• Many people enjoy cheese. But, do they know why cheese is cheese? Well, if you’re wondering the same thing, I may be able to help.

    Well one day Mr. ShabalobaDingDong (cheese) was taking a walk. Everyone in town knew Mr. ShabalobaDingDong. So, when he took a walk everyone always waved and talked to him. The problem was, it was hard to pronounce his name. “Hello, Mr. Shabalob-boo-ba-loob…” Some would say. Sometimes Mr. ShabalobaDingDong would get confused saying his own name. “Ya know…” He thought to himself “I need a new name. It’s hard to say…” Mr. ShabalobaDingDong deciding it was time to take action! He took a deep breath and went to That Place Where You Can Legally Change Your Name (I think they need to get a shorter name…) On his way Mr. GooseDude said “Hey Mr. Shoobaboobi! Where you going?” Mr. ShabalobaDingDong just kept walking.
    He then changed his name to Mr. Cheese. No one really knows why he picked that name. So now Mr. Shaba- or should I say Mr. Cheese is now Cheese. And that is why cheese is cheese.
    THE END!