• Once Upon A Time, There Were Two Gay Lovers. One Named God, And The Other Lucifer. They Both Knew That The Love They Shared Was Forbidden, And Quote-Unquote "Unnatural". So When They Started To Have Deeper Feelings, Giod, And Lucifer Knew All "Hell" Would Break Loose. One Day After A Nice Round Of "Heavenly" Butt Sex Lucifer Left, And God Promised To Call Him The Next Day. But Sadly He Didn't. Lucifer Got Inraged, And Stormed Over To God's Holy Manor.
    "Why Haven't You Called?! I Thought What We Shared Last Night Was Special!" Lucifer Shrieked With Tears In His Eyes.
    God Just Laughed.
    "You Fool. You Were Just A Simple Pawn In My Path For Pleasure. Now, I Don't Need You. Leave Me Be You Worthless Coward!"
    Lucifer Stood There In Shock.
    "B-but, You Said You Loved Me!" He Stammered.
    "God Can Lie Too You Know. Haha." He Boomed.
    Lucifer Glared At His Ex-Lover, He Got So Angry That He Threatened To Tell Everyone, Dead And Alive. But God Wouldn't Stand For It. He Said,
    "HOW DARE YOU! You Try To Ruin Everything! You Can Let Nothing Go?! And For That I Send You Out Of Heaven, And To A Place Where you May Be More Comfortable! The Fiery Gates Of Hell!"
    And With A Large Boom Lucifer Went Plummeting Down To His New Home, Hell.
    All The Other Angels Had Wondered What Lucifer Did To Deserve Such A Terrible Fate, And God Just Said He Was Committing The Ultimate Sin, Blasphemy. And Sadly, Lucifer, And God Were Never Able To Repair Their Relationship....Every Night Before Lucifer Lays His Head Down To Sleep, He Gazes Up, And Hopes His True Love Would Be Looking Down. But God Would Never look Down Again, Most Likely Because He Is Either Getting Laid, Or Assassinating Close By Standers. Lucifer Knew His Dream Was Never Going To Happen. But As A Token To Show His affection, And Maybe By One Slight Chance Of Luck God Would Want Him Back, He Kept The Lube Bottle From Their First Encounter. Now That's What I Call Love.
    Readers Beware, Don't Have Sex, Weather It's Butt, Oral, Or Good Old Fashioned, With A Higher Being. You Will Regret It.
    [[ .True Story, I Swear. ]]