• The man who made me crazy!

    The doorbell rang at prominently 6:55 A.M. Pacific time. The sun lighted up my dark cold room with a strange daring warmth. I lifted the covers over my head, so that the sun wouldn’t touch my fragile skin. I could here my brother talking to a person downstairs. I was very curious about what they are talking about and if they’re talking about me. I pulled the sheets off of my cold pale body, and headed towards the dark mysterious purple door. The new room is different that the warmth from the sun is absorbing through my body and making me feel a sense of home. All of the walls were a dark purple, there’s a painting of me hanging on top of a desk, which my brother must have made for me as a welcome present, and a giant bookcase filled with books from different eras of time. Finally I made it towards the door, and the door handle was different then what I’ve ever seen before. The door handle is shaped like a circle with a little peculiar line in the middle that controlled how the door should lock. My fingers clasped the door handle and gave it a little twist and as the door slowly opened, their voices grew louder. Two doors grew very close to mine with a blank white wall that led me the staircase and the common room. I slowly started to walk down each individual step, as I did so, my brother’s voice grew louder and so did the other peoples. When I finally made it down the stairs I noticed two people at the door caring books. The first person to the right was a tall blond girl with a lot of mascara and make-up. The second person to the left looked exactly like her, just as a boy. I looked at myself with my short blond hair and my frumpy pajama’s. They both stared at me when I reached the bottom of the steps and I gave them a little wave.
    “Hi you must be Emily, my name is Becky Watson,” the blond girl said. “And this here is my twin brother Edward Watson.” Her voice was calming which made her seem so angelic to me.
    “Hello,” I said. Turning my head I noticed my brother. “Brother why are these people here?”
    “Well we’re here to give you your school books and I’m not going to be here tomorrow to help you around school. So, my twin bother well be coming around this time to walk with you and show you to your classes.” I could feel how much I wanted to taste her, how I just wanted to stick my teeth into her arm and drink her blood till she was no more, and how much I wanted to turn into my vampire state.
    “Oh thank you, you are very kind people and again thank you for the books.”