• Jesse was wandering the halls of his high school cautiously, looking for Maria. His long time companion since he started school when he was six years old. Maria was a redheaded 17-year-old-girl. She had large pale baby blue eyes, her bangs went well past her chin (it was more like shoulder length). It either covered half of her face, was spaced out evenly to where you could hardly see her lovely blue eyes, or was parted on either side of her face. The back of her hair was in a pixie-cut sort-of way. The most unruly of ways to be more exact. She was about 5' had pale skin, and wore clothing that was more of a punk princess/Gothic rocker/preppy all at the same time; she pulled it off well though. Jesse on the other hand was fairly skinny there was a slight definition to his muscles. He looked more geek than anything else at this point. He was blond and had hazel eyes, which had a tendency to change from green to an orangeish hue when mad. He also had what looked like vampire teeth. He is not a vampire. He is about 6', and is 17 as well.

    He was currently about to give up looking for Maria, as she bounded out of the school library, in an obviously happy mood, as her big grin often gave away. She was wearing a purple plaid skirt with a pair of blue jeans underneath and a white top with a darkish blue tie (she stole it from her dad). With her bangs parted on either side of her face (as was her favorite way). She was holding a book titled HTML coding for Dummies.

    "Maria I told you a million times, I can design websites just fine! All you need to do is ask for help" Jesse was annoyed, as he had always wanted to help the school website in any possible way, and thought that Maria being on that committee would mean that he'd help the students in charge of it more often. Maria simply responded with "I know, buuuut I can't just ask you in front of the committee they'd think I'm nuts asking you" matching the annoyance she had observed in Jesse's voice a second ago. "Besides" said Maria, "I already told them that I know how to". This was beginning to bother Jesse, as he knew Maria meant well, and all. She just has a tendency to tell others what they want to hear. It seemed to him, to be a deadly disease for anyone to have. As they continued down the hall, Maria saw a tall blond boy round the corner. "Quick! Hide me!!!" she whispered as she ducked behind the nearest trashcan. Jesse simply wondered as to why she always ducked behind him or any close object whenever she saw William. When he asked her this, she replied with "Because, he couldn't possibly want to see me again after that last incident.... you know, with the dance and all" as a matter of fact Jesse had almost completely forgotten about that since it happen freshman year (she accidentally sent him flying through the blue cafeteria during the Homecoming dance). "So, you want to continue ducking behind trash cans? Or are you actually going to slowly progress to crouching behind something not-so-smelly?" At that, she soon realized that the trashcan she had ducked behind had an extremely unearthly stench to it. Therefore, she quickly ran into the nearest girls’ bathroom and puked in one of the toilets. When she came out some girls near her started to cough saying as discreetly as possible "Bulimic *cough* definitely bulimic." At that Maria turned around her eyes icy blue as she glared at the girls who had said that her mouth turned into an impish sort of grin and stated as coldly as possible "Only you girls wish, that I'm as nice as much as I look innocent " and at that they seemed to hover above the foul smelling trash can and one at a time fell head first into the trash can until all three were inside and throwing up on each other and gasping for some air that didn't smell like some one's upchucked lunch or feces. After they had the unfortunate mistake of teasing Maria, the occupants of the hall soon became observers to their little 'mishap' and when Maria turned around to walk away from the scene as if she hadn't done anything. She soon found herself trapped inside a crowd of gatherers, who, at the sight of seeing the three most popular girls in the school "fall" into the trashcan began to laugh hysterically. At this notion, she was soon tempted to put the lot of them in the same foul situation she had put Maddie, Jasmine, and Sarah in. Fortunately, for them Jesse was there to rescue them from it. "Maria let's go, NOW!" Jesse hissed as he grabbed Maria's arm and skillfully weaved through the crowd. Once away from the screaming girls, Maria asked "Why'd you do that? I was about to have some good ole fashion fun with them for laughing AT me!!" Jesse said coolly "They weren't laughing at YOU they were laughing at THEM!!" "...Oh" was all Maria said for feeling so stupid about it. Then after a pause she asked Jesse "Couldn't I do that anyway? I mean they probably deserve just as much as those stupid bimbos did!" To which he replied "Whether or not they deserve it, is not up to you! Ever since you got that dammed spell book you've become more menacing than normal!!" At which she replied rather tartly "So? It's not my fault my uncle gave it to me" (her uncle gave her a spell book for a birthday present). "It might not be, but, that doesn't mean the whole world needs to know your becoming a witch!!" Jesse retorted. At this point, they had escaped through the hordes of people in the halls and gone a little ways in the surrounding forest. So Maria could have some time to calm down and think rationally again. Jesse thought of the next period they had to go to after lunch. "U.S Government" he thought aloud, "Great. Those three 'Bimbos' will be there... no doubt trying to pin Maria as a witch of some sort again" he then turned toward Maria who was preoccupied with a butterfly that landed on her finger. "Maria!" he said "Please promise me you'll leave those girls alone. It's bad enough they think your a devil-worshiper" Maria looked away from the butterfly on her ring finger for a second to see that Jesse's face was distraught with worry. "As usual" she thought to herself as she was annoyed by his request responded rather coldly "Then let them. They haven't got any proof that I'm a 'Devil-worshiper', and besides I rather like scaring them... they deserve it for thinking such silly things exist, even if they do". Jesse always hated that about Maria. No matter how calm or happy she may seem, she always had a sudden burst of hatred towards anything that seemed against her' as he saw it. Presently she seemed rather pleased at what she did. Jesse looked down at his watch, 10:50. "We better start to head back to the school, lunch is almost over" he said more or less to himself as he knew Maria never really cared much for school, or for U.S Govt. On the walk back more butterflies started to follow Maria. "I suggest that we talk the short cut back, so that you get more people wondering about you". "What? You don't like my followers? They're certainly nicer than those mindless zombies at school" asked Maria. Jesse responded by stating "I'm simply saying the whole town doesn't need any more suspicions about you being more than just a little..." he trailed off not knowing the proper word. "A little what? A little more different???" Maria finished. Jesse a bit cautious answered "yes, a being that isn't exactly normal to the.... human race". Maria just sped up her pace and left Jesse behind with his thoughts.

