• Episode 12 : The battle of Shadows!

    Previously on Element Heroes:
    Eon:Like you kids have a chance against me!!Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!I'll rip you into pieces!!!!!!!!!
    Jake:We'll s about that.Wind blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eon:Shadow blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And now:

    Eon:So Jake i see that your powers have grew since our last fight at the end of the 9th season!!!!!!!!!But mine powers are now at their limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jake biggrin o you remember my shadow form????????
    Eon:Yeah because of him i was banished to the Shadow World!!!!!!!!!!!!Why did i even create him??????????
    Jake:Well i think he wants out!!!!!!!!!!!!Shadow transformation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jake:Hi Eon did you miss me??
    Eon:Yeah right I like kiss my mother then then miss you.
    Jake:Whatever......Shadow ball!!!!!!!
    Eon:Shadow shield!!!!!!Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jake:It ends here Eon.Shadow wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eon:One day one day I'll come back and destroy you and your planet!!!!!!!!
    Jake:Yeah right.............But now it's time to get my friends back.Merepotus veletas keritorus hetarus metaforus portaius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And a portal opened and Jake's friends were revived
    Jake:Shadow de-transformation.Hey guys are you OK!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
    Zack:What where are we??????
    Hannah:Wait is that Jake???????
    Denis:Yeah it's Jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jake:Hi guys i missed you when you were dead.
    Hannah:We too Jake.
    Zack:So what all did we miss??????
    Jake:That's a long story.
    Denis:Then you an tell it us on the way to the academy.

    So Jake and the others went to the academy and all graduated.And in the real world Zack and Hannah went to the Bahamas and Jake helped Geo with his attacks.Denis went into the real world and stayed at Jake and he started to go to a normal elementary school.And so everybody was happy but there are still shadows somewhere out there.