• Chater 2 Ready or not here i come

    Lets go Rick i need to find these people so i can Kick there @#$ said Ryu. Whoa slow down just relax well get there said Rick. But a gang came so Rick and Ryu were surrounded so they fought the gang Ryu beat these guys so Bad this other guy Ran home yelling MOMMA! So they kept on Running and this guy was from the Dark Dragon high so Ryu said who are you. I'm shadow and I'm one of the four Dragoon's. so who's Frist said Shadow. Ryu said me. OK .huh Ryu said whoa where did he go next thing Ryu New he was Droped him in the stomach Ryu had never Felt that way Be for. Ryu was down for the count Rick took care of it With the high spin kick. Hey Scum bag said Rick come over and fight so Shadow came again with the nitro attack so Rick charged his high spin kick and there goes shadow Flying into the trash cans Ryu finally woke up. whoa you knock the hell out of him wow said Ryu well lets go.So they Kept on Running and then they ran into a friend Ivan. hey Ivan said Ryu. I need help said Ryu. Help with what said Ivan. My girl is captured from the head Leader of Dragon high Yamada. What! Yamada is one of the Crazy fighters ever you cant fight him said Ivan. i have to in order to get my girl Back. well i will try to help how ever i can peace I'm out. Now Rick lets go to Dragon high school Ready or not here i come !