• Blood Rose
    By: MitsukiiAngel
    December 22, 2008. 7:31 P.M.

    Once morning shined, Mitsuki noticed someone sitting right on her bed. "Chiaro?" Mitsuki questioned. "Chiaro's not here." A gentle voice
    said. Mitsuki rubbed her eyes to view the person. She noticed it was Esuke. "Esuke!" Mitsuki said in such surprise, that she backed away from him.
    He smiled and said,"Don't worry. I'm no going to kill you or anything. Kiyo told me to check on you." Mitsuki looked away from his sepia eyes. "I'd
    better get going,so I won't be late for class." Mitsuki said. As Mitsuki exited the room, Esuke smirked. "Heh. Even if my plan didn't work, I'll still get her
    before Chiaro." He chuckled lowly as he exited the room. He stalked her for a bit, then exited through a different way. "I wonder what he wanted."
    Mitsuki said in her head. Miyu popped right out of the bathroom unexpectedly. "Ugh! You people won't stop popping out of nowhere!" Mitsuki said to Miyu. "Heheh.. Sorry Mitsu.. Have you seen my dear brother Riyu yet?" She asked. Mitsuki shook her head. "Well,your gonna have to catch up with
    him later. He really needs to talk to you." Then Miyu walked off. Mitsuki thought what is going on. She just shook the thought out,and got herself ready.
    Mitsuki saw Riyu leaning against a cherryblossom tree. He glanced at her, and walked over to her. "Let's go somewhere else." He said in a
    most charming voice. He grasped her wrist and took her behind the school dorms. "Wait!" Mitsuki forced herself to earn her hand back from being
    grasped. "What do you need from me?" Mitsuki asked. Wanting the answer. "This." Riyu answered simply. He took her hand again, and bit her wrist. She was starttled, and closed her eyes tightly, holding in the pain. She didn't know Riyu was a vampire. What kind though? She had to know. She
    forcefully yanked her hand away, and slapped Riyu. He just watched Mitsuki flee, until she bumped into Chiaro. He scented her blood, and held her in
    his warm arms. "I'm going to get you if you do that again." He glared at Riyu. He saw Mitsuki's blood rush down her arm wildly. He had to do
    something. He covered her eyes with his warm hand. He then used angel's fingers, a type of magic, to heal Mitsuki's wound. He uncovered her face
    seeing her face pale. She suddenly collapse! Chiaro shook his head glancing at Riyu in shame. He picked her up bridal style, and rushed to the
    nurse's office. "This is not good." Chiaro said in his head. "Horrible acttually."
    Mitsuki woke up a bit later, having herself tucked in a bed by Chiaro. For some reason, he wasn't there. Instead, Esuke was. Mitsuki opened
    her eyes half way. "Esuke..Sama?" Mitsuki asked. "Yes it's me." He said smiling. "Are you alright? I saw you collapse earlier for some sort of reason."
    "I'm fine. It was really nothing." Mitsuki said. "I think it's better for me to go back to class." Before Mitsuki exited the room, Esuke grabbed her hand,
    and brought her closer to him. He took a look at the bite marks on her wrist. "Riyu bit you didn't he?" He asked. Mitsuki nodded. Unexpectedly, Esuke
    left the room without another word. Mitsuki was curious of why Esuke asked. So she left the room, not knowing what Esuke was up to.
    Esuke lurked around the school for Riyu. He then spotted him, and pushed him up against a brick wall. "The next time you hurt my dear
    Mitsuki," Esuke scolded, "I will kill you!" Then Miyu noticed that her dear brother is being strangled by Esuke. She ran up to him, and tried to stop the
    fight. "Stop it! Both of you!" Miyu said. Esuke pushed her out of the fight. He pushed her quite hard enough, that Miyu fell. Riyu was furious, and
    pushed Esuke hard against a different wall. The wall surprisingly cracked. Katsuke heard the crack, and walked over to the fight. He slapped Riyu and
    Esuke, but not Miyu. All she tried to do, was stop the fight. "I'll get you an ice pack." Katsuke said walking off. Miyu was still on the grass, looking at
    both Esuke and Riyu. "We're rivals from now on.." Esuke said without turning around to face Riyu. Riyu said nothing, but helped his sister up. Then
    they departed.
    As Mitsuki returned to class, she sees blood everywhere, and everyone dead. She was sweatting in fear. She tried wiping the blood of of
    her desk, but never came off. Mitsuki got up, and walked out of the classroom. "Excuse me Mrs. Shizu.." Mitsuki said. She sat at a corner, knees at
    her chest, and her hands covering her face. She still saw blood. Esuke showed up, laying her on his lap. He used his black magic to erase her
    thoughts. Mitsuki got up quickly, backing away from him. "I knew there was something different about you." She said. He touched her hair, letting it
    slide throught his fingers. Then he embraced her. "So you found out that I'm a vampire? How clever." He said. Mitsuki pushed him away. "Oh. So you
    are frightened by vampires? Don't worry, I won't hurt you." He said smirking. "Your facial expression shows me you are going to do something."
    Mitsuki said. She felt arms wrap around her. Those arms were Chiaro's. "Chiaro is going to keep me away from you." Mitsuki said. Esuke smirked, "I'll prevent that from
    happening. I'll kill him before you know it."
    It was time for the Sun class to sleep. Mitsuki was half asleep from the thought of Esuke. Esuke came into her dorm, and approached her.
    She quickly took out her scythe, pointing it at him. "I thought I told you to never approach me again." She said. He touched her scythe, letting it shock
    him. It didn't hurt him, but it hurt Mitsuki really bad. "I think now's the time to bite you." He smirked. Chiaro flung into the room, with his dark blade. "Do
    you need me to kill you today?" He said not very happily. "Maybe.. Before I kill you!" Esuke said, using his magic on Chiaro. "You totally
    missed." Chiaro said. He uses the end of his sword to poke him out of the room. "That will do. For now.." Chiaro said. Mitsuki giggled. "What is it that
    you are giggling about?" Chiaro asked. "Esuke burnt your pants. I can see your underwear." Mitsuki said still giggling. Chiaro blushed a bit. "Let me help you." Mitsuki said. She casted a repair spell on Chiaro's pants. "You're a mage?" He asked. She just nodded. "I'm an Angel Mage. I have the most rarest blood." Mitsuki remebered. "That must be why Riyu bit me." Mitsuki smiled a bit. "We should be resting now." She said while slipping herself under the covers. "Goodnight Chiaro - sama."

    Chapter #3 Coming Soon!