• My names Yvonne, I'm about five feet, average height in my family. I have red curly hair, and blue eyes. I love to play guitar, it's the past time that I love. My mom doesn't like me playing guitar a lot, she thinks it's stupid, she says guitar is too lame for her to be spending all the money on lessons. I love guitar, some days when I'm just feeling sad or when I feel a little punch-drunk, if I'm angry or in love, I can play my guitar. I want to touch the souls of people and let them know exactly how I felt when I wrote every song I wrote. Right now, I'm sitting in my bedroom, it's not the cleanest bedroom around, it's more of an organized mess. There are clothes strewn here and there, it's like my room reflects everything about me. The cleanest part of my room is my closet, in my closet are my guitars. My acoustic is front and center, and my electric is right next to it. I have four more guitars, two acoustic, two electric. I play them everyday for two hours a day. I must make sure that I keep my skills the way that they are.
    So I'm sitting on my bed and mom saunters in. It's the summer so I can't wait to go to Gloria's house for two weeks of the summer. Mom always bothers me. "Hi, sweetie!!." Mom says.
    "Hi, whatever."
    "I have something to tell you."
    "We'll have to discontinue your guitar lessons."
    "Why?!" I say putting my guitar to the side.
    "Because we just can't afford it. You have all these guitars already," she gestured to the guitars in my open closet door. "And you're pretty skilled! You'll make it far anyway!"
    "But Mr. Morrison was going to teach me new things!"
    "You only have one more week before we have to cancel!"
    "Whatever! Get out!!" I shoved her out of my room and closed the door. I reached up to my face and realized it was wet. I wasn't gonna cry, I thought. I wiped my face and continued to play my guitar. I was a little mad at mom, she knows she could afford to pay for my lessons. She knows it! Yet she discontinues them because of her blatant frugality! She wonders why I hate her, she gives me all the reasons to! I put my face into the pillow to stifle my sobs, and cursed my mother to hell.