• Walking around in all hours if the night looking for his foster-sister was not what he signed up for. Not that he had actually signed up for anything. Not to mention it was cold. Much colder than his nice warm bed with the blankets piled up on it….He just about turned around to go back to his home. But he couldn’t, as much as wanted to. With a long string of rather colourful words, no doubt frightening the few brave souls that was still out at this hour, and pulled his jacket closer and marched on.
    At least until he found a layer of hidden ice and fell flat on his back.
    It didn’t hurt, but still. He could be at home watching television or sleeping or….something else!
    The boy frowned, and with the speed of roughly a snail, pulled himself off the ice and snow, a long string of curses following. This time louder. A lot louder. Most of all, he cursed whoever had made the terrible traction on his Chucks mother – whoever that may be.
    So it was cold, icy, and now he was terribly bored with nothing much to interest him except to watch the thin wisps of fog his breath made. Which was rather dull, to tell the truth.
    About a block and a half into his 2-o-clock in the morning adventure, he found her. Just a scrawny looking thing in an old hoodie and ripped jeans. She just had to be freezing. He walked through the snow with all the grace of a toddler towards her. But when he reached her, he didn’t say a word. Just stood over her feeling every bit the stalker.
    It was like that for a few minutes before she finally lifted her head up and looked at her brother through her tangles of black hair.
    He found it rather creepy how much she looked like a certain well dweller.
    It took her a while to finally speak, and when she did, her voice was quiet. Much different then it usually was. And even if it barely counted as a coherent thought, it was a start, he believed.
    That was all she offered him. Nothing after that. Just gray eyes staring him down.
    What was he supposed to say to that? He didn’t even know what the bloody hell she was talking about! He sighed, and went down to her level, which pretty much left him sitting on the balls of his feet, arms pressed against his knees. When he did this, she pulled her legs tight up against her chest. Nothing out of the ordinary.
    But still, he sighed. He was not up to arguing. Especially not this late. He had to do something though, or else he would be stuck out here all night.
    “If you’re referring to why the bloody hell you’re out this late, I don’t know. If you’re referring to why I’m out in the cold and the dark, I’m afraid to tell you, I still don’t know.”
    His statement wasn’t as quiet as hers. In fact, it was long from it. But he was definitely going to get his point across. Whatever his point may be. She stared at him, a tiny frown appearing on her pale face. Then she closed he eyes a shook her head. Of course not. Why in the world would he be right at a time like this?
    “Why am I….like this?”
    Her voice had dropped to such a low, that he could barely hear her. Her voice sounded so far off, and seemed like she had problems speaking.
    The young man frowned, his brows furrowing together. It took him a moment to realize what exactly she was talking about, and when he did the most he could mumble out was an “Oh. That.”
    She nodded, and her head dropped back down to her knees, making him sigh again. Why was she always dragging on about that? She was what she was, and you certainly could not change it. But he was sure she could control it.
    “Listen, Aids, you can’t change who you are.” He started off, but was quickly interrupted.
    “I hate it. I can’t stop seeing those…things. I-I don’t want to hurt anyone.” She stammered through her sentence in a low, uneven voice. “IhateitIhateitIhateit.”
    The boy looked at her for a long time. He couldn’t help what he was. But he least that fact didn’t turn him into a total wreck. Instead of voicing his thoughts though, he instead ask if she was cold. He already knew the answer.
    He stood then, and held out a hand towards the girl, indicating for her to get up. She did, but slowly, as though she could much rather sit in a cold alleyway for the rest of the night.
    She was shaking. Poor thing.
    His arm was held out at an angle, and she laced her arm through it. Good. She was just fine then. No brain damage or anything along those lines.
    They walked like that for a while. It must a looked a little strange, he figured, seeing as his sister stood a good three inches taller than him.
    They kept their eyes straight towards what was in front of them, and kept each other from slipping on the ice. Although not falling into fits of giggles when they normally would.
    Not tonight. Tonight was serious business. At least, that’s what he though. No need for her trying to hurt herself later on, now was there?
    After a while of complete and utter silence of hearing nothing but streetlamps buzzing and snow crunching, he tugged slightly at her arm, and piped up.
    “So, Harry Potter when we get back?”
    He didn’t turn to look at her, but heard her laugh. It didn’t sound forced, either. Much, much better than earlier. The boy wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him, since she refused to take his jacket.
    “You dork.”
    He couldn’t help but laugh at her reply.