• Chapter 3~Nightmare

    JasJas332: So r u totally ready to hit the slopes 2morro?
    KelMKel76: lol deffinetly! so we r set for 840?
    JasJas332: yea ill be up bright and early
    KelMKel76: r u sure? i kno ur not a morning person...
    JasJas332: oh shud up!

    I snickered as I read my conversation with Jason.

    KelMKel76: hey its almost 11... if u dont want me 2 drag u up and down the slopes bc ur dead tired then go 2 bed
    JasJas332: ok ok fine fine... c ya @ 840!
    JasJas332 has logged off

    I logged off and turned my laptop off. I turned my light out in my room, set my alarm, and snuggled under my covers for a good nights sleep.

    My dream was scattered and disoriented.

    I was driving to school like any other day. I looked around and suddenly felt my cheeks burn as I spotted Chris Silver leaning against his car. I ducked my head and parked before he could see me. I got out of my car but no luck. He spotted me and walked over to where I was getting my bag out of my cars trunk.
    "Hey sweetie," he said to me, leaning against my car.
    "Sweetie?" I asked confused.
    "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO CHRIS?" A strange girl yelled at me from across the parking lot. I looked over and saw the president of one of Chris's fan clubs. She was flanked by two of her minions. I turned back to Chris but he was gone. Along with my car and stuff and the parking lot itself. I then heard a voice that sounded like the president of the fan club.
    "If you ever want to have a boyfriend again then leave Chris alone," it said and I felt a stinging pain on the side of my head. I screamed out but no sound escaped.
    "What does he see in you?" another voice said. Closer this time. I suddenly felt many lashes across my entire torso.

    I woke up screaming and moving my pajamas away from my body to check my skin. The only thing that I saw was smooth pale white skin on the dark sheets. I looked like a ghost. Then reality hit me.
    "It was just a dream," I whispered to myself. I jumped as I heard a knock on the side of my wall.
    "Kel? Are you OK?" It was Kevin.
    "No..." I whispered. I knew he could hear me.
    "Do you wanna come over to my room?"
    "Please?" I asked, whimpering.
    "C'mon over."
    I got out of bed and shuffled out of my room and over to my brothers room. He was sitting up in bed, no shirt on but with his arms out and waiting. I went over and curled up in his lap and he locked his arms around me and started swaying back and forth. The same thing that our father used to do for us when we were upset as little kids, it made my eyes smart.
    "So what's wrong?" Kev asked in a soothing voice.
    "I just had a horrible nightmare and I'm just a bit shaken up," I whispered.
    He stroked the back of my head whispering soothing things as I drifted back into a dreamless sleep.