• As i looked into his eyes i had realized that i was dead. Not because he was drop dead gorgeous but because all the pain i had felt in my life had just disappeared. This is what finding peace as death was huh? Not as great as you would think. Maybe it was because i fully did not understand what had happened that day. Maybe i will never understand but if i ever do it will bring peace to my life for the first time.
    Back On Earth:It had been a normal day for this detective untill assigned to this case. What he is about to realize is that this case was not murder, death, suicide or anything in this world. It was something unexplainable and he to will never find peace untill he can make sense of the events that happened that day. What did happen that day? Let me take you back to the moment of her death.
    January 11th, 9:47PM: They had been walking, hand in hand. And then it hit her, she had forgot that her sister was still sleeping when they had left her house. As she ran back she triped and fell. scared and bleeding she had gotten up, determine to get back before the waking of her sister. when she got back she was quiet, careful not to wake her sister. Her boyfriend following. when she got into the sisters room it hit her. and she was dead, collapsed into the boyfriends hands. eyes still open and looking lovingly into his. She starts bleeding from the head, No wounds, No scars. No Evidence, She was murdered said the newspaper. they detective didnt think so. Satin was at work. he needed to be destroyed said all the priests. But death has a certain satisfation and with a million years to think maybe shell find out what had happened to her so she can find the heavenly peace she had always seeked.