Chapter 3 - Plans of war

    John found himself teleported to the forests of Area Zero, the forest was quite pretty and huge. In the distance, he could hear blasters and laser guns going off, they were reploid resistance grunts and humans dressed as refugees fighting together against a heard of Mechaloids. Suddenly John hears the communicator watch from his wrist which Ciel put on him before he left.

    Ciel= John, come in John!

    John= Ciel, I hear you loud and clear!

    Ciel= I just picked up signatures of humans, replods, and mechaloids. The mechaloid reinforcements are getting overwhelming. Please go help those people out!

    John= Understood. Im going in!

    (music playing- Showdown/Megaman Zero 4)Download
    John walked through the road where he saw some ruined buildings, old broken objects that once belonged to old ships with sod, grass and vines that have grown over them for years. He was rushing in trying to follow the sounds and voices, and there they were from a distance. He saw the people fighting for there lives as the mechaloids appeared by now dozens more pouring in. John couldn't do anything at that distance, so he had to go in deeper. As John jumped from one platform to another, he reached a cliff where he can see the road that lead to the fighting area. At that moment, a few mechaloids jumped out of nowhere. There were few that looked human shaped, some looked like animals, and a few that looked like pieces of machinery. Started to rush through the trees and darted right at John. John pulled out his Proto saber and slashed every one that got close to him. Then more were emerging, so John grabbed his blaster and shot the ones from a distance. John found some parts of the mechaloids and as he picked up a few, they teleported and his wrist com began to vibrate like a cell phone (rings too) John picked it up and he responded...

    John= Yes!

    Ciel= John, I received some mechaloid parts from you. To make things easier, you can just grab as many as you want and we can transfer them here. We could definitely use some parts.

    John= Ok, but this actually surprised me a bit.

    Ciel= Oh yes. *giggle* sorry.

    John= I see lots of people under attack, I gotta go.

    Ciel= Sorry for holding you up like that.

    John darted towards the path that lead to the battlefield. John pulled out his blaster, let it charge and released a charged shot on a few mechaloids chasing a human and a free resistance reploids. John just saved a few people who were being chased just now. John dashed (<i>with his dashing ability well known used in the Megaman X and Zero serie</i> wink and attacked a few mechaloids that were invading the environment and attacking both the caravan teams. Then the resistance reploids and humans pointed out and started to stare and say comments about who they thought was a mysterious character. John shouted out "Don't worry guy's Ciel sent me! Everyone find some cover! Get the wounded out'a here!!" The humans started to say comments,..

    Tempete= Who in the heck is this guy!?

    Tornado= Whoever he is, he seems to be helping us!

    Rafale= Is this another reploid hero or something? Looks like one to me.

    Random human= He doesn't look like a reploid in his facial, I say he's a human in a reploid get-up!

    Rafale= Well, whatever! Let's get the wounded out'a here and withdrawal them. We can come back later.

    Brise= I got 3 wounded here! Hurry and help me.

    Random resistance reploid= I'll help!

    Brise= Thanks. Let's hurry and get out'a here!

    The 2 caravaners worked together and gathered all the wounded and injured safely from the area as John kept blasting at the mechaloids and took deeper into the woods. John suddenly found a cave where most of the mechaloids were coming from. John suddenly spotted mechaloids called Pantheons. They were foot solders resembling to Megaman made back in Neo Arcadia where they were serving as foot-solders. John said to himself "Something doesn't seem right! Those robot's were solders from Neo Arcadia. Why would they still be making those? They were all kinds of them, as if they were still being produced. Suddenly John got another hail channel coming from his wrist-com.

    Ciel= John! John, do you read me?!

    John= Hi! We got Something strange goin'on here.

    Ciel= Yes indeed. Those troops are Pantheons, and there supposed to be discontinued. There acting like the wild mechaloids. John, please stop them all.

    John= Alright! Im going in.

    As soon as John finished talking, a pantheon spotted him and shot at him. John yelled "Crap!!" and hit the floor and shot back at the grunts firing at him. John started to save some charged shots and fired at several groups dispatching multiple targets. A few tried to strike at him from the side and John used his proto saber and slashed at those who got too close to him. John spoke to himself again "That was close. This isn't getting cute anymore! Guess there gettin' pissed." John darted towards the cave and entered it, as John passed through a few corridors blastin and slashin through mechaloids that charged at him. After dispatching them, John heard a man talking to a hologram. John recognized the voice of the hologram. It was none other than Dr. Wily's voice. He was talking to a human that had long brown hair. John ease dropped on the conversation.

    (music changes to- The grudge/Tales of Symphonia)Download
    Dr. Wily= How are the mechaloid developments coming along?

    Dalton (<i>from Chrono Trigger</i> wink = It's coming along just fine your excellency. We got those caravaners running in a mass-panic in Area Zero just as you planned. *chuckles*

    Dr. Wily= Strange huh? The robot I made would've ended up as a goody goody 2 shoes like that meddlesome Megaman. In this world, I can develop my plans with ease, knowing that I have a time machine to travel through time and dimensions with.

    Dalton= Yes indeed. So what's the real reason for this anyway?

    Dr. Wily= Simple my friend. We distract the caravaners and keep them occupied in there current areas. They will be so busy they forget that were rebuilding Neo Arcadia. I am even working on rebuilding my beloved Zero, and this new entity I found in a desert, which looked like something from space crashed downward.

    Dalton= You mean Rangarock? That copy Zero destroyed?

