• Dead!
    And if your heart stops beating,
    I’ll be here wondering.
    Did you get what you deserved?
    The ending of your life.
    And if you get to heaven,
    I’ll be here waiting babe.
    Did you get what you deserve?
    The end.
    And if your life won’t wait,
    Then your heart can’t take this.
    You heard the news that you’re dead?
    No one ever had much nice to say,
    I think they never liked you anyway.
    *My Chemical Romance*

    The day was wet and cold as the sun slowly crept its way behind the tall trees. The wind blew stray leaves across the long, paved roads. There was a feeling of excitement in the air as many of the small children made their way home. Climbing onto buses and running across streets. All excited to paint their faces and put on costumes that were foolish and silly. They were all excited to spend the night running door to door begging for sweets. Some would rather spend the night running house to house throwing eggs and rolls of toilet paper as a chance to feel like one of the gang. You could say it was any little child’s dream.
    Through this excitement and rush there was one who was not thrilled as they were. Her name was Morgan; she never really did look forward to this day. Just another chance for kids to egg her house. She wasn’t really into the whole candy and destruction of it; she’d rather dip into the darker side of ghost and spooks. But at this point she just wanted to get home. She slowly headed towards the street across from her school. It was her last year at this place and she could not have been more relieved. She begun to pull her jacket tighter as the cold air had begun to kiss her alabaster skin. It wasn’t until she heard her name being called that she had even realized how cold the world actual was. You see, when Morgan walked she usually stared at her shoes, finding them to be more important than the rest of the world around her. But as her name echoed through out the campus she turned around, only to wish she hadn’t. It was him. Harold Cunnings. The biggest, nerdest, easily obsessed guy in the school. And yet, shocking as can be, the coolest in the school. He had wanted Morgan since Kindergarten when he had first seen her through his huge 5 inch thick glasses. Though he had lost his glasses and braces since then and had acquired a more preppy outlook he still was a nerd. Morgan had always tried her hardest to avoid him, and when she did have to talk to him she tried to be kind. But this was a great struggle.
    “Morgan!”He yelled running to her with a huge smile.
    “Harold.” She replied shortly.
    “Are you comin’ to the party tonight? “He asked.
    “Party?” She asked.
    “I’m having a Costume Party at my house tonight, please come!” he told her,” You can be my date! Or not.” He told her,” Ok, I’ll see you there!” he called as he ran off.
    Morgan paused,” I don’t remember saying I would come.” She told herself. She shrugged it off and decided to forget it. She walked down the street listening to the kids running around and shouting at each other. Though she didn’t look at them, of course, she found her shoes interesting. She walked down the street until the sound of the children began to fade away, this told her to go from the street and stray off to her dirt path. Stopping only to cross a small creek before her house, she continued down the path. She walked towards a large, creepy, old house. As she walked up the steps of the porch she reached the front door and stuck her hands in her pockets. A frown came across her face. She checked her jean pockets. She glanced in the window and saw her keys sitting on the table. She sighed. She reached up to the lamp hanging from her wall and pulled down a large old key, she unlocked the door and entered her house. She slowly and carefully looked around the room,” Evan?” she asked in a normal voice still looking around the room,” Evan? Are you here?” She asked the seemingly empty house. “Evan? Would you please answer me? You know I don’t like it when you do this.” She sighed walking into the sitting room. She looked around quickly and turned to leave the room, but instead she met the cold face of Evan,” Oh, my-!” She gasped standing back,”Evan! What have I told you about doing that?” She huffed walking past him.
    “Sorry, love; sometimes I forget how creepy I am.” Evan smirked.
    “Bloody Pirate.” Morgan growled walking quietly up the stairs.
    “Aw!” Evan yelled from down stairs, then hurried up the stairs behind Morgan, stomping so hard it seemed the house were falling down,” Did you see how nice it is outside?” he exclaimed.
    “It’s wet and cold?” She replied.
    “Exactly! And it’s almost dark. Quick! Go get your costume on, so we can go.” Evan told her child-like.
    “I’m not going this year.” Morgan sighed turning off the stairs and heading down the hallway to her room.
