• Struggles of Laura:
    Unexpected Pregnacy

    As we left off its Laura's 18th birthday,parents yelling and being depressed.What an 18 year old shouldnt have on her 18th birthday.

    Laura's not having fun and just like any other teenager does have sex.
    Her and her boyfriend have only done it once and Laura just checked because she was nervous and they didnt use protection.She look at the pregnacy test and the most devastating thing a struggling teenager could see in their lives,
    a pink little + on that test.It was unexpected for Laura.She told her boyfriend and he was going to be a responsible parent and take care of it.She asked her boyfriend,Spencer if she should tell her parents and he said,"Laura you can't.They yell at you and abuse you.Think what they'll do to you once they find out their only daughter is pregnant.I won't let them hurt you!I just won't!''
    He shed a tear and gave Laura a hug.They ran away together and lived a life of love. ~1 year later~

    Laura had her baby.It was a boy.They named him Jonathan,after the father who gave them courage to go through a marrige at 18.They were great friends.Spencer got a job and Laura had a wonderful life as a stay at home mother.Father Jonathan always offer to watch Jonathan when Laura and Spencer wanted to visit Laura's parent's graves...
    But while walking to Laura and Spencer's house one day Father Jonathan had a stroke.
    Jonathan,Laura's son,5 saw him and cried at the depths of his heart.Father Jonathan had died.On Little Jonathan's birthday is when they announced he died.They went into Father Jonathan's house and found a gift for little Jonathan it read,"Dear Jonathan,
    I don't know if i'll live long enough for your birthday but remember I love you.."
    Jonathan opened the gift it was what he always wanted a model airplane,he cried though because he only wanted it to make with Father Jonathan.Then he looked deeper in the gift a picture of Laura,Spencer,Jonathan,and Father Jonathan in front of his church.After the death the family couldn't cope.So every sunday they would visit Father Jonathan's grave and have a mass in front of his grave.Jonathan was now 16 he still remembers Father Jonathan and while ready to sleep he hugs the picture that Father Jonathan gave him and do you know what happens next,close but Jonathan dies so he could be with Father Jonathan in Heaven.Laura and Spencer goes to say good night and finds him dead.Some say he commited suicide,but some say he died of broken heart.Laura and Spencer were devastated.They asked if they could have Jonathans grave next to father jonathans.Now every sunday they have a mass in front of both Jonathans'.
    Laura and Spencer tried to cope but couldnt.So they just ate sleeping pills and died.They were burried next to Jonathan,and Father Jonathan and all lived in heaven together....