• I look down at the ground again. "You could say that."

    "Am I right?" he asked.

    "Yes." I sighed.

    "So why do you want someone in your life?" I look up at him. Again he has that same smile.

    "I guess I feel alone anyways when my friends ignore me anyways." I whispered. "And I said that I don't want to be alone."

    He sighed. My eyes look at him through the screens of my hair again. Now he's looking up to the sky. I followed his glance to see the stars. Then my eyes widen with surprise.

    "I thought there are no stars tonight." I gasped.

    "They shine so brightly when no one least expects it." he said. I look to him again. And he is looking at me again. "I'm sure the you will too. You even said yourself that you are just like the Black sky."

    "Well that is the difference between me and the night sky." I look up at the sky with envy. "The night sky can shine. I can't."

    "Everybody can shine." Something wraps around my shoulder. I look to see the white cloak draping over my shoulders. Then I look at him. But when I did he was at least five inches from my face. Warm blood rushes to my face. "If they try hard enough. Then they, too, can shine like a star."

    I curled up into a ball again.

    "What's wrong?"

    "No matter how hard I try, I can never be a star." More of the tears feel from my face. "I know that I could never be a star."