    “But we always go…” Evan pouted. “This is the one night I can actually have fun!”
    “Then you go, I’m staying home.” She informed him walking into a large room and laying down on a large canopy bed.
    “But what’s the fun if I can’t drag you all over the town?” Evan whined lying next to her on the big bed.
    Morgan sighed again,” You can’t go alone?” she asked looking over at him.
    “Please? On this one night of the year, the only time I’m ever able to actually exist. Please, cause destruction with me tonight.” Evan begged putting an act on.
    Morgan glared at him,” FINE! I’ll go!” she said climbing off her bed,” I hate it when you do that.” She huffed. She stood tall and looked around,” Oh, but wait! I don’t have a costume, aw darn. What bad luck, huh? Oh well, I guess I can’t go.” She said acting upset and disappointed then sitting down on the bed,” You have fun, though!” she said smiling brightly pushing him off her bed.
    “I’ll find something!” Evan told her jumping to his feet and rushing to her closet. “How about this, love?” he asked pulling a very small and reveling dress from her closet.
    “What corner will I be working?” Morgan asked.
    “No, not that, you’re legs aren’t good enough to work corners…yet.” Evan smiled.
    “Great, my future is worked out than.” Morgan frowned as she searched her closet. She pulled out a big black dress from the back of the closet,” What the-?” she asked looking at the dress. It had a long thick gown that drug the floor and a deep cut front. With a large open back, and a silver chain that reached from the back to the lower back. Its skirt was layered with silks and beautiful material, the bottom was trimmed with small gems. Morgan looked it over; she had never seen it before in her life. “What is this?” she asked.
    “It looks like a dress.” Evan suggested in a whisper in her ear.
    She ignored his smart remark and continued to stare at the dress. “I have never seen this dress before in my life.” She told him.
    “Well, who lived her before you?” Evan asked.
    “My grandmother. I lived with her until she passed,” Morgan stared at the dress,” It’s beautiful isn’t it?” she asked Evan.
    “I guess,” Evan shrugged,” I don’t usually wear dresses.” He added.
    “I could wear this tonight.” She told him.
    “Whatever, just hurry we’re running out of moon light!” He whined.
    Morgan walked into the bathroom and hung the dress up on the wall, “Relax, Cinderella, “She called leaning out the door,” We’ll get you to the ball on time.” She finished.
    “I never got that joke.” Evan frowned.
    Morgan leaned out the door way and gave a ‘WTF’ look. She turned back to the dress and begun to pull off her clothes. She slowly pulled on the dress. When she adjusted it and pulled it on right she couldn’t believe how well it fit. It was as if this dress was designed to fit her every curve. It enhanced her curves that she hid under her baggy clothes. She didn’t really know what to do with her hair or anything and just leaving it be seemed somewhat boring. As she stared at her image in the mirror, she noticed something in the corner. It couldn’t be. “Grandmere?” Morgan asked. She slowly turned and saw her grandmother standing behind her, but she did look like her grandmother. She was younger.
    “Moncher.” Her grandmother smiled,” I see you have found my dress.” She smiled,” But you are not fully done getting ready.” She told her.
    “But it’s not like I’m going to a ball or something.” Morgan told her grandmother.
    “But this dress is meant to be worn in an elegant manner.” She told her. “Close your eyes, moncher.” She tells her granddaughter. “Tonight will be different from others.” She added with a soft smile.
    Morgan did so and waited quietly. After a few minutes of her standing in the quiet she decided to open her eyes. She nearly fainted when she saw herself. Her eyes were outlined with black and silver, her lips stained a light red. Her hair up in an elegant bun. Loose but fitting. She couldn’t believe it. She smiled brightly and walked out of the bathroom.
    “Finally!” Evan whined standing from her bed,” Took you long-“he started but couldn’t finish when he saw her,” Whoa.” He muttered.
    “What?” Morgan asked.
    “Nothing.” Evan shook his head;” Nothing, I just feel me pirate urges kicking in.” he smirked.
    Morgan smiled,” Let’s go.” She told him. They walked down the stairs and to the door. Morgan placed her hand on the door handle, “Are we ready?” she asked.
