• I moaned as the beeping of my alarm clock started. It was morning alreay? Frustrated, I threw the alarm clock at the wall to turn it off. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I threw on a pair of old jeans and a black t-shirt, then went to get a pop-tart for breakfast. The strawberry poptart and juice felt good on my throat after not having anything since supper last night. After I was done eating, I walked down the long green halway to the bathroom. I stared in the mirror, and felt that same odd feeling I have had for a couple days now...it was like I was looking through my eyes, but at someone else.

    "Maya!" my mother called. "Are you ready?" I shook out my dark brown hair, streaked with violet on the sides until it was presentible, and called back.
    "Yea Mom, I'm ready." I grabbed my bag and prepared myself for another worthless day at school. I winced as the door to the grage opened, and a wave of cold air was thrown at me. I shivered. My mother slid into the van, and started the car. She was graceful, with long brown hair, and shining blue eyes. It seemed like men were all over her now that Dad was gone. It seemed like she didn't have any time for me anymore. After all, I was just a complication in her dating schemes. We rode down that same old, bumpy road, and entered my small school. My best friend Cassy was standing in the parking lot, and I waved. The car stopped, and I got out. I rushed inside to get out of the cold, ever though it was still early autum. Cassy followed me, and we headed up to my locker.

    "Do you think it's cold outside, or is it just me?" I asked.
    "No, it's nice out." I looked around. Most of the people were still wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I shruged, and got my books. 1st period was the only one a acually liked. It was drawing, and the teacher was great. We never had homework, and I even had an A in it. After walking through the hallways for a while, I sat in my seat. I reached for my sketch book, only to find it was missing. Thats, not possible, I had it in my locker... I thought. Maybe I droped it in the hallway. I jumped when the bell rang, and Mr. Haden walked in. I rushed up, and asked him if I could look for my stetch book while he takes roll. He agreed and relief washed over me. I darted out of the room.

    "Looking for something?" someone asked. Startled, I looked around. Behind me was a very odd looking man holding my sketch book.

    "Hey, thats mine, give it back." I demanded. He continued to flip through the pages.

    "You have a lot of skill, I love your drawings." He smiled at me, and reached his hand out to give it to me.

    "Thanks." I grabbed the book, and pulled back, but the man held tight. Confused, I looked up at him. His eyes were red, and his smile showed that his teeth were pointed. I let my hand fall and backed away, becoming frightened. I had a sudden uncontrolable fear, and turned and sprinted down the hallway. Who was this guy? Why did he have my sketch book? Questions poured through my head as I ran, but the fear did not die down. I turned a sharp corner, and ran into something. I fell to the floor and felt my breath rush out of me. My vision was momentarily blury, and I sudenly felt a hand close down on my throat. I looked up gasping for air, and the same man was kneeling over me. I grasped at his hands trying to pull them off my throat, but he was much stronger than me. Tears filled my eyes as my lungs burned for air.
    "C-can't breathe" I gasped out. The man smiled, and bent his head down to my ear.

    "Good." He chuckled, and then there was nothing.