• one day an average school day her mom came racing up her room"wake up! you will miss the bus"said her mom qianyi mumbled"wut time is it""its time for u to wake up! you missed the bus yesterday already! and i have to work these days we arn't getting alot of money!"qianyi mubles again"alright alright i'll get up wut ever'sure"*yawn*that night she had a dream of her getting attacked by giants but they never wanted to attack her they wanted to thank her since in the dream she saved the prince of a place called cinmeo she got her clothes on and put her bookbag on at she got on the bus she sits next to a boy that she thinks is cute his name was jearmy she had butterflies in her stomache right now she didn't know that jearmy had a crush on her to but as you know boys don't act nervous her heart started to beat very fast heart heart heart and she got very nervoius finally she said"hi jearmy how was your....night"she felt so stupid she thought why didn't i ask something less stupid but she then heard jearmy speak"it was cool my dream to i had a dream i was a prince and my dream girl were riding on a horse together"just when he said that qianyi lightned up but then slumped bak down she knew she couldn't have been his dream girl crying she was very sad of this and she didn't say anything els on the way to school