    Evan pulled a hat from under his coat, “Aye.” He growled pulling his hat on.
    “Right.” Morgan said with an unconvinced look. She opened the door and let the moon light spill in. Evan stepped on to the porch and bathed himself in the moon light, turning his pale grave skin into a glowing tan. His faded jacket slowly turned to its original deep navy blue color. His pale, dark eyes faded to a deep sea blue.
    He straighten his jacket and stepped down the steps slowly,” Coming, love?” he called his shoulder.
    She smiled and followed him down the steps, but once her feet touched the dirt path she suddenly stopped grabbing her chest. A sudden cold feeling had shot through her veins to her heart. She couldn’t let Evan know about this feeling so she shook it off. She straightened her back and followed Evan,” Yes.” She replied. Inside of her head she was hoping, praying that Evan would control his pirate ways. Hoping that he would suddenly realize that his time was over. That he would let go.
    “Where are we off to first?” Evan asked.
    “I don’t know, darling.” She informed him as she locked elbows with Evan.
    “Let’s go to the old Dock!” he said excited.
    Inside Morgan was yelling no,” Sure.” She smiled. They walked a short walk to the dock, but it couldn’t have been longer for Morgan. By then her face had gone paler than ever.
    They reached the dock and Evan jumped onto a small boat that sat tied to the dock. “Ah!” He sighed loudly,” it feels so good to be back at the place where I raised.” He told Morgan.
    “I didn’t know you were raised at these docks.” She told him.
    “I wasn’t.” He told her simply,” But it’s the closest thing to the ocean I can find.” He told her plainly. “I wish I would have died further from this forsaken Island.” He muttered to himself but loud enough for Morgan to hear.
    “Evan, love, you’re breaking my heart.” She told him placing her hand on her chest both for real and pretending.
    “Morgan, you know that our friendship is priceless, but I love the sea, and frankly this isn’t the sea.” He explained to her.
    Morgan breathed heavily as the fumes of rotting wood and the dead carried to her nose. The cemetery wasn’t far from the dock and in the entire town Morgan was the only one that could actually sense and smell the dead laying in their graves. But then again she was also the only one who had a ghost that followed her around. “Evan,” She began breathing deeply,” Can we please leave the docks?” she asked.
    “Why?” Evan asked looking up from the boat.
    “You know how the smell gets to me.” She reminded him.
    He sighed and jumped from the boat to her and stood,” Then we shall go to the cemetery.” He told her.
    She sighed normally she would say no, but she just wanted to get from the docks.” If you want to.” She told him as they walked up the hill towards the big broken gates of the Underoath Island Cemetery. Yes. The island was called Underoath. Strangely enough Morgan was the only one who questioned what it was under oath for. But every time she questioned her history teacher he quickly changed the subject and ignored Morgan. Morgan had always found it odd that she was the only one who wanted to know. They walked up the old stone path that lead straight to the gates and both stood at the gates for a moment. Not in fear, but rather observing. On Halloween night, as you may know, is the one night of the year when the spirits of the dead can come back to life. And those already here become human like. (Not that they weren’t before.) They feel. Breath. And act like us. And so it seems right that a grave yard should be full of dead people partying on this dark night. And when they come back they look completely live. Not a single wound or sign of death on them. So that no mere human could tell them from others. That is except for Morgan. She is the only one who sees them for what they are and how they were. She sees the wounds, the ragged clothes and the pale flesh that hangs from their bones. Though the appearance often changed. Sometimes they would look normal and life like but then they would become pale and dark. But by now Morgan had not feared them. She had grown to become friends with the dead. Oddly enough. They pushed the gates open slowly listening to the creak of the metal. Many of the dead turned to face them seeing them entered. They bore big skeleton smiles as Evan and Morgan approached the party of Masquerade Dancers.
    In a playful sort of way Evan grabbed Morgan’s hands and began to dance with her. Morgan laughed as Evan pranced about. He spun her quickly and danced more with her. He pulled her into a deep dip and smiled brightly at her. She could tell he was thrilled to be in a yard of the dead. They both stood straight and began to spin once more.
