• "Good," said Kiara as she tumbled sideways off the dragon. She spread her arms and legs out and her clothes caught the air, slowing her descent slightly. She still landed heavily on top of one of the demons, knocking it to the ground with an ominous snapping noise. She stood and dusted herself off, wincing. She then looked down at the demon whose back she had broken. "Kinda fragile for a thug like that, eh?" she asked, looking up at Sheggo and Yumi. "Guess it's these new clothes that did it."

    'Aye maybe, thanks for the dramatic entrance.' Sheggorath said strangely cheerful as she seemed to squish the large dark demon. He held his jacket open to one side like a matador as the other demon charged towards him. He smirked and brought out his dark crystal dagger slashing the air as he jumped away from the charging demon. The energy demon skidded into the portal that quickly closed behind it. 'Enjoy yourself, don’t forget to send a postcard.' he said jokingly to the empty air.

    Surtr walks through the portal he made right beside them. "Is it too late?"

    “Nope, plenty of guards left we just took out a few demons. Who knows what they have in there.' he said sounding more curious than wary as he looked at the ominous building.” Sheggo replied.

    “I wanna help where are you guys. Or is it your fight,” Jess wondered.

    “I don’t know, I don’t mind since I've had two good fights in the last three nights. It’s whether Izotz can handle it or not.” Sheggo laughed

    “Ill help too im bored anyways.” Cass spoke.

    “I hope you’re up for this Izotz...” Sheggo mumbled.

    Cass summons hell guardian and sits on it. The hell guardian runs fast as Cass takes out her cutlass. She arrives in 2 mins flat. The hell guardian disappears. She stands by a tree.

    As the demons were killed or transported a couple dozen smaller ones appeared out side, shrieking with laughter as the started to jump at sheggo, each using a different type of attack and a mixed variety of elements.

    “At least I don't just appear there *cough*Surtr*cough*”
    Jess teleported to the clearing and appeared a few feet above the ground and she fell on her butt and said "owwww" and she stood up.

    Cass stands there for a min then dashes forward towards another tree grabbing 2 demons along the way. She slams them into a tree then throws them up into the air and stabs them 50 times.

    Sheggorath pulled up a darkness shield quickly as several small demons appeared from nowhere and began attacking. 'Damn can they smell the captured demons ay have or something?' he muttered as some of the darkness demons broke his shield. There was a fast scuffle as he multitasked the demons, setting shields for any that fireball or threw things at him and dealing with the darkness ones by hand. As he hit one into a tree like a golf ball he panted, 'jump in any time...'

    Kiara stuck out her newly booted foot and tripped three of the little demons, then jumped on the first one with a satisfying squelch, then hopped onto the next two.

    Yurei sits there for a moment, and after seeing everybody leave he gets lonely "I guess ill go along" he makes a hexagram on the floor and pulls out a small vial filled with a red liquid he pours it into the middle an disappears in a red flash, after appearing in the clearing. He slowly walks around, taking in the environment for a few minutes before attacking

    Jess jumped at one of the demons and she hung on its back as it flung her around and she stabbed through its head but the demon grabbed her and threw her into a tree then went back to its home world.

    Cass grabs 1 by the throat and breaks its neck. She drops it and also drops her pig plush. The pig plush comes alive and eats at the demon. All that is left of the demon is the bones. Cass then stab 2 to a tree with her daggers in the heart then the pig plush jumps back into Cass's arms.

    after walking around for a bit he sighs and says "now for the killing" he walks over to a group of small demons and rolls up his sleeve and puts on a pair of shades, the makings on his arm started glow white and then flash, blinding the demons for a second, in the time it takes for the demons eyes to recover he has already drawn his scythe and sliced off their heads

    Cass eyes the demon in front of her. She does some hand movements and black mist forms around the demon. As the mist gets smaller the tighter the grip on the demon was. The demon was soon blown into pieces.

    Kiara grabbed two demons by the necks and slammed them together, then punted another one fifteen feet into the air.

    Konro seeing that his friends are handling the demons he runs off to find Izotz. A wolfs howl catches his attention and he heads for the sound fearing the worst.

    Jess ran towards a demon and it grabbed her but Jess smiled and covered it in water and black blood ran from its mouth after it died.

    The fissure was getting closer Konro had to jump it eventually. He took a few more steps and jumped with a boost of wind leaving a pressurized vapor trail from the rapid compression of the wind. He turns around mid jump throwing hurricane strength blasts at the chasing demons propelling him further. He landed with too much momentum and tripped on the ground rolling up to his feet with a somersault

    Jess jumped behind one of the guards and snapped his neck and then another threw a spear at her she caught it and threw it into a tree.

    Cass looses sight and can sense everything near her... she walks around counting her steps and stabbing the monsters 50 times. Once all of the demons are gone from her area she summons Akronus, The Guardian Beast of Hell. Akronus howls and rams the demons into nearby stuff. He kills them 1 by 1 but really fast.

