• shaking in the corner i hide i tremmble i scream he wont stop! the slapping the hurt the pain! i run and hide but his sly wrods huant me forever "you can run you cant hide forever" like a snake creeping into your bed at night he holds you suffacting you untill you gasp for the very breath that even remains. For your life that you hold on to your corage to even slip from his hrad fingers is nothing theres no escaping him. This is my story.

    He used to be perfect the perfect dad. untill he started drinking he killed my mother borther and the newborn baby that way i was 5 years old when he started abusing me ten years later im 15 and still clinging on for my very life. i cast my shadow on the wall and im done for. he finds me. he tracks me hes a killer a constrictor.

    i scream kick fight back and i still get hurt for pitty sake hes even raped me!!! hes an a*****e a b*****d preverted god damn b*****d. i hate his very cold eyes his mean cut chin thers no feeling at all in the constricter.

    My bursies cover my body they are a blanket of purple blue and brown pain marks. from the times ive puked blood been punched in the wall slamed into the door way and choked ive leared never trust any one ever. today i run.

    Run far far away i run to the police and show them my pain the stroy of the way he killed my family the way he hurts me the way i scream the way of the constrictor.

    im scared to death in fact ive prayed to die for to long the police find him they have him at gun point. he spits at me and says as his drunken ways are "******** you little b***h youre a nark" and shots me another glare the police zap him hes down.

    Hes not a constrictor anymore hes rotting in hell. hes paying the price for what he did. im a foster child with a good loving family im 18 time to leave the roscoes its a shame.

    "never trust anyone"~anynomous