    “Morgan!” One rather large lady with a large pink feather in her hat and big pink dress to match. She approached Morgan and placed her cheeks against hers,” Lovely to see you darling.” She cried.
    “And you, Mademoiselle Tessa.” Morgan smiled.
    Tessa turned to Evan and frowned,” I see you brought the pirate.” She pointed out in a disappointed tone.
    “Oh, shove it up you big pink-“Evan started.
    “Drake!” Morgan called loudly distracting Evan as a tall thin man approached them. He had slick black hair that lay flat against his head, a clear bare face, and bright sea blue eyes. He wore a pair of high boots and an admiral’s jacket with a rapier hanging tightly from his waist. Under his right arm sat a big hat for safe keeping.
    He bowed slightly,” Not that this greeting isn’t pleasant but I do have remind you of my title.” He told Morgan kissing her hand softly,” It’s is Admiral Drake.” He pointed out.
    “My apologies, Admiral.” She smiled and kneeled slightly,” But you know how I am with titles.” She reminded him.
    “Yes, well do try to keep mine in mind.” He told her with a smile on his face. Drake turned to Evan and bowed slightly,” Captain Evan.” He spoke.
    “Evening Drake.” He told him not caring about his title at all,” It sure is refreshing to see another man from the sea.” He told him.
    “Yes, refreshing.” Drake spoke neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “Evan, do remember who you are, and what you are-“Drake began to tell Evan but he interrupted.
    “Yes, I know, just because I feel alive that doesn’t mean I am.” Evan rolled his eyes.
    “Enjoy simple pleasures.” Drake told Evan as he rolled his eyes and turned his attention away. The dead band in the corner of the cemetery began to play an eerie ballad and Drake turned to Morgan,” May I request a dance with you?” he asked.
    Morgan smiled and nodded she glanced at Evan as she took Drake’s hand. Even walked off the gather, some as he called them, ‘wentches’. Morgan walked with Drake to the open area between graves and danced slowly to the eerie music.
    “You look rather dressed up compared to any other time you’ve come to visit us.” Drake pointed out.
    “I found this dress in my closet. It was my grandmother’s.” Morgan told him plainly.
    “Oh yes, Isabella.” He smiled remembering her Grandmother,” Why she never visits is beyond me.” He told her as they twirled slowly.
    “She visited me today, for the first time. Though she didn’t stay long, just to help me get ready.” Morgan told Drake as he gave a look of sudden interest.
    “Did she say anything?” Drake asked.
    “No, just that tonight will be different from any other.” Morgan thought back.
    Drake thought for a moment,” She always did give odd messages.” He pointed out.
    Morgan nodded,” Yes,” She agreed,” It’s was so great to see her once more though,” She told Drake.
    “She misses you, but will never some back.” Drake informed her as he turned her quickly.
    “She loves it up there too much.” Morgan knew the truth.
    The song ended with one long Violin screech and the dancers stopped and applauded. Just as Morgan had begun to clap Evan came rushing towards her,” Morgan, love!” He cried grabbing her by the arm,” I think it’s time we leave.” He told her.
    “Evan.” She began with a look of irritation,” What did you do?” she asked.
    “Well,” he began.” You know I can’t be held responsibly for what I do. Or who I do. Now or in a past life.” He told her with an odd smile.
    “EVAN!” A thin blonde girl called pushing through dancers and making her way to him,” Evan, come back here!” She cried.
    Morgan sighed, she turned to Drake and bowed slightly,” Thank you for the dance.” She told him,” I’m afraid we must be on the run once more.” She informed him.
    “The pleasure is mine.” Drake told her kissing her hand.
    “Come on, Morgan we don’t have time for good byes.” Evan told her pulling on her arm.
    Drake looked to Evan then back to her,” Do try to keep him out of trouble.” He requested.
    Morgan laughed,” Do you have any idea how hard it is to control a pirate?” She asked.
    “MORGAN!” Evan yelled.
    “Good bye, Admiral Drake.” She smiled and waved. She turned as Evan quickly pulled her from the grave yard. They ran down the stone path and down to the dirt road below it.
    “Why can’t you just be a man and actually talk to her?” Morgan asked.
