• Episode One: Discovery of Myran

    “Well, Krystin. That’s all for today. I’ll see next week on Monday,” said Gary.

    “Alright, Gary. See you then.” Grabbing her bag, she headed out of the store. It was that time again when she had the weekend off. Though, she would rather stay to work. Her job was easy, maybe a tad bit challenging, but very fun to do. And since she lived alone, working at the Michael’s Pawn and Inn was her home and family, basically. Her boss, Michael himself, and his best friend founded the store. Now, the two sell the finest arsenals and great service for the soldiers in the war.

    Taking a left around the corner, she crossed bridge to the outskirts of the village. After a couple of rights into the woods, she finally reached her lonely cabin. Not that she minded, though; it was quite roomy and comfortable for one person. Cooking and finishing her supper, Krystin decided to go out to walk. The night was dark yet crisp but no other problems deterred her.

    Gracefully strolling as if a predator was searching for its prey, she made her way through bushes and shrubs through the damp, summer woods and reached her destination. In the clearing was a small pond and on the surface laid the moon in its baffling glory. Krystin sat on the amazingly dew-less ground, for it was raining earlier today, under her favorite willow and waited. She took out the pibble berries she had collected early that morning and started nibbling on them a little. Pretty soon, the smell was unbearable for her feathered blue-billed friends. One after another, Maghaw birds ascended to the water’s surface.

    She threw the pibble berries up and the Maghaw caught them in their bills. Together, they all enjoyed the pibble berries. That is, until the Maghaw suddenly started flapping their wings like mad men. Every one of them behaved wildly and it was then that Krystin noticed that one of the was squawking at the sky; the leader…

    She glanced at the sky real quick, but now she regretted doing so. A bright, white light beam tore through the clouds and literally struck the ground. It hit with such force that the ground shook a few fresh leaves off of the willow tree. She heard water splashing and glanced back down towards the Maghaw. One by one, they took in flight, almost too startled to stay up in the air. But…the flapping and splashing suddenly stopped. As she watched them continue leaving, she could hear nothing. All sound was lost. Trees swayed and leaves rustled but… there was nothing to be heard.

    The light was becoming too bright to stand now. She could no longer see the Maghaw or the pond and the willow: her only sources of safety. Everything was a big, white, empty room. Krystin tried calling for help, but no sound came out. Suddenly, everything went black. It was pitch dark and she was starting to wonder maybe she needed the light even more. She felt unsafe and vulnerable. There is nowhere to go. All was lost. Not just the sound this time, but all hope was lost.

    A S P Y R A I N

    When she came to, the birds were already gone and it was even darker out. At least the stars and the two moons provided some light this time. There was a faint glow on the ground close to where she laid. She turned her head towards the object and there were two giant, cat-like eyes.

    Startled, Krystin jumped back and onto her feet. She started to run until she realized the enormous feline wasn’t following her. Turning back to look at it with caution, she got a better look at it. It wasn’t too large really. The cat was more like a miniature lion cub not yet full grown. The orange glow around it made it look absolutely god-like. The eyes were great pools of gold that would make you feel rich if you tried to swim into them. What really caught her eyes were the massive wings on its sides that seem to be at least twice as long as it is. Now, what kind of cat, or lion, has wings? She wondered. The wings furled out and spread their feathers as if he was showing them off.

    Wait, he? How did she know? How was she sure? Maybe because of the way he showed pride in front of a supposed enemy. The pride he showed to let her know that he’s not afraid if she attacked. Suddenly, he twisted his wings and took off into the air, hovering over her as if waiting for her to follow him. She obliged.

    Walking through the bracken, she paid no attention as to where she was going. Mesmerized, she stumbled on. Time passed by as she unconsciously walked closer to the edge of the cliff. Below were sharp, jagged rocks and no return. Krystin knew ever since she was a kid no to go here.

    It was getting darker and darker, and she was not able to see anything but the ever still flying feline. It was as if he was testing her. Or maybe he was wondering how she could see him? Even so, she drew even closer to her doom and no one was there to save her. Now, Krystin was right on the edge when he suddenly stopped. He looked off towards the woods as if someone was preying on them. He was flying in mid-air over the rock pit when a boy ran out and called out to her...