• You are suddenly in a field covered with sweet smelling blue flowers that bloom like sunflowers; so tall and sturdy that you have to strain your eyes to see the tops.

    You see a little girl no more then 6 and a little boy the same age or older.

    The little girl has blonde hair with light rays of ruby red. She has a ruby red dress on and white sandals. Her eyes are ruby red like her dress and hair. Her face is soaked in tears and the smile that should be there is gone.

    The little boy has brown hair and brown eyes. In the corner of his right eye there is a speck of light pink. He is wearing a long sleeve white top. He is wearing brown shorts and he is bare foot. The little boy has a face that you would see on an elder with years of experience and he too is crying.

    The little boy now speaks, “I have to leave, I do… I can’t stay here in the 5th kingdom.”

    Sobbing the little girl talks, “No! You can’t… You’re the first boy I-”

    The boy interrupts, “It’s time for me to leave…”