• [No specky title this time, couldn't be stuffed... sorry]

    30 minutes ago I was nothing and I had nothing except a suicide note and a razor blade under my bed. It wouldn’t have mattered where I had left it no one would have noticed or even cared for that matter.

    I boarded the bus and went and sat up the back to be alone, but alas today just wasn’t going to be one of those days. Just my luck, today the popular kids all decided to catch the bus and of coarse they all decided to sit up the back too.

    I looked around, there were plenty of empty seats but if I got up I would draw attention to my self so I decided to stay put. Little did I know how much this decision would end up changing my life.

    The ride was smooth at first until the ‘Jock King’ himself received a phone call, everyone could tell it was bad due to his change of mood. His girlfriend tried to cheer him up but he just seemed to get angrier.
    “You know what?” She said behind me, “I know what will cheer you up, a bet.”
    “Don’t worry about it, I’m fine” He said in reply.
    “f** ********” She said after a while,
    “Oy f** ********” She said again to which the oath that had sat next to me, turned and tapped me on the shoulder,
    “She’s talking to you d**k head” He said while pointing to the ‘Jock Queen’
    I turned around to look at her,
    “I dare you to,” she paused and looked around so I followed her gaze until I saw one of the notoriously bitchy Goth twins get up and then get off the bus, she looked like she had just received some very bad news as she was crying,
    “I know,” She said after thinking, “Go sit next to the Goth chick until we get to school.” She smiled as she spoke.

    This was my chance to get away as they all had now acknowledge me being here and I knew if I didn’t they would all make my life a living hell but I knew of the pain and embarrassment that would come when said Goth chick ripped my head off but then again what did it matter, I was going to kill my self anyway so I agreed.

    I walked down towards her seat, past the geeks and the skaters, past the nerds and the losers towards her, I chickened out and sat behind her, she hadn’t seemed to notice me yet which made me feel a little better. Behind me I could hear the ‘Nerd Boss’ raise his voice so I turned and looked at him to see what the commotion was about but before I did I saw the glare from the ‘Jock Queen’ and I knew that if I didn’t do this I wouldn’t need to kill my self, they would do it for me.

    I stood up and walked a dew steps and then sat down next to her, I could see her looked at me in the corner of my eye with a ‘********’ look but I didn’t budge, I just kept looking forward.

    “Excuse me,” she said after a few minutes to which I just ignored her, “Excuse me” she said again louder.
    I turned and looked at her “Yes?” I asked,
    “Who do you think you are?” she replied angrily,
    “Hmm,” I thought for a moment, “Ryan Cooper” I said with a smile and then I turned to continue looking forward.
    “Well, Ryan Cooper, would you so kindly,” She said calmly before she raised her voice and said, “******** the hell off.”
    Before I could respond the bus stopped and a few minutes later the bus was full of school kids, I could see her way up her options and the she looked at me again, “Fine.” She then turned and looked out the window.

    About five minutes later my phone rang, I looked at it and realized that it was just a message,
    ‘Now you have to talk to her’ it read, how in the great blue did they get my number?

    “So,” I said after a few seconds and a lot of debate
    “Shut up” she said before I could finish my sentence,
    “What are your plans for after school?” I said ignoring her command,
    “Kill my self” she said sarcastically,
    “Hey, me too” I said un-sarcastically,
    “What?” She said as she turned and looked at me, “are you serious?”
    “Dead, ha, dead, get it?” I laughed,
    “That’s not funny you know” she said,
    “Don’t quite think it is” I said as I turned and looked forward,
    “Why?” She asked after a while,
    “Come on, ok, did you know we have been in the same class for the past nine years?” I ask while still looking forward,
    “Um, no,” She said quietly,
    “Yeah, no one cares about me.”
    “That’s a stupid reason”
    “To you maybe”
    “Well let’s change the subject” She looked at her hands and then back at me,
    “I thought you didn’t want to talk to me” I still sat and looked forward not breaking my gaze,
    “I can’t let you kill your self,” She paused, “That and just because I didn’t know how long we have been in the same class for doesn’t mean I didn’t know who you are,” She shyed off towards the end, “Or that I don’t care about,”
    “Whatever” I interrupted.