    Evan stopped and looked at Morgan in an ‘are you kidding sense.’
    “I know, I know.” Morgan sighed,” You’re a pirate.” She pointed out.
    Once they had made it to where the shrill voice of the blonde girl was gone they slowed down,” Well, that was fun!” Evan smiled. “Where to now?” he asked.
    “I don’t know.” Morgan replied.
    “Come on, you’re a teenager, you’ve got to know some where to go.” He told her.
    Morgan sighed. “Well there is this party.” She began.
    “OH, I love parties!” Evan Squealed.
    Morgan stopped and stared at him completely shocked to hear a squeal come from him.
    Evan cleared his throat and spoke in a low voice,” I mean, yeah, parties. “He told her.
    “Anyways,” She continued,” I don’t really want to go, I mean I don’t really know these people or like them and the guy who invited me is really creepy.” She explained.
    Evan pulled his arm around her neck,” Morgan, darling,” He began,” I’m a pirate; honestly I can’t believe you’re worried about one creepy guy.” He told her.
    “You’re right, pirates are much creepier.” She told him pulling his arm off.
    Evan smiled then realized what she meant and turned back to her and frowned,” Only a few of us.” He told her, but then carried on,” Okay, so where’s this creepy guy live?” he asked.
    “You honestly don’t want to go do you?” She asked shocked.
    “Why not?” he asked.
    “You are so inconsiderate.” She told him plainly.
    Evan looked around confused,” What?” he asked.
    Morgan sighed once more feeling suddenly weaker than before. “Fine, we’ll go to the party.” She told him walking past him and down the black road.
    Evan followed like a gleeful puppy. They walked quickly down the road hearing only the sound of Morgan’s heels and the creatures around them. After walking for a few minuets they both saw the bright lights ahead of them. Before they reached the house, Evan stopped and looked it over. The house was a large two story, clearly built just recently. It had a tall fence around it with two open gates. A long walk way to the house and large garden off the side. Fountains stood at the entrance and many cars were scattered around drive way.
    Morgan noticed Evan had stopped and had turned to see why,” How can you not like a creepy guy with a house like this?” Evan asked.
    Morgan rolled her eyes and continued towards the house. Evan caught up with her and followed her down the long walkway. After what seemed like ages of walking they finally made it inside of the house pushing people out of the way just to get through the door. Morgan had regretted entering just when she heard her name over the crowd.
    “MORGAN!” Harold cried as he pushed his way to her. He stood before her and looked Evan over,” Who is this?” he asked.
    “He’s-“Morgan began but Evan interrupted.
    “I’m her boyfriend.” He told him plainly.
    Morgan placed her hand head in her hand.
    “Boyfriend?” Harold questioned looking shocked at Morgan,” You agreed to come as my date!” he told her.
    “Actually I didn’t agree to anything, you just assumed.” She pointed out as she felt Evan pull his arm around her neck.
    Harold knew this was true, but he didn’t want to admit it. “At least could make it.” He told her and walked off.
    Evan smiled and turned to face Morgan expecting a positive result. Morgan stared blankly,” What?” he asked,” I handled him for you.” He pointed out.
    “Now what am I going to do when people start asking about you?” Morgan asked,” Because me having a boyfriend would be a shock to people.” She informed him.
    “Tell them that I’m handsome and manly.” He told her.
    “And that you squeal like a girl?” She asked.
    “We left that topic a long time ago.” Evan told her plainly.
    “What will I say if they ask where you are?” She asked pulling in from the distraction of the buffet line.
    “Tell them,” he began but turned his head and lost all focus on Morgan.” Who is that?” he asked motioning the girl walking down the stairs in a play boy bunny out fit.
    Morgan turned her head and began to shake it quickly,” No, Evan, no.” She told him like a dog.” That is Mrs. Cunning, Harold’s mother.” She told him plainly.
    Mrs. Cunning was an odd character. He husband had died years ago and in a sense of getting over it she treated herself to botox, lipo, and implants in the obvious and the most shocking places. She was known as the hot mom of Underoath. It wasn’t a surprise to see her jogging down the road in a pair of short shorts and a sports bra. Why jog? It was pointless, she would just get it sucked off later. Many of the moms on the Island hated her lack of clothes and her jogging. She’s the only reason there’s a plastic surgeon on Underoath. And of course she had gotten everything her husband had so spoiling her son and herself was no problem what so ever.
