• CreedNinja Episode 1:A Man Who Needs To Be Heard......
    [One morning in the Slums]A naturally white haired boy woke up
    drunk in his car. A little boy came up to him and said"where did your scars come from?"The white hared boy didnt answer and
    just walked away.
    Suddenly a car drove up and put a gun to the boys head!!!
    "f**k Off!!!"said the white haired boy. "What does f**k off mean?"
    said the little boy. The white haired boy got shot in the a** trying to save the cluless little boy. He also got shot 3 other times because the gun was not semiauto,almost like an uzi. The white
    haired boy was on scarred cuz like his scars were huge cuz the docter took the bullet fragments out of his a** the old fashioned
    way LOL. He didnt feel any pain because he was.....................................................A superHERO!!!!
    Episode 2:A Hobo Creed...

    The 15 year old boy was no longer a boy hes 23 years old
    ,he lost his job,his home and his life. The media is attracted because he saved a six year old years back. His beard grew it was also white like his cool a** hair. Hes been through s**t and s**t alone. He also feels like s**t he hasnt taken a shower in a week. Hes got a bong in his hand and a crack torch in the other.
    His life is screwed up badly........thats
    a bad feeling i suppose.

    CreedNinja Episode 3:Midnight Fight
    After a month creed was back on his feet. He made up a crimefighting alter ego his name was CreedNinja. He put so many bad guys in jail the jails ran out of room.
    At Midnight Christmas Eve 2008 he ran into burgalers.They had mad kung fu skills they could like teleport.
    After hours of sloppy brawling one guy got so pissed they scratched his eyes out. There was battle scars and blood everywhere.
    Creeds make was smearing his face was exposed under the eyes
    he had to go but he couldnt see. He creeped away after the burgalers got in an argument.
    Two hours later sitting in an alley way staring blindly at the bricks
    he was tottaly blind. It was a bad Christmas Eve........