampire vegetarians. At least one more person… Please babe? I know were both going to get lonely if it’s just you and I. you doubt it but its true!” she considered what he was saying for a minute.
    “Alright. We could use some company, I guess” she said softly, gazing into his golden eyes. “I love you.” She whispered just as soft and flushed.
    “Don’t be embarrassed you know why?” she shook her head. “Because...” he kissed her neck and then whispered just as gently in her ear “I love you too”
    “What did you mean you’re not mad at me for making him jealous? I kissed you, In front of him, did you not hear his painful growls?” he laughed full heartedly remembering how much he was jealous of them.
    “Well if you never did, I wouldn’t know how much you mean to me.” Was all she wanted to answer. Midnights head thumped, yesterday he took her to a mall filled with humans, and today he takes her to a park filled with humans. On the other side, Damon, and his wife were coaxing the two younger vampires on how they have to behave it they didn’t want to be killed.
    Getting up Jasper yelled “Maybe I WANT to die! Now that I have nothing to live for!” he glared at her. Then called out. “Alex if you’re as strong as Damon says then come over here and KILL ME!”
    Alex turned his gaze to Midnight- who had a completely horrified look spread across her face- he kissed her head and other than that did not move. This angered Jasper even more. “Come on, you know how much you hate me! Just try and kill me!” Jasper slithered out the word “try” as if he were saying it to a dog.
    Alex replied with a calm yet appropriate answer. “As much as I loathe you, I love Midnight more! And I would never do anything to cause her any pain. Even if it means letting you make your comments about us! If she ran into your arms right now I wouldn’t stop her! But you had your chance and it ended when you didn’t come after her! When you let her walk away, no one is to blame but yourself! You should start realizing that and let Midnight have her happiness you just steal from her!” Damon’s wife sighed in aw, as she cuddled up into her husband’s chest.
    Jasper looked at him with disbelief. Then his eyes fell oh so slow and gently on Midnights blank expression. Did he really say he would let me go into Jaspers arms if I wanted to? Did he say he would never hurt me in any form? Her face turned from blank to overjoyed with tears spilling out, as she look up at him, who was studding her with carful eyes.
    “You’re crying, did I say something you didn’t like” he asked stunned almost sadly stunned.
    She shook her head. “You could’ve said nothing sweeter. I can’t believe you’re real… or this is real I feel like I’m in a fairy book.” She confesed and reached up to kiss him. He looked reliefed of his saddened stun. And shocked that she would kiss him in front of Jasper. He kissed her back and ended it quickly, no one looked surpised with the kiss, excluding Jasper, who was devastated.
    “You should let her go…” a soft voice told jasper from behind him. It was Nattily, she had been on his side this whole time and now she wants him to let her go?! “ She’s made her choice, and she doesn’t regret it, if you truly loved her you would respect that, and let her know, if she ever wants you back you’ll be there for her.” Her voice was broken and defeated. As she watched Midnight and Alex smiling at her with such bright eyes, glad to have her finally understand that they Needed each other, she sighed. Then weakly smiled back at them to show that she was on their side.
    Midnight lipped her a “thank you” and Alex stirred her on her feet as they went over to Damon, and his lovely wife. Midnight asked. “Alex is taking me some were tonight, can you please get it to his skull that any were we go is fine with me, that we don’t have to be any where as long as we’re together?” she giggled. “he said he also wanted to invite you to come… we’d be honored if you did accompany us tonight.” She said humbly.
    “Of course, that would be splened” Damon’s wife said. “I don’t think we’ve fully meet. I’m Melody. It’s nice to know you, Midnight.” She said just as nice as Midnight had spoken.
    “Great. Meet us back here at 9’olck okay?” Alex asked, and Damon responded with a nod, “Are you ready to leave?” Alex said turning back to her.
    “Yes.” She said grabbing his hand, she led the way back to their ‘home’ as just a meadow… where we’re they going tonight? She wondered .