• They layed there smiling at one another in what was left of the sunlight. The sky burned red in the distance, but quickly faded to purple as it reached over the sky where the stars began to appear. They gasped for air, every breathe inviting the taste of rotten flesh and dust into their mouths. The blood that flowed like a dwindling creek from his lips glistined in the little light that was quickly fading. She did her best to reach over and give him a final kiss; but alas, her broken back was by no means agreeing with her. Just to lovingly caress his cheek cost her all of her remaining strength.
    The buildings no longer burned, and the sky was black, spare the few white, red and yellow shining stars that could be seen beyond the dust and clouds. There was no rain. No sorrow spilled from Heaven for these two who were struck down so casually. There was no sympothy for these two as their bleeding lips pressed against one another's; only envy. Almost as if their souls were extracted through each other's lips, their eyes both closed one final time, and their tongues lay to rest.