• The human puppet secluded herself from everyone else, flying around the corridor. Annie spun around the corridor after her. The tall, and lanky girl hung from string. However, she could move without a human. The human puppet sparked Annie's curiosity and she attempted to move closer, but the puppet glared at her, screeching at her to stay away. Annie stepped back, but the puppet trapped her...were lights always this bright? Annie sheilded her eyes and cried out...but the puppet refused to unstrangle her.

    The room whirled around and around...the puppet flicked her wrist...colours and a vauge picture of a classrom swirled around and slowly came into view. Annie cried, "What is this hocus pocus?!" The puppet flashed a wicked grin in her direction.

    "I pray on vulnerable humans...especially the assholes that curse others. You are the reason I am a puppet instead of a human. I fled from many cruel homes, for freedom! How many times have many attempted to burn me to sustain warmth in their homes. How many times have I been neglected, locked up in the shed! Only one time have I been cursed by a mage! You cursed my life! You must pay the price by sharing my predicament!" the puppet laughed harshly. Annie heard wooden finger nails scratching against the chalk board. The classroom? She held plugged her ears and fell to the gound. She felt her body transform into a wooden figure...she was now a puppet...the other puppet laughed wickedly and Annie cried out...


    to be continued...
    The Cursed Book of Cursed Souls
    by Jasmin Daquah
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