    Akronus slammed a demon into a tree then Cass stabbed that demon in the heart. She put her hand to the head. Then the demon disintegrated.

    Cass sat in front of Akronus and made some hand signals. Cass opened her eyes and a blinding light appears blinding the demons near her. She runs so fast that she stabs them all in the heart and puts her hand to their head making them disintegrate. The flash disappears in the area she was and she appears sitting in front of Akronus

    Kiara drew her sword, running at a demon and kicking her boots off along the way. Her cloth wrapped feet padded faster on the ground, and then she jumped almost twenty feet in the air and brought her sword slicing through one of the gigantic demons.

    Cass breathes heavily "I can’t do....any more...spells" She sits on the ground with her eyes closed

    As Konro rolled to his feet a guard grabbed him and held his arms behind his back.

    Yurei grabs a demon by the head and light flood out of his hand and disintegrates the demon's head, the light continues to come out of his hand and eventually surrounds his arm "three tests down, one to go, and it seems there is a side effect to using these light spells" he says and tries to shake the light off his arm

    Cass sits on the ground unable to do spells and is unable to move. Akronus tries to kill every demon that comes near her but one slipped by and got close to her. The demon toke 1 more step and a circle of light appeared and disintegrated the demon. Cass continues to sit there with her eyes closed.

    The fire demons spread apart, each going to one of the members and starting to attack, raining fire/lava balls down on them as well as boulders of hardened lava. a few demons appeared flying in the air, creating vast amounts of problems including tornadoes earth quakes, blizzard(s), lightening storms, and others elemental issues. Each, of course, in a small controlled area of about 300 feet each.

    a few of the guards ran after Krae, slashing at him rapidly with their blades, and with every connection a small shock would be sent through his body, with every miss a blast of wind would be shot out at him.

    Inside the guards chasing Konro vanished, and appeared in front of him, blocking his way through. One of them stepped forward his appearance was different for the others as well as a captain should never look the same as his men. He held his blade out which morphed into a large black blade that seemed inhumanly possible to hold yet he held it with ease in one hand. The men behind him created a force field around the too leaving Konro no option but to fight.

    The demon holding Sheggo send more shock waves at him. This time aiming to hurt him physically. though Sheggo was inside the demon it was still possible to avoid the attacks, even with the illusions that seemed to be getting more realistic, the people started fighting back, actually able to wound Sheggo now.

    “Screw it” Surtr called out

    Surtr ran towards Cass and grabbed her hand. He tossed her up into the air.

    “Now,” he howled.

    Cass turns her body and faces the big demon. She throws some daggers at him and they pierced him in his head, arms, legs, and in the heart. She slowly fell. When she hit the ground she jumped back up and did some hand movements and a seal appears under the demon. A burst of fire explodes up and burns the demon. She landed again and dashed forward with Akronus by her side. She went left and Akronus went right and everyone else followed behind. Kiara climbed the demon and stood by his head stabbing him in both eyes, Krae toke out one of his arms, Surtr toke out the other arm, Jess stabbed the demons leg over 1,875,564 times, and Yurie pushed the demon over after he was 99% dead.

    “Guys couldn’t we have done that in the first place?” Kiara questioned

    They dashed forward into the lab and followed Akronus. They followed them until they saw Konro. Cass turned into a shadow spirit and went into the force field.

    “Hey Konro” She spoke happily.

    Cass put her hand to the captain’s head and he disintegrated.

    “Holy s**t Cass. Don’t do that you scared the hell out of me,” glared Konro.

    He stabbed the other 2 demons in the heart and ran forward as the force field went down. They followed Konro until they came towards a metal door. Krae opens the door and they looked inside. They saw a body on the ground and they sat there paralyzed. Konro broke his paralizedation and ran towards the body.

    “Izotz…” Konro cried hugging the body “Twin...”

    Everyone else stood behind Konro then they heard a howl. They looked at the thing that made the howling noise.

    “Kuni?” Cass called.

    The little wolf jumped towards Cass. Kuni had a book with her and gave it to Cass.

    “A book, Of what?” Cass questioned confused.

    She flipped through the pages seeing it was a potion book. Cass saw a page and grabbed ingredients to make the potion. She put together the potion and carried it to the rest of them. She asked Krae to hold it as she made a seal around Izotz body. She toke the potion back and asked everyone to move away. Konro wouldn’t move but Krae and Kiara pulled him away. Izotz body laid on the ground in the center of the seal. Cass poured the potion on the lines of the seal and it made a blinding light. Thunder, Fire and Water shot up from the seal and when the elements and the blinding light was gone Izotz sat on the ground confused. Konro helped Izotz up.

    “Who are you?” Izotz questioned Konro.

    “Im your twin,” Konro replied

    “Oh it says in the book that loss of memory is a side affect” Cass spoke as she entered the conversation.

    They went back to the bar and fought about who like who better

    “Screw it we all like me better” Cass pointed out

    “Sure what ever” They replied