• Katrina was about 15 years old. She was in a plane, heading to Tokyo for a concert. Her mom went with her and sat right next to her on the plane. They took off and flyed for an hour or two. Then, a storm came in head-on and literally split the plane in half.
    Katrina's mom had died instantly from a fracture in her skull. Katrina had Blood all over her body. She realized it was pouring by the gallons out of her neck. She touched the wound with her fingers and felt like she was going to passout. Her heart pumped slower, her lungs didn't produce air, the adrenaline had worn off of her, her vision was getting blurry, she couldn't smell or taste any thing, all of the noise in the plane had stopped and all she could hear was her heart beating slower and slower each minute. She glanced around eager to find a doctor of sergeon, but it was too late, she had blacked out.
    She woke up in the freezing cold of her bed. She pulled ht e covers over and tried to go to sleep, but she couldn't. She was scared of another dream. So she hurried downstairs and tripped into the freezing weather. It was a blizzard. In the faint distance she saw a large object, like a plane split in half. She was so distraught into her own death that reality just slithered away from her. Katrina didn't notice that her house was long gone into the wind and snow.
    A stranger had passed by, but didn't see her. she had he pocket knife with her, so she jabbed it into his head, hoping he would die. When he did, a shadow came out of him and spoke to her with a voice unreconizable to her memory, but it sounded like her mother, father, brother, 2 sisters, and her grandfather all mixed together. Then the shadow crawled back into the body.
    The body then dropped a black rose, the tips coated in blood.
    Katrina screamed out of her body. She felt like dying, but then she realized she was dead already. So she haunted people, every time they passed by. She killed them, then gave them the black rose with blood-dipped tips, then she made them become alive, carrying the black rose with blood, wherever they went, and if they didn't they would suffer an eternity in Hell suffering pain, regret, and guilt.