    A few minutes past before she said anything else to me, “So what are your hobbies?” She asked randomly,
    “Computer games” I replied hoping that would shut her up,
    “Yeah,” She said eagerly, “Like?”
    “Um, UT, CS, BF2 and stuff like that,” Now I was hoping that she would have no clue about what I was saying,
    “UT is sweet,” She said after thinking about it,
    “You play?” I asked now actually curious,
    “Every weekend, yeah”
    “Hmm, didn’t think you as a UT chick,”
    “What would I play then?” She asked a little pissed off,
    “Alice, maybe DMC or something like that” I said,
    “Yeah, don’t get me wrong, they are ok but I love the life span of UT” more surprises,
    “Music?” She asked,
    “Placebo, Live, Utada and maybe a little perfect circle,” I replied, “Nirvana”
    “Yeah,” She looked ahead then back at me, “Wow, we have more in common than what I do with most of my friends”
    “Yeah” I said in agreement.

    We talked for a while more and the more we talked the more we became friends,
    “I have a confession to make,” I said quietly,
    “Yeah, what?” she whispered in response,
    “I sat next to you because of a dare,” after I said it I realized that it didn’t sound all that bad,
    “Wow,” She said then thought for a few seconds, “Wanna trip who ever dared you out?”
    “Ah, I guess” I said cautiously,
    “Kiss me”
    “What?” I exclaimed,
    “Kiss me and then we will see what they have to say about that,”
    So I did, just a quick mouth to mouth, careful not to make it seem like a show and careful to not look back, well that was the plan and we all know how plans play out with this Goth chick!

    What seemed like an eternity and a little too much tongue for a show kiss later her lips left mine and then she smiled at me, my first kiss, on my last day.
    I heard the argument between the nerds get louder so I took this as my opportunity to take a peak backwards, I couldn’t see the ‘Jock Queen’ she had disappeared behind a standing student, Goth chick didn’t know this did she, of coarse not, how could she, she didn’t even know who dared me.

    The bus stopped and most of the school kids got off and now it was back to a handful of students from my school. As the bus pulled away I knew the trip was almost over, just the highway then six hours of school then an uneventful bus trip home and then nothingness.

    I watched the road as we traveled at 100Ks an hour, it was mesmerizing, hypnotic even, watching the white lines fly by, I thought about ‘Goth Chick,’ I didn’t even know her real name, I know nine years and I didn’t even bother to learn her name, Anika, Anita or something like that, I thought about it and how much of a hypocrite I really was.

    Another shout from behind made me look back, bad time I think because the bus driver did the same, we all watched in anticipation as a silver object, most likely an MP3 player or a thumb drive, was making it’s way towards the ‘Jock King’s’ head, being the guy that he was we all knew what would come next, the ‘Jock King’ would kill who ever threw it, but as he stood up I heard a scream from ‘Goth Chick’ and I quickly looked forward.

    As the bus launched of the small sports car sadly shaped like a ramp, time seemed to slow down, almost stop for just a moment and that’s when I looked at ‘Goth Chick,’ she was looking at me, and that was the when I saw something for the first time in my life.

    She looked at me, her eyes were beautiful, I mean stunningly beautiful, her pale complexion set them off, a green deeper than jade, almost a neon Kawasaki green, but she hid them under her hair but in the position that we were in her hair was no longer a problem. It was at this time I knew I didn’t want to die, I wanted to live more than anything else, what a time to have an epiphany.

    I just wanted to live so I could stare into those eyes, I wanted to do it for the rest of my life, problem was that the rest of my life didn’t seem all that to long now, I could see the semi trailer coming towards us, I could tell where it was going to hit, I could see what would come of all this, Damn ********!

    I laid there with her in my arms, I could feel blood coming out of my head, I could see the truck slam on its breaks but it was too late for that, the trucker tried to turn but that just made the situation worse as the trailers attached to the back must have been full of something heavy as they jack-knifed and the truck still came at us at close to top speed, this was it, my back felt broken and I couldn’t move my legs.

    She looked up at me with those eyes, those beautiful eyes; I was lost in them,
    “I really like you Ryan,” She said weakly,
    “Yeah, me too,” I replied,
    “No I,” She stopped and winced, “I love you, I have for a long time.”
    “Oh,” I couldn’t think of anything to say to this, “By the way, this may seem like a bad time to ask but, what is your name?”
    “Anita Andrews” she said as a tear rolled down her cheek,
    “Ahh, yes” I closed my eyes and drifted further and further away.