• Tommy versus Timothy

    The people of Turdland hid in their holes and nooks in their homes. They hid from the evil Tommy from the land of the toilet papers. He was running through their land, terrorizing all the brown turds of the city and stopped at no risk to wipe them all out. Tommy pushed the turds into piles of water and flushed them down toilets. He made one mistake though… he launched one of the turds with a new toy of his, the turdlauncher2000, into the air and through a rainbow that formed right then in the sky. The poopee (the person who pooped this poor little turd) had run out in search for his turd, but never found him again.

    Three months later… Tommy had come once again to finish his business of vanquishing the turds once and for all. He was about to push an old dried out white turd into the horse’s coral when something colorful and blinding stooped from the sky. He recognized this flying object but something was different this time. The flying object turned out to be the turd that he first used his turdlauncher200 on. But this time it was blinding. It was the same color as the rainbow that Tommy had launched the turd into.
    The rainbow turd landed without accuracy onto Tommy’s hanging 2-ply sheet of toilet paper that had accidentally become unrolled when he turned around to push the old turd. Tommy cursed and almost ran into water himself that looked cleaner then before. He cursed the turd.
    Turds from Turdland came to congratulate the rainbow turd and asked him his name. Without hesitating the rainbow turd called himself Timothy the Turd: his old name combined with his race. He liked the sound of the name, it made him sound special.

    4 years later:

    The evil Tommy the Toilet Paper had just advised the most perfect plan in his years of life. Objective one: wipe out Timothy the Turd… his worse enemy. Ever since he had laid eyes on the pile of turd, his eyesight was never the same anymore. Everything he saw was happier than the past. Plus, Timothy was to blame for, for the B.O. smelling rainbow mark that couldn’t be washed off that was stained on his behind.
    Tommy barked orders to his minions, the 2-ply sheets. They were the sheets he had created from himself for the reason of trying to get rid of the rainbow mark on his behind, but the stain was too great and couldn’t be removed unless he rendered himself completely naked to the brown coil he swore to never show.
    The minions carried out their mission of luring Timothy to the exact spot Tommy wanted, near the Land of the fountains.


    Timothy had chased the 2-ply minions to the Land of the Fountains. He knew it was dangerous to get this close, but couldn’t resist the urge that he was this close to the constant terrorist of his village, Tommy. He thought of the time 4 years ago he flew back from the rainbow and onto Tommy’s behind. He smiled from the thought, but got quickly wiped out of his star moment. He saw Tommy, once again, coming over the hill with a new toy of his. It looked vaguely like an extending boxing glove.
    Timothy ran to meet Tommy and his new weapon. Timothy was caught off guard when Tommy pressed a button that made the boxing glove extend rapidly. It was like a hand that was ready to punch. It almost hit Timothy, but he was smart enough to not get too close to Tommy. Now he knew what the weapon did, he wasn’t that afraid anymore, he had a weapon of his own. He had created it the night before, Rainbow turd bombs.
    Timothy dodged the socking weapon again, but this time came uncomfortably close to a fountain of water. He knew he’d soak up all the water and melt. Timothy circled away from the fountain leading Tommy near it. Timothy knew that Tommy wasn’t prone to the water either and would suffer more consequences than him. Timothy waited to the right moment to throw the turd bomb. When he did, Tommy went ecstatic, he screamed and tried to rub the rainbow smelly spot away, but ended up smearing it. Tommy backed away from Timothy and came all too close to the fountain. He tripped on his own feet and went sprawling into the water. In an instant, his cotton body soaked up all the gallons of water in the fountain and he got soggy and deformed. Tommy the Toilet
    Paper was K.O.ed.
    Timothy the Turd congratulated himself for the victory of the terrorist after 4 years and went back to celebrate with his fellow turds.

    When Timothy went away, Tommy still had a ply or two left of him. Timothy had forgotten that toilet paper doesn’t melt like himself. The ignorance had cost him the defeat of Tommy.

    A day later:

    After a painful day of drying in the sun, Tommy was better then ever, except for the, now, 2 rainbow spots that stained him. He was a hardened roll or toilet paper and stronger then ever…………………… (To be continued)

    it's a bit long... hope you liike!

    copyright by peachberryaili heart