    He didn't mind being left alone with his thoughts so much as he worried about her blowing her 'kind' as he couldn't seem to think of a better word to describe her. She was truly one of a kind. Her excuse was that fashion changes, but what is natural merely evolves into something better... not worse. He couldn't really disagree with her logic on that. As he trudged on, the clouds seemed to be against him, for they started as to what he loved to think as the sky was in pain and therefore crying, when it rains. Only he knew now it wasn't the sky that was upset, it was Maria. Whatever she had on her mind, had made her upset. Now it time to worry. Usually he worries over nothing, but when it rains near the end of the day, something is wrong. He quickened his pace, only to see Maria lying on ground, "Maria! Maria! Maria!!! Oh my god, Maria are you okay???!!!!” He asked as his voice quivered with sorrow. "W-w-w-what happened?" Maria asked in a confused voice as Jesse picked up Maria. "I don't know, it started raining and, then I saw you on the ground... you scared me!" Jesse replied his voice still a little shaky. "….Wait? YOU'RE carrying me??" Maria asked a little dazed. "Yes I am, you have a problem with that? I can always set you down and let you walk on your own!" he replied trying to make sure Maria was still herself. "NO!!! I like this, there's no problem, just didn't know you had the strength to carry me" she had said, which made her pleasure in him carrying her quite evident. "Oh? So then is that why the sky cleared up and there’s a rainbow directly above us?" He asked as he gazed up for a moment to see if the sky had cleared. "No.... that....wasn't.... me..... I swear.....I hope." she said getting quieter with each word she said until the last two words came in a whisper. Jesse just smiled and laughed to himself at thought of possibly being able to hold her.... if only she wasn't so distant. As they approached her home she wished she hadn't done whatever she did, she didn't even know, but perhaps it was for the better, after all if she fainted just for a brief second, it could mean that her grandmother could've tried to stop something terrible form happening. Maria trusted her grandmother's gift more than she ought to sometimes or at least that's what her grandmother told her. Her Grandmother’s name is Marzipan. She is an elderly woman who, having given birth to two children, was still in need of losing the baby fat. She was about 5’ and dark blond hair with blond highlights. She had an ever-changing eye color.

