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    I could only see the sky burning red like blood, hear the sound of a thousand crying voices, smell the odor of fire, and feel ashes brushing against my skin.

    Men, women, and children ran to escape the clutches of the devil himself. But they were only die, and be hung on a rock for every demon to see and laugh at.

    I was cold and alone in my house, looking out the window to see all this chaos. My brother was found dead in his closet while my mother was gone. I cried for my mother, who would never listen to me, let alone live.

    Evil scurried the streets as fire burned the sky and brought ice and magma to the rivers and into the oceans. It killed all the creatures in water and when the animals drank, they were burned.

    Ice froze the beaches of the tropical areas and killed every human and animal. Radio stations failed as the electricity burst and delivered lightning and killing innocent humans.

    The Arctic melted into hot flames as the devil burned the seas of ice and cold. Penguins and helpless animals were killed and were mocked by the devil.

    I felt like I was staring at death itself. My life had nothing to live for. But, then a light jolted from the clouds as many angels rose down, with bows, and shooting the evil.

    The devil was plunged into a lake where he would remained chained there for eternity. Suddenly, I felt like I was staring at joy as the Earth came back to life. The rivers turned to crystal clear water as every animal formed again.

    And yet I still did not have my family. So I remained in my house, sitting there, for the rest of my life.

    The End