• It all started that one night. The night that two Meteors hit two groups of friends simultaneously. This is that Story.
    A group of friends that were hanging out at Andrew's house were one of those friends. As Andrew's friends, Liam, Scott, and Amanda were sitting down for some T.V., Andrew's mom, Lee, came in. That's when the meteor that hit, hit. They were all instantly knocked out. The first to wake up was Amanda, A short blonde girl, and all she had to do was think their names and they woke up. The first she woke up was Andrew, A tall brown haired boy, then Liam, A medium-sized black haired boy, after that was Scott, A short red haired man, Finally, Lee, Andrew's Mom was a tall Black haired woman. When they woke up they each had magical powers. Andrew was able to summon fire from the denezens of his soul, Scott could do the same, but with electricity, Liam could control the very earth, Amanda was able to heal them all, and finally, Lee had the wierdest and probably the strongest power of all, she could summon the very darkness of the souls of every human being and bring the dead back to life (well, semi-life really). They studied their powers in awe as they wondered why it happened.
    At the same time, but in a differebt place, another meteor struck a different group. In fact, Andrew's sister and her friends, Joey, Lexi, and Makayla. The same thing that happened with Amanda happened with Joey, indicating him as the healer. He woke up the other three and they also had wonderful powers. Heather, A medium brown haired girl (looks an awfully lot like Andrew), was able to control water, Lexi, A medium blonde, could control the very air that every mortal breathes every day, and Makayla, a short brunette, could control the light.
    The only difference was that Andrew and his friends wanted to save the world, and Heather and her friends wanted to take it over.