• I look back at it all now, glad that I saved a life but furious that I lost one in the process.
    I lost the one life I had been so confident, that I would never lose.
    I lost mine.

    My old friends pass me by like I’m no one now. I'm not longer "cool" in there eyes.

    I yearn for the comfort I once had, I yearn for my parents fighting to stop, and I yearn for something that is no longer there.

    I wonder at night sometimes, thinking about what my life would be like now if I hadn't press "submit" -the one word that had changed my life forever-.

    I have yet to decide if the change was for the good, or for the bad. Because I now know that the life I wish so desperately for was the one full of lies.

    The only person to speak the truth to me, was the one life that needed to be mended and healed the most. The one life people smash to the ground and break into a million pieces each day.