• She was running as fast as she could in a silk baby blue dress that clung to her upper body but flowed outward from her waist. When she reached the part of the woods that had been far enough from the castle and in a big enough clearing she bit her thumb for she could say the Latin words of “patefacio alius universitas dimension” and if I was correct it meant “open other world demision” but my Latin was a bit rusty. As the gate appeared she heard the men from the castle coming after her with the full blood demon hound dogs. She flew through the gate to the human world. She ran and ran than finally stopped at the ocean side cliff. As she noticed she was at a dead end she turned around and stared at the men who were looking for here aprosimitly 10 feet away. From behind them a man came out. He was handsome and noble like a prince who came to save his princess but she was scared. He spoke in English “Why do you run when your wishes will finally come true?” she backed up a little and turning her head to look at the sea.”Why can’t you just marry me you selfish girl?”
    She finally spoke, “It’s because you killed my love and I do not love you!” As she said those words she looked in the direction of where I was standing and whispered something I never heard her say Cleary and she suddenly fell back, into the sea. When her fragile body splash on the cold icy sea and as she sunk the sea froze…
    I woke with a gasp of breathe whipping the sweat and tears from my face. I’ve had this dream every night since I remembered. “GUHHH!!” I screamed out clutching my birthmark right above my heart as hard as I could thinking that maybe the burning and aching will go away but it never does but it hurts a lot more today than another day. I glanced at the clock. “5:03 in the morning.” I said with a laugh. It must hurt the most because today is my birthday and the day I have to fulfill the “Task of a man” as they call it.
    “I won’t be able to sleep might as well get up” I got up and got ready for the passing of “man hood”.
    I slugged down the steps in what I wore yesterday which was the only thing I had clean and wasn’t in the washer. So a pair of blue jeans that clung to my scrawny yet muscular legs and my favorite band t-shirt with a hoddie that was black and my converse.
    I was downstairs going to the fridge. As I walked to the fridge there was a note from mom. It said:
    Dear Sean,
    Happy birthday!!! I went to confirm your man hood passing. Breakfast is in the fridge heat it up for you and Kelly. Make sure she’s up by 8:00 a.m. for she will have time to get ready and please, please go running off you have to be there at 12:00 Sharp or they won’t let you in.
    Love mommy
    I tarred the note off the fridge and crumbled it than threw it away. Then I leaned against the fridge on my back. Why does she even want me to go through the whole manhood thing. Dad did it and he never came back and Derek too. She just wants to get rid of me on my 16th birthday. “Damn her!” I screamed hitting the fridge with my fist. I looked up and saw my little sister on the last step looking at me with a sad face.
    “Did I wake you?” I said as I walked to her. Her response was a nod as she rubbed the sleepy from her eye. I picked her up and sat her down at the table.” You hungry?!”
    “I could eat a cow!” She said with a huge smile showing her gap were her 2 front teeth used to sit.
    “Well let’s see if we got a cow.” I smiled and she giggled. I opened the fridge and saw the 2 plates of food sitting on the 1st shelf in the fridge. “Sorry no cow but pancakes are ok, right princess Kelly?” I pulled out the plates out without her response. I heated hers up first and then mine. I had strawberry syrup and she had blueberry. We finished eating than she went to get ready as I cleaned up our mess. She came running back out with something behind her back.
    “Bro Bro I got you a present!” She said and handed me a raped badly with last year’s Christmas raping, “It's for your journey to become a man. I thought it will help you through your long nights without us when you’re still a boy.” She said inthuesteatic.
    I quickly opened it and it was father’s knife. “It’s a knife for when you get scared. Mommy says when you’re a man you don’t get scared but when you’re a boy you do” She said.
    “Thank you I love it.” I said and hugged her.”Now go finish getting ready.” She ran back into her room. I stared at the knife and then I saw a tear drop on it. “Kelly I’m going out for a bit ok?” I Said as I ran out the door.
    I spent the next hour by the frozen sea. Just like in my dream the sea has been frozen since the door to the other dimension opened but no one knows the real story. Everyone in town says that the great king put it there when he died for we could find out who the next king will be. For 100 years it’s been like this and every year a selected few who is in the rich union only boys have to sacrifice their life. It used to be that you had to be 30 than you had to be 20 and know its 16 lucky me I can’t even get a family going but it doesn’t matter no girls appeal to me here they are all the same they all want one thing.
    “Beep, beep, beep!” My watch startled me. Damn it’s time to go.
    I walked up the hill and saw the guards and the son of the founder and mother all waiting for me.
    I could her mom going crazy as the clack truck 12:00. “Where’s that dang boy of mine?” She said holding up her cell phone to see if I called and holding Kelly’s hand in the other.
    “Hey mom!” I said with a smirk on my face it was now 12:02 and her face looked so pleasure full.
    “Finally! Were in the living lord where you?” She responded
    “I was......” As I tried to finish my alibi someone screamed “Someone’s coming back through!” And then I noticed it was a guard and the rest of the guards rushed to his side and the son of the founder of the city.
    A face appeared from the other dimension.” Its Clayton he went in 2 days ago” A guard shouted. As Clayton’s full body appeared I noticed he was holding something or dragging something and then I noticed what it was.
    Bravo Clayton you did what I said to do but you were supposed to kill it” The son of the founder said I think his name was Mr.Presly.
    “I thought you might like her as a gift sir.” He said smirking and moving his glasses up his long nose. “But if you don’t I’ll be glad to kill this b***h she gave me so much work it was hard but I think I can do it.” He said as he pulled out a knife and moved toward the beautiful girl with bronze hair that flowed over her face. He surely tied her up well. I thought. Around the feet and the arms.
    As I looked at her I was about to shout no but then her feet broke free and she kicked the hell out of Clayton in the nose and blood went everywhere.
    “My nose the bicth broke my nose!” he said and I started to laugh.
    “Take Clayton to the hospital and ill kill the thing” Mr.Presly said as he pulled out a gun and without even seeing him pull the trigger a bullet was in the girls arm.
    I heard Kelly shriek and mom hush her. Everyone left and I was standing there doing nothing but staring. “Sean clean her up I guess we don’t need you anymore” Mr.Presly said and walked off.
    I went to her and suddenly noticed that she was breathing. I stared at her. “Snap out of it Sean We can still save her” I said to myself and picked her up and ran to the beach. I just had to get her away from here.
    When I sat her I looked at her wound than noticed that it was nearly healed it just looked like a cut. I looked at her face and she was awake. I fell back on my butt. She was startled to. “Here let me untie you” I said as I reached for her.
    “Nooo” she said a big gush of wind sliced my jacket and shirt and the whole left side of my jacket and shirt fell. “Sorry, but just don’t touch me please” she said so scared and hung her head downward looking in her lap I saw the tears.
    I was still in shock and managed to get out.” I won’t hurt you” And reached for her again she nudged away but I got her hands and grabbed my knife she looked scared.
    “No please don’t kill me I can’t die I’m too young” she said but I just laughed and cut the rope.
    “There you go” I said to her with a smile.
    “Thank you?” she said as a question. She looked at me and where the wind sliced my shirt up.”That birthmark why do you have it?”
    “Huh?” Was all I could say.