• The sun fell beneath the horizon, intimidated by the moons luminous light, leaving the sky dark and quite. The crickets performed their glorious music and the frogs danced against the swaying grass. The lonely girl that was sitting underneath a tall apple tree, was now wandering around at night thinking of all the other wonderful things other than dicipline and control, all the magic and adventures that she could indure only if she didn't have all those duties that she was assigned to in the castle.
    Sherenia was a slave in the castle. Captured in all the duties, she wished to be free and wanted to be a wandering warrior. She wanted to meet new people and fight different creatures. she wanted to be independent in her own ways. She dreamed of all the ways that she could escape with her best freind Leo. They dreamed of running away since they were 8years old, 8years later...they still haven't made an accurate plan...Until that night. She was now free, but still hasn't made the decision to leave the castle's grounds without her best freind. As she lay on the grass looking up in the stars she thought about what Leo would be thinking '...She betray me, I shouldn't have trusted her' she thought with an aching heart.
    He lay and listened to the crickets sing 'She's free now, there is no need to worry...But I still don't get why she wouldn't come and fetch me first, Oh well...I promised her that she would get her way and that some day she would go and venture the world...But not without me, she couldn't possibly survive without me...' he lay there thinking of how happy Sherenia would be now running freely in the wild, in freedom and he fell asleep heppily knowing that she would some day come back and rescue him.
    Sherenia lay there now half a sleep. She thought about the hurtful things that he would say to her when she came back to get him... She was now thinking about giong back tot he castle and admitting that she had run away, that way he would forgive her for owning up... She sat up with a smile upon her face 'and then we could run away together with the same plan that got me out of the castle' she looked up on the window that Leo lay in...The light was on but there was no movement. She made her way to the castle gate...
    The Kitchen was quite and the maids were now half asleep drinking their cofees blinking off to sleep.
    The Stale smell of the wet forest dew blew against Sherenia's face '...Say good bye Sherenia, This will be the last time that you will smell the wild's stale smell of wind against your face' she ran giggling. When she got to the gate she froze with fear 'what if they sentnce me to death...?' The night suddenly became quite and her mind hesitated and she became paranoid and her stomach lurched. She knew her face was now pale, she breathed evenly but for some reason she could hear her heart beat. She backed off of the gate way and she was now thinking of running away by herself. She felt a tear come down her cheek, she touched the cold and unexpected tear and licked it. The Sour taste of water tingled in her mouth. A sudden feeling of guilt came over her...She couldn't stand the idea of betraying her best and only friend in her whole life. Then she thought '...I couldn't be...In Love with him, could I?' she knew that all the time that she had walked beside the prince (Leo) he had made her feel her specail...but not because he was a prince...but because...She Loved him... A sudden Courage came over her and she opened the gate and ran towards the castle.
    The maids were now Sleeping when they were unexpectidly woken up by the door slamming "...Sherenia?", Sherenia kept on rinning towards Leo's room. She knew that running away was a bad idea...and now she had nearly ran away from the person that she never knew she loved. More tears rolled down her face but she kept on running. She stopped at the prince's room and knocked. The door opened and the prince smiled at her, he touched her cheeks and wiped the tears away. They leaned forwards and their soft lips touch each other...As they knew that they were meant to be...