• The Anger Problem

    I have an anger problem. In other words, I’m hot tempered. Easily annoyed, and such. To add with the anger problem, I can punch really hard and do a galactic punt. But underneath, I’m actually a nice person and a bit naïve too. Actually, the reason for me to cure my anger problem is because it is getting a bit out of hand. I punched two drunken men older than me because they made a heck lot of noise with their motorcycles at night. And because of them, I got a C at my usual B Mathematics because I didn’t get enough sleep.
    Of course, one would say “Ah psh, who cares, I’ll just call the police or something.” so not to cause trouble. But I am an independent type. So, I handled the problem really well too. No more sounds at night. Ah, bliss. Mind you, I like my sleep undisturbed!
    I was suddenly very popular. At school, boys will try to make me participate in kendo, karate, whatever types of martial arts. But, popularity has its dark sides too. Girls (jealous girls) made stupid rumors like I paid the drunken men to act all beaten up and so on. But the boys stood their ground. YAY!
    I was rather a tom boy kind of girl. I wear boy’s clothes and act like one. But heck no am I going to cut my hair! I mean, I do act like a boy but I have my feminine acts too y’know. My mom is in despair because every time I go out, I come back, muddy and dirty. Oh, and to top it off, the clothes that just got washed are dirty. My mom had a seizure. No, literally! Oh god, how I panicked. When we arrived to the hospital, my mom did something unexpected. She laughed her butt off. It turned out that it was “revenge” for me making my clothes all dirty. Ok, Mom I get your point but this is stupid! The doctor gave us the funny that made me want to punch him. Well, guess what I did.
    The doctor had to patch up his own nose. I told you my anger problem was out of hand! Mad because of a glare. Oh, and the police weren’t really surprised that I was there. During the past, I got sent there a lot, to make the criminals confess there or because of the punch–and–kick thing. Yeah, I know, it’s rather pathetic of the police to have a 13 year old girl to help in the interrogation.
    They gave me a warning and sighed (the one that sighed was this stupid policeman who thinks I’m stupid. I would have beaten the living daylights out of the guys if he wasn’t a police). I was friends with everyone there except for the stupid policeman as I just told you. They treated me rather nice because hey, I help them! Voluntarily, mind you. No pay.
    One day, I was finally taken to the principal. Reason? Well, because I stabbed Candy Meyer (the popular girl/trash who gets on my nerves) because she wrote stupid rumors about me on the wall in the girls WC. Don’t worry; I stabbed her with a Vanilla Magnum (in reality, I actually wanted to stab her with my Swiss Army knife my dad gave me on my twelfth birthday. But that would be considered murder, right?) . Ooh, there goes three dollars wasted. And what did this stinking trash do? Well, she whined at the principal. I wasn’t surprised, actually. That's what Candy would do. (For all people whose name is Candy: I'm not insulting you. It's just the story in here that the name is Candy. So, i apologize if you feel insulted.)
    And I got detention. My mom fainted when she heard. My dad however, was the opposite. He said I was doing justice. Thanks Dad, but don't say it infront of Mom. She might ban you from drinking Coke. You see, Pops has high sugar level. Anyway, I had to go for counseling. The counseller is a nice bloke i s'pose. But, he made fun of my dead cat, Timcanpy (I got the name from a manga. And P.S: May you rest in peace, Timcanpy, my beloved deaf cat). He made fun of the name. And i gave him the kick in the balls.
    My first and last counselling. My mom lectured me about three hours (boy, she should get in the Guiness Book of Records for being The Mom who could Lecture Three hours Straight. Give her a clap everybody!)
    One day, my anger issues were solved. By who? Drum roll please.
    A guy. A GUY. People, people, i fell in love! With my best mate, David. I never fell in lovey - dovey land, seriously. They're for the POPULAR PEOPLE. And besides, if i fell in love, i'd want a hot guy who's good in brains. And martial arts. Imagine: A boyfriend and a martial arts partner! And David was everything. Except he's a bit naive and too kind for his own good. But he's tough.
    Can you imagine how happy my mom was about my anger issues? She was so happy, she could fly over the moon! In fact, she was ready to scream it to the world, "MY DAUGHTER'S ANGER ISSUES ARE CLEARED! YESSSSSS!!!" Good thing i stopped her before she made me the laughing stock of the whole universe. but, David and i are mates, not boyrfriend - girlfriend. Excuse me, but i'm not going to go that far! The only times we're alone together is when we're in detention (We're in the Daredevil Club!) or when we watched Superman once. Gosh, how we loved Superman. And thus, my anger problem is cured. Finally.
    But it doesn't mean my punching and kicking power has receded! no way will that happen! And i now have a nickname at school: Defender of Justice, Kayla Jones! I know it's pathetic, but it's rather sweet, don't you think?