• The sunlight seeped through the gaps in my window,
    Shining down on me.
    My eyes flutter open, my arms shield them from the light.
    I sighed as I had walked through the portal from my dream world back to reality.

    I slowly got up from my soft bed and walked to my closet,
    I grabbed my clothes for today and slowly walked towards the shower.
    Before entering I caught a glimpse of the view through my window.
    The sea looked so calm and beautiful.
    It's soft waves moving back and forth,
    I smiled to myself as entered the bathroom.

    I set my clothes down and stripped out of my clothes,
    I entered the shower and turned the knob for cold water.
    I let the cold water wet my hair.
    After turning on the cold water I left it as it was and turned the knob for the hot water.
    After a few more turns the water was just right.

    I smiled as the cool but warm water ran down my body.
    I massaged my scalp as I shampooed and conditionered it.
    After rinsing my hair I reached my arm out for the soap.
    I inhaled the hypnotising scent of the soap and used it on my body.

    After a few more minutes of washing and preparing myself I stepped out of the bathroom, fully dressed.
    I walked towards my bed and made my bed.
    Then I made my way towards the kitchen.
    As I closed the door to my room I smiled as I stared at the scene before me.

    The sun had risen and it was already sharing it's joy throughout the world.
    The sea surrounding the island reflected it's shining rays making it even more beautiful.

    The floors made a few creaking sounds as I happily walked into my kitchen.
    I stared in delight as everything was clean and spotless.
    I opened the fridge and carefully grabbed a few eggs.

    After making my breakfast I placed it gently onto the counter and started eating. I gulped down all of my water as I finished my food.

    After washing my dishes It was finally time to take my daily stroll around the beach.
    I wrapped a sarong around my waist and tied it's end to a tight knot.
    I grabbed my bag to make sure I had everything I needed. I smiled as I put on some sunscreen and left my house.

    I admired the ocean and it's beauty.
    I strolled silently on the sand as I let my long black hair be carried by the cool breeze of the island.
    I sung with the ocean as I closed my eyes and walked slower.

    I opened my and squealed with glee as my eyes laid upon an intriguing seashell.
    I bent down and gently raised my hand, handling the shell with care.
    It was a truly intriguing shape. Numerous shades of the same colour decorated the shell in a peculiar fashion.

    I smiled and walked closer to an interesting figure sticking out of the soft sand.
    I slwoly uncovered the figure only to reveal an even more intriguong shell. I jumped for joy as I continued on looking for more wondorous shells.

    After an hour of seashell collecting I carefully took my sarong off and my top.
    Under my clothes were my bathing suit.
    I placed my stuff away from the ocean and made my way towards it.

    I dived in the cool water as I opened my eyes.
    My googles were protecting my eyes from getting water in them,
    My snorkels allowed me to breath a little longer than I usually would.

    I held my waterproof camera close to me as I took breathtaking pictures of the world around me.
    Countless of different coloured fish were swimming around me.
    Corals acted as decorations and the anemones softly swayed with the waves of the calm ocean. I swam a bit further and found myself looking at an exquisitely wondorous coral reef.

    I swam towards the surface of the ocean an I was beginning to lose consciousness. I gasped for air as I used my hands to take my googles and snorkels off.
    I stayed up on the surface as I swam back to the beach.

    I walked over to my stuff and wiped myself dry,
    I put my clothes back on and walked back home.
    I had spent quite a lot of time swimming.
    It was nearly dark.

    The sun was still setting and it was a wonderful view.
    I grinned goofishly as I got an idea.
    I got my other camera and the bottle of bubbles from my bag.

    I blew a some bubbles and quickly took pictures of them.
    I gasped in awe at how beautiful the picture was,
    and how even more beautiful it was in reality.

    I placed my camera back and blew more bubbles.
    They caught the setting sun's rays off the catching waves.
    They danced with the cool wind as they ended with a 'pop.'

    I danced and sung back home without a care in the world.
    The soft chirpings of the crickets outside made me smile as I closed my eyes and breathed in the freash cool air around me.

    I made some dinner, took another shower and walked to my window.
    I giggled as I stuck part of my body out of the window and gazed at the stars.
    Their soft twinkling resembled the moon's.
    Only a lot more...dimmer and gentler.

    I caressed the petals of the blooming flower that was growing healthily in the pot it resided in.

    I inhaled its scent. It was very heavinly.
    I walked back to me bed and kneeled beside it.
    I made the sign of the cross and quietly prayed to my father above.

    I thanked him for the gifts he has given us, I asked for forgiveness for everything we have donw wrong.
    I thanked him for all the wonderous and numerous blessings he has sent us.
    I asked him to forgive us if we have upset him,
    forgive us if we are ruining the world he lent us to take care of
    and to keep on protecting us 'till the end of time.
    Most of all I thanked him greatly for all the love, care and support he has kindly given us.

    I tucked myself in bed and closed my eyes.
    As the world around me faded, I let the soothing and calm ocean sing me to sleep as I slowly drifted off into my dream world.

    My mind wandered off into some world unknown full of endless possibilities and adventure.
    A place full of unimaginable gold and treasure,
    Hidden troves full of deadly traps and strange relics.
    Tales and lore of the ancient past,
    Uncharted territories veiled in darkness and mystery.

    These were the new lands awaiting discovery that were asking to be discovered.
    This is the place where I dream of becoming anything I wish to be.
    This was the place that I entered as I let my body rest for my next real adventure.

    Even though I wasn't moving,
    I still felt as if evrything happening around me was real.

    I smiled in my sleep as I lived my life full of Endless Joy.