• It was rainy out just as usual. My hood covered my head. Just as usual. The salesman sat three seats before me. Just as…usual. Every since a couple weeks ago the only thing I wanted was to get back to this life. Riding the bus everyday. Listening to my mp3 everyday. Watching the rain fall against the window everyday. But all I could think about was him. Little over a week ago I had told him good bye, knowing that I would never see him again. I had left knowing what he was doing was crazy, but I was still willing to stay. He had told me good bye first. I wanted to forget it, but it wasn’t that easy. When the words had fallen off his lips, I only nodded. Not even hugging one last time. Not even saying the three words I wanted… one last time. I just nodded and left. I didn’t even look back. I didn’t want him to see my tears. I could feel his eyes watch me walk away. So badly I wanted to meet them. But instead I kept walking.
    And now I sat looking out a window holding back tears. Now I sat dreaming of his face once more. Now I sat sorrowful. I closed my eyes slowly. There he was. I opened the, I suddenly had tuned into the world around me. The bus had stopped suddenly. And there was yelling from the front of the bus. I stood slowly. I paused my music.
    “You have to pay, sir!” Yelled the bus driver in a forceful tone.
    The crowd parted.
    They all seemed to be looking at me. A man was slowly moved aside. I stepped into the aisle of the bus. I couldn’t believe it. There he was. He walked towards me slowly. He stopped before me. I reached my hand out unsure that he was even real. My fingers touched slowly against his skin. Tears filled the edge of my eyes. He moved forward and pulled his arms around my back. There were no words we could say. There was nothing that could explain how we felt. I pulled my arms around his neck and felt him hid his nose in my neck. There was no way any other thing in my life could have compared to how it felt to feel his warmth and his breath down his neck. At that moment the knife in my back didn’t even matter.