• I woke up in DeVonte's arms the next morning, I could hear his heart beating fast. I tried to escape his arms, no use to tight around me. "You're not leaving me," He said. I didn't know if he was awake or not till I felt him kiss me neck. "So your awake?" I asked trying to pull his arms off me. "Mhm, Stop you're mine." He moaned, I could still tell he was tired. I managed to get out of his arms, and get dressed. I went down stairs, and went outside to the back yard. "This is where the weddings going to be." I whispered to myself, warm arms suddenly warpped around me. "I hope you don't mind but we moved the wedding up by 2 weeks. The whole kingdom is going to be there." DeVonte said, people were working on the decorations, and fighting where something should go. "The Bride shouldn't be able to see this yet. Not till the day of the wedding." He said into my neck, he pulled me back to the castel. "Everyone." I thought.
    A week went by, and tomorrow's the wedding, "Kate get some sleep I don't want you passing out at the Alter." DeVonte said, I climbed into bed, and fell asleep once my head hit the pellow. I dreamed of the wedding how perfect it would be, nothing could go wrong. But something did Brice wasn't dead he came a grabbed me right when I was going to say "I Do." I woke up with a gasp of breath, light was streaming into my room, "Miss Kate? Are you awake?" someone asked at the door, "Yes please come in." I said, a lady walked into the room. "Come now get a shower. We need to get you ready. Sir DeVonte said to have you smashing." she said as she pushed me into the bathroom. The shower woke me up but when I had to get my make-up done I fell asleep. "Miss Kate we need to put your dress on." someone said waking me up from my nap. I stood up, and the slide me into my dress. "It's kinda tight." I said, "It's suppose to be DeVonte wants to see you in a tight dress.
    I heard the music playing, and I followed my flower girl, and brides maids.
    Everyone stood as I walked to the alter, "That dress looks good on you." DeVonte whishper to me. I nodded "Same goes for you." I said.
    "DeVonte do you take Kate to be your wife?" The presit asked, "I Do." He loves me, it was my turn my body went fuzzy. "Katie do you take DeVonte to be your Husband?" He asked me, "I Do." My fuzzy feeling went away. I did it! I screamed inside me. "You may kiss your bride." DeVonte wraped me in a hug and said "Your mine for all and forever." Then he kissed me, the crowd was cheering, and yelling congrats at us when we ran down the aisle.