• I looked around, taking in my surroundings.
    "So... how do you like it?" the man called to me. I pulled my attention from what was most deffinantly a copy of "The Scream", by Edward Munch; and looked at him, a bit surprised at his appearence. He was taller than me (then again almost everyone's taller than me), and thin. His hair was long, almost reaching his pecs, and a variety of different colors. Although, I could tell his natural color was blonde. It was thing, making it fall over his shoulders and flow behind him when he walked. My gaze fell upon his brilliantly colored eyes, they were blue.
    In taking so long to take in his features I had forgotten to answer.
    "Well...? Are you alright?" he asked, taking a step toward me. His voice was soft yet slightly deep and suave. Like he could smooth talk his way out of any situation. I snapped out of my transe and turned and started for the bedroom.
    "I'm okay." I said.
    "Where are you going?" he called. I kept walking.
    "The bedroom; you want me to wait there right? Shall I undress or would you like the pleasure of doing that?"
    "I don't want you in there at all."
    "Oh" I stopped and started to walk back to him. "so, the bathroom then?"
    "Nope." he grinned. I gave a confused look.
    "The... kitchen?" I asked. He chuckled and shook his head no.
    "Then it's the living room!" I exclaimed.
    "Nope, try again!" he chuckled. I let out and annoyed sigh, blowing my black locks from my face and frowned; then placed my hands on my hips and shifted my weight on to one leg.
    "Well, then what the hell am I here for?" I snapped, getting impatient.
    "Whatever you want... your meetings are confidential, right?" he said, sitting down in a big red arm chair. I slowly walked over to the couch and sat down, a bit dumbfounded.
    Whatever... I want..?
    I looked to the amn and looked him up and down.
    "Im Li... what's your name?" I asked. He looked up at me.
    "Grant." he said with a gentlemans smile. I smiled the slightest bit.
    Grant... I like that...