i didn't like the tone in his voice, while he was talking to me. It was uncomfortable and gave me an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. He had neither an expression on his face nor in his eyes, making what he said seem harsh and cold, more like a warning than casual conversation. Like with every word he was insinuating something else, something that wasn't good. When he was done a flash of something was in his eyes for a split second and i could have mistaken it for anxiety, and he then turned and left. Now leaving me alone wondering what the hell he was trying to tell me.

    How did we get there, i didn't think he knew my secret, but i had a feeling he had some of his own. Who would have thought that the person I thought I could trust the most suddenly is dishonest. Lies that have been accumulated over the past few weeks, is starting to make me suspicious of what he might be hiding.