• Part one Caridees story

    Once upon a time there was a girl named Caridée she was a poor girl with no real parents
    As her parents died when she was 5 no Caridée lives with a wicked mean boss named madam carp who pays no attention what so ever to her she just tells her to clean up the place get her food and if she doesn’t she loses her money she earns by singing on the street. Caridée said when I grow up I will no longer work for madam carp I will sing, sing across the world its where my heart belongs not here working at madam carps

    Part two Melinas story

    Once there was a beautiful girl named melina she was a rich princess who lived in a wealthy castle she didn’t want to be wealthy she never wanted to be center of attention she wanted to know how to live like a real person who doesn’t have servants to help her but her mom lost her husband and decided that its time for melina to take the thrown but she’d have to get married in order to take the thrown but there was a wealthy king nearby who can take care of the castle and the thrown but melina doesn’t want to marry a complete stranger so she ran away in the middle of the night so it was dark and the guards couldn’t see her.

    Part 3 the story

    Caridee was shivering on the street she got kicked out of madam carps place then she found a girl sitting on the side walk covering her head shivering like she was she walk slowly towards her caridee asked what’s the matter the strange girl said “I ran away from home”caridee asked “why did you run away its nice to have parents” the strange girl said “no its not you always have to listen to them.” “I know how you feel about that but I don’t have real parents but I have a boss who treats me like her servant any ways my name is caridee” “oh I have no manners my name is princ…Melina just call me melina “well melina you have the same name as the princess”said caridee well I am the princess and she takes the cloth off the top of her head and smiles and caridee takes her cloth off her head and “WOW” both of them said and it turns out that they’re twins.

    To be continued sweatdrop