• IV

    His name was Kale. He had brown, spike hair with red highlights. His tattoos had tribal patterns surrounding his moons, like mine, but his tattoos were red.

    His wings were a bald eagles wings. He showed everything to me, and I did the same. We were both amazed at each others traits.

    I decided to show him my cave that I camped in.

    He though it was a good hiding place, especially for ground-bound vampires. They couldn't get in a cave one-hundred and forty nine feet above the ground! But there was also a nice ledge, so when we looked down, we could see them, but when they looked up, they couldn't see us (unless they were standing farther out).

    "So," Kale started the conversation, "What do you do up here?" While he said that, his right arm went on my shoulder.

    "I just chill up here when I'm feeling like someone's following me, or when I'm feeling lonely," I looked at him.

    He was silent as he nodded his head and we walked over to the corner.

    I slid down the side of the wall, as he did the same.

    I replayed in my mind what had happened the night before: Me sobbing, sprinting, and flying. I could see myself as I looked into the sunset.

    "So," Kale interrupted my thoughts, "What do you want to do?" he asked me.

    "Just," I stuttered. I felt a huge lump in my throat, that I couldn't talk around, "Chill," I managed to say.

    "You're..." he started to say.

    "What?" I returned.

    "You're eyes...they're like mine."

    "Which is rainbow?" I started to show a smile.

    "Yeah," He nudged closer to me. "I didn't tell you what that meant, did I?"

    "No," I was curious. "What is it?"

    He paused, trying to think of how to say it.

    He finally said one single word that made me gasp:



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