• Shadow is my pet wolf. I've had him for awhile now. Sesshomaru gave him to me when I was small so I could get around easily. As I grew older though I would always race against him so thats how I learned to run so fast. To this day we run at the same speed. He was about Berry's height when I first got him, but now he is even bigger then me. He is able to do what I assume Kilala can do. What I mean is switching from being tiny to his full form with some improvements. He can choose to be any size he wants. I've been through so much with him so I have grown to love and trust him. He always goes where I go but usually stays in the shadows. Of course thats how I gave him his name. I need to thank Sesshomaru when I see him again, I thought. "Who is this?" He asked looking down at Berry. "This is Berry. She will be traveling with us from now on. I want you to stay with her at all times and protect her. I dont want any harm done to her." "I'll protect her as well as I have protected and will protect you." He said turning in to his larger form and curling up to Berry since she was shivering. She stopped shivering and cuddled up to Shadow some more. "Thank you Shadow." I say as I lay down by a tree to sleep.

    -While Gift and Berry slept peacefully Shadow kept watch for any danger. So far throughout the night there was nothing wrong. That was, until a smell came to his sensitive nose. It had the smell of a wolf and it was getting closer and closer. It didn't carry the smell of a wolf wanting to fight or of any danger what so ever. So Shadow just waited there in the dark wondering what the wolf wanted. Once the wolf reached where Shadow, Gift and Berry were at it stopped not wanting to get to close to them. "Have you seen a Wolf demon come by here or any other wolves for that matter?" Asked the brown wolf. "No, but I did smell some heading east a few hours ago. You think that might be them?" "Yes. Thank you very much for your help. You see, the wolf demon Kouga runs too fast and we tend to get separated alot." She sighed as she explained. "I doubt I'll be able to catch up to him soon." "Kouga you say? We're searching for a Kouga. This must be the one that you speak of. If you would like you can come with us. You might be of some help and we will be able to reunite you with Kouga." "I would like that. Thank you." She said finally moving closer to the group and going to lie down next to Gift. "Mind if I ask your name?" "My name is Shadow. You will learn their names in the morning before we set off. Now get some rest." "Yes, I will. Goodnight Shadow." "Goodnight......" "Its Star." "Then goodnight Star. Sleep well."-

    In the morning when I woke up I was surprised to find the head of a brown wolf on my lap. Of course it was attached to its body, nothing gruesome there. If Shadow had let this wolf come in our area then it must not mean us any harm. I gently rub her behind her ears to wake her up. She slowly wakes up and stands on all fours. "Who would you be?" I ask her. "I'm Star. I'm looking for Kouga. Shadow was kind enough to invite me to search for him with you." Star explained. "That's interesting. This is the first time that Shadow has done something like this with out asking for my permission first." "Can I still come with you guys?" She asked worriedly. "Of course you can. Anything that Shadow tells you is the truth. You can trust him." "Thank you. I do want to ask you something though." "Ask away. I'm used to questions by now." I say shaking my head. "How can you understand me?" "Well I've always been able to understand animals since I was small. I guess that might have something to do with how I got my name." "What are your names?" "My name is Gift." In the time that me and Star were talking Berry and Shadow had woken up and Berry was quietly walking over to star. "The one who...." Berry jumped up on Star and startled her. "...just jumped on you is Berry." I told her. "Since we are all awake now let us go say goodbye to Kagome and her friends but before that we need to get Berry some new clothes." I said staring at her torn up and muddy clothes. "Yay! New clothes!" Said Berry excitedly. "Shadow, I need you to stay here with Berry and Star. I know of a place where I can buy her something nice. I’ll be back shortly. Take care!” I quickly turned and left running to a town I knew of. I reached it in five minutes. I slowed down as I reached it and walked slowly as I walked through it. I saw the shop and walked inside. This place sold clothes and weapons infused with magic to help you control your own or give you more strength. I looked around for an outfit suitable for Berry and something caught my eye. It was a tan skirt with the back of it going down longer then the front. A tan shirt with detached sleeves. I found some light brown boots that went good with it. As I looked around some more I found some dark brown socks and ribbons to put in her hair and hold it up. I picked up the items and placed them by the cashier, who was a cat demon himself, and then went to look at the staffs. I looked at them until I got a good feeling for one and the size was about right. It was a white staff kind of in the shape of a bow. It had a brownish orb in the middle which would change color when it comes in contact with its owner and when in use. I picked it up and it turned in to a bright red for power and blood. I laughed a bit at this and took it to the counter also. The demon looked at me a winked. “Haven’t seen you in awhile Gift.” “Yeah, haven’t really had a need to come here Dwaine.” Dwaine made a look as if he was offended. “Not even to see me? I’ve missed you, you know….” The look on his face now was one of truthfulness and pain. I had gone out with Dwaine for awhile but things didn’t work out. “I know.” I looked away from him, I hated to see him in pain. He sighed and told me the cost of the items and I paid for them and took them in my arms. I reached across and gave him a peck on the check. “I miss you too….I’ll see you around Dwaine….” I turned and started to run back to Berry, Shadow and Star. I soon reached them and hid the staff behind a tree. I handed Berry the clothes once I reached them. “Here you go. Put these on, they should fit you nicely.” Berry gave a quick yay and ran off behind a tree to change. She soon came back out and the clothes fit her exactly. She did some spins showing off her new clothes looking quite pleased. “Come here Berry.” Berry quickly ran up to me and I put the ribbons in her hair, putting it up. I went and grabbed her staff and handed it to her. “I bought this for you also.” As she grabbed it, the orb changed to a sky blue color. I should of known. The color stood for pureness and innocence. She looked at it and then back up at me. “What is it?” “It will help control your magic, to focus it you can say, and strengthen it also. You will be a very powerful demon with me looking over you.” “Yay! Thank you so very much Gift!” She hugged me and I smiled softly down at her. “My pleasure. NOW we can go say goodbye to them. Lets go." We walked out and started walking to Kaede's hut when we saw Inuyasha coming out of there. Berry stopped jumping around from her happiness at getting her new clothes and ran to Shadow, instinctively holding her staff in front of her for protection. Inuyasha was the first to take a step forward and as soon as he did Star moved in front of Berry to protect her and Shadow transformed in to his bigger form. "I see you got some pets." He said. "Yes and if you try to hurt Berry they will hurt you too." I told him. "Don't worry, I wont." I heard him mumble. As soon as he finished talking Sango, Kilala, Miroku, Shippo, Kagome and Lady Kaede came out of the hut. "Hi Gift, Hi Berry!" Sango and Kilala greeted me. "Hello Sango, Kilala. We came to say goodbye. We know which direction Kouga is heading in and we are going to follow him." "I hope you find him, but why are you leaving so soon?" Sango asked. "Well its going to be a full moon soon and I do not like being around people or demons when it happens." "When what happens?" "Don't worry about it." "Hmmmm. Okay...." Sango said looking at me with suspicious eyes. "Okay guys lets go. Goodbye Sango and Kilala." I said. "Wait a second." "What is it Inuyasha?" asked Kagome. "I just wanted to tell Berry that I was sorry..." He said looking at her. "Thank you Inuyasha!!" Berry said happily.