• The Passion of Two Foxes
    Part 1
    An Immense ball of fire ripped through the far wall of the facility, and it became apparent that nothing would keep him from fighting this time. Streak pulled on his sash containing 3 rings, a first-aid kit, and a few tools while securing his dolomite claws on his fingers. Dolomite is a very durable metal, about 10X as strong as steel, half as light and able to withstand temperatures up to 3000° F while retaining sharpness able to cut cleanly through iron with a strong slash. Streak then fastens his red bandana with the Autobot insignia printed in the middle, and proceeds out of his workroom into the hallway of the facility.
    The hallways are lined with metal and inside the multi-layered walls are wires and circuits leading power to the lights positioned on the top corners and sides of the hallways as well as to individual rooms and corridors. With the fire inside his room still building, Streak hurriedly closed his door to slow the progression of the blaze and ran down the hallways to the main observatory deck.
    Streak is a dual-tailed Mobian fox, and a dedicated member of the Autobots. He has white fur on his chest and around his mouth and black fur on face, body, legs, and the half of the tails closest to him. He has three red strands of hair extruding from his forehead, and his perked ears are also red along with the 2nd half of his tail. Streak has blue eyes and wears red shoes with a slanted blue streak in the center of the shoe. He has three thick white hairs extruding from the side of his face as well as four equally thick bundles of white hair extruding from both sides of his chest.
    Streak is on the planet Keiber 3, a desert-like planet with many canyons, ridges and mountains covering most of the planet’s surface. Under the surface the planet is very rich in Iron and dolomite ore, making it a key target for any civilization. The planet is currently being excavated by a race of autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron, called Cybertronians. But the Cybertronians have been split into 2 factions, the Autobots and the Decepticons. The Autobots are a peace-loving people who wish to keep the galaxy a safe place while defending it form the evil Decepticons. The Decepticons are a vile and hated people, who think that all other life-forms are inferior to them, and that they should rule over the galaxy. Megatron, the most cruel and destructive of the Decepticons, has ordered an attack on the Autobot base on Keiber 3, which is currently under siege by the very force Megatron sent out. Caught by surprise, the Autobots quickly assembled their forces and fought back in their own base.
    Streak, having seen his share of action, only wants to leave the planet to go to Mobius and check up on a group of crystals thought to contain psychic properties. But when the Decepticons attacked, that mission became second priority for he must now defend this base and even his own life from total annihilation. This is one of the few remaining bases on the planet that has not yet fallen to the vile plague which has been given the name Decepticons, and it is Streak’s duty to protect it.
    Running down the hallways which are filled with a variety of sounds now ranging from the high-pitched screech of the alarms and the low rumble of exploding bombs, Streak ran as fast as he could to try to observe the situation of the situation that the base has come into. After taking several turns and running for several minutes, dashing form hallway to hallway, Streak finally gets to an elevator and takes a ride up a tower 9 stories tall with machine guns and a pair of missile launchers currently in use on the roof. The tower is cylindrical and bubbles out and then flattens slightly, with windows placed evenly around the sides. After reaching the top, the elevator doors opened and there were only 2 small Autobots in the room.
    “Where is everyone?” Streak exclaimed
    “Down there… fighting.” The smaller of the two Autobots pointed out with a grim expression on his face.
    Streak walked over to the window and saw the battle raging below. Autobots were taking cover wherever they could and firing back whenever plasma shots and missiles stopped flying over their heads, and the Decepticon strike force was constantly charging in, as if a flood moving into every nook and cranny, firing randomly and wildly in every direction. Their weapons ranged from high-powered plasma cannons to small mini-guns to grabbing a crumpled piece of metal and chucking it at anything in range.
    “Why aren’t you two fighting down there?” Streak demanded.
    “We’re just mechanics though; we’re not good at fighting!” The larger Autobot said. “If we go down there we’ll die!”
    “Alright, I see what you’re saying.” Streak said in an aggravated voice. “So you think, that if you don’t fight and just stay in this little ‘safe place’ of yours that the Decepticons are going to just leave you alone!? Idiot they will kill you! KILL, YOU!” Streak yelled, stomping his foot on the hard metal floor plating. “If you stay here you will die! If you go down there and fight, there is a good chance you will die! But at least you will be doing something! Just think, what would Optimus do?”
    The two small worker-bots looked at each other, discouraged and afraid, but reluctantly agreed with Streak, and prepared themselves for battle.

    In the back of the Decepticon attack force, a young grey Mobian fox prepares herself for the upcoming bloodshed, and grins at the mere thought of killing again.