• Chapter 2
    After the car wash Melly made me go out for pizza. Everyone that I knew was there . It was horrible I wanted to be alone but the were all to happy to have me there. I have no idea why they want me there if try so hard for them to dislike me.
    It’s like the more I want them to leave me alone the more they
    talk to me .Why can’t they just leave me alone ? I excused myself to the restroom to get some time alone,but on the way there a tall olive skined boy stoped me." Do you want to know where Angel is?" he asked. I looked at him to see if it was a joke . His face was completely seirous,and he was a good person I could tell." Where?" I asked him a little to eagerly . "Shh please be a little quiter.Can we go to a more privet place?" he asked me. I glanced at the table Melly was still waiting for me. "I’ll be right back." I told him and walked over to Melly’s table. "I’m going to go to hang out with my friend," I told her,but she wasn’t looking at me she was looking behind me . I look to he was standing right behind me . "Didn’t I tell u to what for me there?"I hissed at him." No you told me that you would be right back," he replied with a smile.I couldn’t help but smile back." See that’s the smile I’ve been looking for," Melly almost screamed at me. I looked at her confused. "It’s like the first genuine smile I’ve seen on your face in a long time ,"she told me havingcaught the confused look ."And aren’t going to interduce me to your friend"U
    m was all I could say I looked behind me at him. "I’m Andrew,"he told her. They shook hands."So can I borrow Gabby for a while?"
    I looked at him confused I didn’t remember telling him my name. Outside he mouthed . I nodded. "Sure,"she said with a smile that told me she completely misread the situation. He grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards the door I turned around and waved good bye to Melly.