• It was one in the morning and a large crashing noise woke me up. Making sure nothing was broken, I took a quick look around my dorm room. I didn't find anything out of place, but before going back to bed I checked the hallway to see if something happened out there. Nobody was out there and nothing seemed to be broken, but while out in the middle of the hallway, I heard a blood-curdling scream. I whipped my head around to the dorm next to mine, where the scream had emanated from.
    It was room 204 and the girl in there was a huge scardy-cat. I didn't know her name, but I did know that she was thirteen and afraid of everything. I shook off the thought that she was in trouble and figured she probably just saw a spider. Laughing, I decided to get a drink while I was up, so I ended to a fountain at the end of the corridor. I pulled back my hair and went to take a sip when I heard the crashing noise again, but it was louder that time. While I didn't want to admit it, I got a little scared and decided to go back to my dorm room.
    But when I entered the room, something was different. My window was shattered and the vent underneath that window was busted. Rain was pouring in through the broken window pane and was soaking up a trail of red on the hardwood floor. Despite my better judgement, I decided to follow the trail which led to my closet. It was halfway open and I could hear deep breathing from inside.
    I squinted, worried of what I'd find, but I slid open the closet doors fully. A timely flash of lightning showed me that there was a boy inside, curled up in a ball, almost like he was scared. I knelt down beside him and reached out a hand to comfort him.
    "A-are you okay?" No answer. "Do you want me to get you some help, o-or call your parents"
    "You should get away from me...I'm not safe." My fingers shivered as I laid them gently on his wet back. I figured he was wet because of the rain outside, but felt sick when I pulled my hand away to reveal the truth.
    "H-how old are y-you?" I gulped out on the verge of tears.
    "Fourteen." He was only two years younger than me.
    "W-what are you duh-doing here?" No answer. I placed a comforting hand on his sopping wet, black hair. "Where you also in the room next to mine?" His shaking stilled underneath my hand and I removed it, scared. As soon as I did, he lifted his head and flashed demonic red eyes that illuminated the darkness and matched his crimson-covered body. Blood...that's what was on his back.
    The boy stretched his mouth into a torturous smile, showing off gigantic, sharp, carnivore teeth.
    The scary boy leaned in to kiss me, but then bit the skin off of my lower lip. I shrieked and ran a finger across my mouth. Blood wasn't just dripping out, it was unnaturally pouring! I had too much sense to stick around with the Hell child so I immediately turned around and began to run. From behind me, the boy slammed shut the closet door, causing me to bang my head into it. Then he grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the ground. I tried crawling away but he grabbed my shoulders viciously and sent me flying backwards. Snap.
    My entire body collided awkwardly with the wall and my arms ached most of all. Even through my hysterical fit, the boy must have thought I wasn't in enough pain already because he grabbed my wrists and pinned me against the wall.
    "Do you wanna have some fun?" His voice was altered and demonic, twisted and frightening. I saw my blood on his lips. "Scared?" He grinned and ran a cold hand gently across my cheek. "Good!" His eyes flashed an even brighter, fiery red and squeezed my wrists until blood came out.
    "STOP IT!!" I cried, unable to handle the immense pain. The boy immediately let me go and shook his head, confused. His eyes weren't red anymore, but a dark shade of brown...almost pitch black. He wiped his lips and felt his teeth - which weren't such huge chompers by that time.
    "Wh-wh-what have I done?" He stood up and started fidgeting nervously. "NO!!" He cried, shocking even me. He didn't seem like such a vicious killer anymore, but more like a scared little boy who broke his mom's favorite vase. "Why did you do that!?" He grabbed his head and closed his eyes as if he was having some kind of inner-battle.
    I used that lucky moment to sneak away. The closet door was halfway open when he slammed it shut again. "You're infected," He said eerily, with a hint of sympathy in his tone, "If you leave, you will infect others...you won't know how to deal with the things you can do." I started breathing deep, wondering what he was going to do. "I'm sorry, but there's no other way. I have to kill you."
    "No! Please no! I'll do anything, just don't kill me...PLEASE!!" I pleaded with the psycho kid. His eyes flashed red again.
    "Be my slave"
    "NO! I will not be a slave to somebody who hurt me!" He shrugged playfully...but not happily.
    "Too bad." Then the boy whipped out a hand with enormously sharp nails straight at my neck.
    "Wait!" I cried, grabbing his swinging wrist. His skin was rough and caused me immense pain, but I didn't let that pain show. "I'll be your slave." He grinned terribly, showing his reddened teeth yet again, then he grabbed my hand...gently. His eyes turned brown once more and he frowned angrily. He helped me up and I then noticed that nothing hurt. I was still bleeding...but I couldn't feel a thing.
    "What's your name?" His voice was smooth and comforting but it didn't seem like he was very interested in small talk.
    "Roxy. Yours"
    "I'm... I'm Trey" He had a nice name. Ugh, how could I have even been thinking that!? This Trey boy had nearly killed me, and there I was liking his name.
    "I know you're not normal....I know you're probably not even human. What are you"
    "I'm as dangerous as wildfire, but can be caught as easily as a big red rubber ball."
    "You're a riddle?" I almost laughed, but then remembered that this boy was not only making me his slave, but he had almost killed me just minutes ago.
    "I'm a virus," he began, standing up on the broken windowsill - I shuddered as the glass stabbed straight through his bare feet, "and now..." he grabbed my hand yet again, "you are too." I was so dumbstruck that I barely noticed him leap out of the room...and drag me down with him.