• Chapter One: In the Beginning, There Was Blood

    Not long before the Fall of Man, several nations battled endlessly for a large stretch of wilderness, the Tetra Forest; a place were all elements flowed peacefully into one grand mixture. The mixture was called Tetra, hence the forest’s name. Some believed it to be sent from the Gods to heal all wounds and diseases, others believed it to cause horrid mutations in men and animals and make them considerably more dangerous. Either way, many would die in order to obtain it. This is where a young man by the name of “Dagon” enters our story; I fought long and hard to even see the substance, let alone use it to free his people from their deadly sickness.

    Now, this takes place in an unknown point in time, but it appears to be in a great transition from the present to the future. From bullets and brawn, to lasers and machines. Enough out of me, now to Dagon’s story…

    A blonde man stands on his hands and knees, covered in a glowing blue amorphous solid, shaking, panting, and coughing blood occasionally. “Something’s… Happening to me…” He said, then coughed again; blood flew from his mouth. Small lights flew around him, slowly closing in on his body, then sinking into him. Several men and beasts were watching from within the bush. A small pond of the amorphous solid stirred next to the man, wreckage of a vehicle lay smoldering near the pond, and a young woman’s body sat propped against a tree. The beasts growled as the man stood up. The flesh on his right hand began to rise and tear in three places. Hard bone claws stretched to near half a foot from in between his knuckles His entire body became larger, much larger than any normal human’s. His teeth were intensely elongated.

    One of the men that were watching him lightly said while holding the collar of a large hound, “Bloody hell, it’s a mutagen.” The hulking beast that once was Dagon heard the man and turned. The hound barked and growled heavily as the beast drew nearer. The hound struggled against the man that held his collar, and broke free, charging the beast. The beast roared and swung a huge hand at the hound, tearing it to pieces. Blood flew as he did so. The hound’s master cried, “You son of a b***h! I spent nine hundred seventy pounds on that damned beast!” He drew his rifle and shot at Dagon, the round clipped his head. Dagon let out a huge roar and threw a large rock at the man, knocking him over. The others began to fire and charge at him. Dagon began to destroy them one by one.

    A soldier rushed in at him and swung a sword at his legs, Dagon stopped the sword short and ripped the man’s arm from his body, blood gushed from the gash. The man cried out as Dagon sent his fist upon his jaw, knocking him into the air; and to his death. Four tendrils emerged from his back and skewered four nearby attackers and suspended them above the battle. Dagon was barely scratched, the men stood their ground and began to aim for his head. One of the men gored by a tentacle from Dagon’s back was suddenly ripped in two from the great pressure of being flung around like a rag doll. Hounds, humanoids, and other beasts of the kind began to latch themselves upon Dagon’s chest, but quickly met their gruesome demise at the claws of Dagon’s right fist.

    The battle raged on, and Dagon’s rampage showed no sign of ending soon, nor did the men’s attack, though few in numbers they were. A woman called over the radio of one soldier, “What has the substance done to our captive, Sergeant?”
    “It’s ******** us up pretty bad, Commander.”
    “I want to know what happened to the prisoner, not your men.”
    “He’s become… A monst…”

    The soldier was stopped on his reply, as Dagon ripped his body open. The sergeant fell to the dirt, his blood trickled down a slope.

    Reinforcements came for the remaining soldiers came in the form of a single man with bright silver hair and a four meter long sword. The soldiers halted their attack, as did Dagon, all eyeing the man. The soldiers took the opportunity to run and hide amongst the bushes and trees. The man drew his massive sword and held it at arms length, it stabbed Dagon slightly. He suddenly leaped into the air and impaled Dagon through the chest from behind. The man smirked slightly, remembering performing this kill on a woman not but a week prior.

    However, Dagon was not dead, he instead gored the silver-haired man with the four tendrils and threw him to the ground. The sword slid from Dagon’s body, forced out by muscle tissue. The man cried out as Dagon stood over him, raising his tendrils, “Remember my name! Se…” The silver-haired man stopped and began screaming as the tendrils dug into and tore his body to pieces. The soldiers fled the scene as quickly as possible, all heading toward their evacuation point to the west.

    The moon glistened as a menagerie of blood and flesh flew up from the ground…