    Hours passed as Jesse sat beside Maria's bedside far too long. His father began to worry so he called the school, then he called Maria's thinking that Jesse cared a little too much for Maria. John didn't quite see what was so special about Maria. Jesse watched Maria sleep, as Jesse thought about possibly cuddling with her, when her grandmother walked in. "She is only still when she sleeps, even then she still moves" Marzipan chuckled to herself. Jesse told her "Only a girl like her, can change the world with just her face". "Ah, I see someone is in love with her" Marzipan teasingly says to the watchful boy. "If only she knew just HOW much, I care" he sighed. "Oh? But she does... she does indeed" said the grandmother somberly. Shocked the little lover boy turns to face his secret love's grandparent "WHAT?? H-h-h-ow do YOU know??" he barely says. "I just do, don't ask me how, or why. For all shall be revealed to you soon, my child." responds Marzi. Puzzled, Jesse returns to his ever-vigilant watch of the pale faced angel as far as he was concerned.

    As the sun rose over the mountains, it gave the sky a breath-taking scene. Blues swirled with purples and pinks creating a magical sight. Jesse awoke to seeing such a sight in a chair facing Maria's bed. Maria, also woke from the sunrise, stunned at its beauty she uttered "I love you, Jesse" she then turned bright red when she heard him whisper "I love you too". When he looked over at her, he couldn't help but laugh. "WHAT?!?!?! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!!" she screamed at him., and jumping toward him about ready to choke him. He only said "You’re as red as the sunrise at the moment!" Maria even more embarrassed than before turned a deep red color. Which only made Jesse laugh more so. Especially when Maria almost leaped at him for laughing at her. He found her random bursts of anger cute at the very least. Maria however thinks that there’s nothing "cute" about her anger.
    On their way school they were more than just a little argumentative. "I DID NOT SAY THAT I LOVED YOU!!!!!!!!!!" Maria screamed once more at Jesse. "Oh?? Than what DID you say??" asked Jesse. "I simply said that I love the sunrise." Maria replied... trying to hide the fact that her cheeks were suddenly burning. "AH HA!!!! You’re turning red again!!!" Exclaims Jesse as he points to her cheeks. "I AM NOT!!!!" yells Maria "I'm just getting a little hot, is all" "Oh? In the MORNING!!!?? During WINTER no less?" asked Jesse argumentatively. "It’s NOT winter... there’s no snow" retorted Maria, while getting even more red. "Well NOW there isn't YOU are getting red so now its getting warmer, why did you have to have the gift of manipulating the weather??!!" Jesse pointed out. After a brief second of thought Maria responded with " Well, maybe because THAT’S MY GIFT!!" with each word getting louder than the last until she was practically screaming at the top of her lungs. "OW! MY EAR!!!... Well, this is a lovely way to start out our courtship" said Jesse more to himself than to her. "WE AREN'T TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Maria (but it was so high pitched it might has well have been a squeal). Jesse takes a quick look around and notices that everybody is staring at them, and starts to turn a bright red out of embarrassment. Maria sees the sudden change and then looks around too. Afterwards she yells "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT??!!! CAN'T I ARGUE WITH MY BOYFRIEND WITHOUT YOU STARING AT US LIKE WE'RE THE T.V!!!!!!!!!!!!!" At that Jesse quickly snaps at Maria saying "OOOOOOOOOHHH, SO IN THE PUBLIC EYE WE'RE TOGETHER?!!!!!" Maria quickly realizes her mistake in saying so, decides she has lost, and confesses "No, not in the public eye, but in my heart... we were always together" Maria said the last sentence so low that Jesse had to strain his ears just to hear her. "In your heart, you were always with me?" he whispers into her ear as she starts to tear up for some unexplainable reason. He hugs her and they continue their walk to school in silence, holding hands, with smiles on their faces. Both equally happy, both smiles equally huge.