• Chapter 2:Spinx's Arrival
    Ra was sitting on a statue of his mother,with his friend Spinx.
    "So what about this cursed princess?She pretty and stupid or nice and ugly?"Spinx asked and combed his fluff of fur on his tail.
    "Oh shut your trap"Ra snapped
    "What trap?I have a mouth,you have a trap a beak"
    "Good point.No wonder I don't like you very much."
    Ra's head turned as some mummy birds flew to the east towards the palace,then turned back to Spinx.
    "I'll make a deal with you Ra.I'll love that princess if you stop talking crap to me."said Spinx "Deal?"He added.
    Ra thought about it for several minutes intil Spinx smacked his head with his tail.
    "OW! Just for that NO DEAL!"Ra Screeched and rubbed his aching head.
    "good.....now I still want to meet her."Spinx had a devilish grin on his face.

    Meanwhile Faiu was sitting at her mirror combing her hair,she still had her beauty but that curse just messed up her love life.

    Faiu hummed and sang alittle bit,Ra was at her door.
    "What do you want now?"said Faiu who slammed her brush down on the stone table.
    "Nothing,I just have a guy wanting to meet you,geez be a kid again."Ra mubbled.
    Spinx stepped in the room,his ears were lying down so he was calm but his tail swung a bit slowly.His green eyes looked all over the room intil he spotted Faiu,she turned around towards him.
    "I'm guessing you are Princess Faiu.Daughter of Osiris and Hatimi"Spinx was trying to be on his best behavior.
    "Your that boy who pulled on my hair when i was little.......good to see you again."Faiu interjected before he spoke some more.
    "Oh you rememer a little brown haired demigod with a tail?Yeah that was me,and I couldn't resist,cat like and all."Spinx laughed with a smile. "Want to go for a walk around your palace?"Spinx added.
    Faiu paused."Fine,just don't pull on my hair again."Faiu stood up and walked hand & hand with spinx out the room.
    "I have a real good feeling about this"Ra grinned and followed them.

    ---------------------------End of Chapter 2----------------------------------------------------