• Where am I? Why is it so frigid and black? If I could see, i would be able to see the mist my breath produces. It's like a freezer, all I have is a small cloth and thin blanket, no information, no reason for this torture or why I'm stuck here. Iron bars surround me, they bite my skin each time I touch them. My body is in such agonizing pain! Non-stop shivering and sudden bumps keep me awake and send me and this prison of deadly bars flying into another area of this arctic darkness. In such feebly attempts to stay warm, I rub my bony fingers over my arms to create friction. No such luck. Another bump sent me flying on my back, my lung produce enough air to scream in the agony that I felt. This was Hell.

    After a few more torturous bumps and bloody curly screams there was a blinding light. Was this Heaven? Squinting, I shakily moved about an inch before collapsing. Instead of angels, there were two drunk looking men, bulky in size and cigars hanging from their mouths. Their greedy chubby hands the size of turkeys inched closer and close. My eyes were wide with fear, my breaths quickening but also labored. Defensively, I snarled and lashed out with a razor bite that pierced the burned skin off his wrist. Anger flooded through that human. His face flushing and with his hand hurtling towards me it smacked me with such unneeded forced that made me go tumbling back into that haunting darkness. My body gave out another massive shiver and scream before my body became just dead weight.

    So much noise! What is going on? Painfully, my eyes cracked open, still frozen from the that adventure with the box of iron. Hopefully, my eyes peeked open to see if I was still caged in metal, which I was. At least it didn't sting my skin to the bone. In fact, it devoured my skin burning off my skin cells to leave a nasty burn mark. By the gods it hurt! Finally becoming aware of my surroundings, I spotted that muscle man, his meaty hands waving in the air. People, clusters of them, gathered 'round him. Each one had either a black tuxedo or a long flowing dress with bright colors and shapes. All were extremely modest, nothing showing besides their faces. Muscle man spoke, "Here here, I bring you an extraordinary creature for sale. This is no ordinary woman, her hair flows as long as rivers, beautiful as an ocean sunset too, her body sturdy as an ox and sometimes behaves as one. Her strength and beauty are beyond any you've seen. She's able to do anything, dishes, taking care of children, cleaning, dancing, working in the fields, entertainment," he said that with a seductive tone that left many men drooling and their wives beyond anger. What monsters!

    "Now, let's start the bidding at one hundred!"
    "300!" was immediately shouted.
    "800!" coming right after.
    "1200!" coming just mere seconds after.
    "5000!" was the last call.

    It was quiet as everyone had gasped. Regaining his composure, the meat man said in an excited tone, "Going once....twice.....sold! To the lucky man in the back, inspect your prize!" The man casually made his way up to me, his expression was under detailed as they get but yet, a spark of fascination. Curiously, I let my guard down. Bad mistake. Suddenly, his face which intrigued me turned wicked and he snatched me forcefully by the shoulders and snapped a rather tiny collar around my skinny neck. "Come elf," he said, tugging my chain as I lurched forward, not getting enough time to stand.

    This is what my life is like, what's yours like?