    “She’s a mom?” Evan asked shocked.
    Morgan knew what Evan was thinking; having a ghost close to you like this you tend to have certain connections. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply feeling her heart beginning to burn,” Evan, please.” She begged fighting back tears of pain,” Please promise me you won’t do anything. For once, control your ‘pirate urges’.” She begged.
    Evan listened but didn’t care, He straightened himself and began to sleek his hair back. “Stay here and wait for me.” He told her and walked off.
    Morgan grabbed his arm but he pulled away. Morgan could hear her heart thudding in her head. The music being played seemed to echo louder through her mind. She covered her ears tightly and felt the world spin. She leaned on the book case and felt her legs weaken. She began to push her way through the crowd and back to the drive way. She stumbled down it slowly pushing people over not caring because the pain in her stomach was too great. She stopped quickly bent over to the grass. With much pain running through her body she bent over the grass and hurled greatly. Many people screamed and yelled complaining that she had gotten their costumes, but Morgan wasn’t listening. She stood straight and looked ahead of her. Between the crowds of people she could see glimpses of Evan slowly making his way up the stairs of the great house following Mrs. Cunning. She felt another pain in her stomach and began to stumble forward. She stumbled blindly down the road as if she knew where she was going though she didn’t at all. The sound of water hitting against a boat met her ears. She looked up for the first time and found herself at the dock. She fell to her knees and placed her hand softly on her heart looking out over the dark misty waters. For a moment there the pain stopped and she could see her and Evan dancing before her just as they had earlier that night. Tears slowly fell from Morgan’s eyes as she watched the happiness on both her and Evan’s face. She pulled her self slowly to her feet and walked toward the dancing pair. As she approached Morgan had disappeared and Evan stood dancing by himself. He seemed to stop in front of Morgan and raise a hand for her to touch. She reached her up to place against his, but just as she felt his it faded from her. She stood alone at the dock. More tears began to fall from her eyes. She stumbled to the little boat and crawled into the boat. She laid back and shook uncontrollably seeing glimpses of Even. Her tears began to mix with her sweat on the cold October night. She pulled her knees to her chest and begged God for the pain to leave her. Standing on the dock just above her was Admiral Drake. He didn’t speak to her, he just watched as she cried. He turned quietly and walked from her down the road towards the loud music in the distance.

    Evan entered a dark room with Mrs. Cunnings; whose name he had found out was actually Karen. She pulled his jacket from his shoulders and threw it to the floor,” Care for a drink?” She asked him turning from him.
    “You wouldn’t happen to have Grog would you?” He asked her.
    She laughed,” You do like to stay in character, don’t you?” She asked and poured then wine. She handed one to Evan. He sniffed it and looked it over.
    “What is this?” He asked.
    “Red wine.’ She pointed out taking a sip.
    “Oh,” He said taking a sip. He gave a disappointed look, he was hoping for something stronger,” It tastes like Juice.” He told her.
    She laughed.
    He didn’t know why.
    She began to move closer to him. Evan smirked. In a way of saying it at that moment Evan had enjoyed way more that just a simply pleasure.

    Evan and Karen both lay in the bed drinking the ‘juice’ afterward. Evan was thinking this was the best Halloween yet, and Karen was thinking she had found her next husband. They didn’t do much talking. Mostly drinking. Evan had suddenly found a likeness to the wine. And once he had drank his 5th glass Karen stood from the bed to get more. Evan looked over at the floor and saw bits of her costume lying about. He laughed to himself. After a few moments Evan realized that Karen had been taking a while. He turned and saw her standing with her back to him. He stood and walked over her. She looked blankly at the wine glasses in front of her. It was then that Evan noticed the wine being poured out. It wasn’t moving. Just sitting in mid air heading for the glass. He also noticed the music had stopped down stairs.
    “Karen?” He asked waving a hand in front of her face.
    “Do you ever listen?” A voice spoke behind him.
    Evan jumped. He turned to see Drake standing behind him in the doorway. “What are you doing here?” He asked him.
    “I would ask you the same.” Drake told him looking him over noting his small underpants. “You never listen to my warnings.” He told Evan walking to the window and looking out it.
    “What do you mean?” Evan asked.
    “Enjoy only simple pleasures.” He reminded him turning from the window.
    Evan laughed,” This is a simple pleasure.” He told him.
    “She’s dying.” Drake told him.
    Evan looked at Karen.
    “Not her.” Drake rolled his eyes.” Morgan.” he said gravely.
    Evan looked confused and concerned,” What do you mean?” he asked.
    “You chose her to be your life. And each year you’ve slowly taken hers. Until you’ve finally done the ultimate sin.” Drake explained."Of taking her life."
    “What do you mean taken her life?” Evan asked.
    “Evan, you had your turn and when it was over you didn’t want to let go. You latched on to Morgan and now she’s paying for it. You live in the world. And now you’ll lose someone close to you because of it.” Drake tried to explain to Evan on last time. He sighed and pulled his hat on to his head and headed to the door.” I would hurry.” He told him gravely over his shoulder,” You might get to say good bye.” He told him and opened the door walking out. Just as the door shut behind him Karen came back. He heard the wine hitting the glasses and the music down the stairs. He ran to the bed and pulled his clothes on.
    Karen turned and looked shocked,” What are you doing?” She asked.
    Evan pulled his pants on and shoved his feet into his boots. He pulled his jacket on over his unbuttoned shirt and faced Karen,” I have to go.” He told her plainly and ran out the door and down the stairs. He pushed over people as he ran out the doorway and down the drive way. He could hear Karen yelling out the window at him. He didn’t look back. He ran straight. He knew where she was. He could hear the sound of water ahead of him. The docks were just ahead of him. He could see boat bouncing with the waves. He reached the docks and looked around for Morgan. He was about to turn around when he heard a whimper from the boat. He saw Morgan and rushed to her. She was stone cold and paler then ever. He rushed to the boat and picked her from it. He sat in the dock with her in his arms. “Morgan?” he whimpered.
    Morgan’s eyes opened slightly as she looked at him. A weak smile spread on her face,” Evan.” She spoke in a whisper.
    “Morgan I’m so sorry,” Evan cried to her and he placed his hand on her cheek softly.
    Morgan’s hand moved to his face and fell gently on his cheek. “Its okay, Cinderella.” She told him in a hushed weak voice,” It’s not midnight yet.” She told him. Suddenly her hand fell from his cheek and to her lap. Her eyes stared out blankly at him.
    Evan waited hoping that it was a joke and that she would come back. But once he realized that it wasn’t he begun to sob. His tears fell onto her face as they streamed from his eyes. He placed his head on her neck and began to shake uncontrollably. Sorrow filled his heart and a sickness over came him. She was gone. He knew it.

    There was a sudden blast of a cannon as Evan sat up from his bed quickly. He panted heavily and was covered in sweat. He looked around his surrounds to see that he was on the sleeping deck of a ship. Suddenly, someone burst through the door.
    “Evan!” Drake cried kicking the door open. But he wasn’t wearing his usual acquire. Instead of his high classed jacket he wore a basic naval jack. On his head sat a large hat with a big feather hanging from it. His hair was long and ragged and he had a long beard to match it. Instead of a rapier at his waist he had scabbard and a pistol attached to his belt. “Get out of bed yer lazy dog!” he spat.
    “Admiral Drake?” Evan questioned.
    “Admiral?” Drake questioned,” Don’t insult your captain in such ways. Get on deck now!” he ordered to Evan.
    Evan stood from the bed and followed Drake to deck. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There was clear Blue Ocean for as far as he could see. And men running about on the ship. He looked up and recognized his pirate flag waving above them. He backed up slowly taken it all in, but tripped on some one behind him.
    “Watch where you’re walking, mate!” A voice called from behind him.
    He turned and his jaw dropped when his eyes lay on the face of the being he had tripped on.“Morgan?” He asked.