    Dr. Wily= Yes. I will continue to rebuild my sweet original Zero with these resources as I will with my old robots I used against Megaman in the past. With this new super army, I can go back to the current time and finish off Megaman. He will have no chance against reploids. *sinister laugh*

    Dalton= Oh, and what about Chrono?

    Dr. Wily= Oh, the spiky hair redhead kid? Don't worry, you'll have your part of the bargain. Once I get to be ruler and founder of Neo Arcadia 2, you will become king of... whatever you call your world, not just this...Zeal.

    Dalton= Well, I really thank you so much for everything,... but Something bothers me.

    Dr. Wily= Well, what is it?

    Dalton= There's these air pirates called the Bonnes. These persistent pests must'ive been warped with us by accident when we raided another dimension and they been trying to raid us in our base in our sky base. They did manage to fail though.

    Dr. Wily= If you have trouble with these pathetic pests, then call on Bass, he knows how to deal with troublemakers. *chuckles*

    Dalton= Ok, I will remember to call Bass.

    Dr. Wily= Good, make sure nobody suspects us ok? Over and out.

    *<i>Transmission ends</i>

    John= Oh this gets worse by the minute. Dr. Wily, what's he doing here, and Dalton? He's somewhat .... familiar.

    *<i>Wrist com incoming hailing frequency</i>*

    Ciel= John.. I just overheard that conversation with those people. They read as human signatures, but wasn't that old man Dr. Wily who you mensoned in your files?

    John= Yeah, but you have to be a bit quieter. He might hear you.

    Ciel= John.. Don't let your guard down, im picking up an old reploid model signature not too far from that man. Stay alert.

    (music goes to a halt / Stops immediately)
    Dalton= WHO'S THERE!!? ... HEY YOU... STOP!!

    John= s**t!

    Ciel= Oh John, im terribly sorry!

    Dalton= Who the hell are you?! How did you get here? BASS!

    *Suddenly a black robot Bass jumped downward and landed on his feet.*

    (Music playing- Bass's theme/ Megaman cool Download
    Bass= Yes Dalton.

    Dalton= We have unwelcome company. Look who is it?

    Bass= Protoman? Wait, your not Protoman. Your some chump look-alike who's gonna get hurt! Wait, your a human signature, heh, I haven't had a human to hurt for a long time. This is gonna be fun. Dalton, run. I'll take care of this human.

    John= Human? I have a name you know. Im John, and this is a power suit.

    Bass= Well,... whatever. Your gonna be toast regardless what it is? Time to party.

    Dalton escapes from a hovercraft and Bass equips his Bass buster and John keeps his Protoshield and saber and blaster at the ready, looks like John has no choice but to battle Bass.

    (Warning signal appears for a few seconds){download not advalable}
    (Music playing- Crash/Megaman Zero)Download
    Bass takes the first move, he began to fire a rapid amount of purple pellets and John easily blocked them all with his Protoshield. John dashed backwards and returned fire with a fully charged shot! Bass jumped over the blast completely dodging it. Then Bass charged and tried to get closer for a better shot. John continued to guard himself against the blasts. John began to draw closer and try his luck with the protosaber. John dashed forward and swung a fully charged saber attack. A direct hit! Bass leaped back as he flinched and began to grit his teeth and say, "Lucky shot you son of a..." Then Bass tried his special Bass kick but it was no good, John kept guarding and dashing backwards. Bass repeated the move but John had a chance to charge his blaster and shoot at him again with a charge shot. Bass got hit again, and he then tried to use his charge buster and began to fire back at John with charge shots. John continued to block but he took a little damage. John said "Man he's persistent, better try a different approach." John dashed to the nearest cavern wall and wall kicked way up out of range and pulled out his blaster at the catwalk to try to take Bass out from a distance. Bass grew more angry and said "You wanna play cheap? Now your askin for it! TREBLE!!" Just then, a large robotic dog with 2 hoses out from it's back leaped near Bass. The 2 merged together and Bass became Power Bass. (with wings and different helmet design) Bass looked toward John and shouted, "Your gonna get it now chump!" Bass took off and flew to the catwalks and started to fire at John. John was still too fast and fired back. John's blaster shots hit Bass quite a few times but Bass's simple blasts were being ricochet by John's Protoshield. Bass now started to use his charged shots and fired them at John. John dodged them and continued his assault. Bass now began to fire some heat seeking missiles. John shot a few missiles and some he dodged. But a few hit the catwalk support cables and the whole thing ended up coming down. John landed safely but Bass now had the advantage. He soared up too high for John to get a decent lock on him. Bass cowardly stayed at a corner and fired some missiles and bombs at John. John continued to dodge the attacks and started to jump on some creates and cargo boxes to gain height. John fired a few shots and at a certain time, Bass super system started to burn up and overheat. Bass lost altitude and crashed on the ground.
    (music stops)

    He held his right arm and said "Don't you think this is over between us chump! When im in much better condition, I will have you! Just you wait!" Bass teleported and John was declared the winner. The com-link went off and Ciel called again.

    Ciel= John, are you there?

    John= Yes I am.

    Ciel= Are you alright. I detect some minimum damage on the biometal. But, who is this Bass? I have some information on these files you gave me, looks like some blueprints of him. I will see if I can make another biometal, but I am in need of some more parts. Keep on dispatching more mechaloids and we can continue to teleport them back at the caravan.

    John= Well, ok.

    After awhile has passed, John gathered more parts to help build some chips and parts, however, he was lacking on some that he required. Ciel patched up John and his biometal Protoman X.

    (Music playing- The Grudge/ Tales of Symphonia) {see download link above}
    There was a sky base made of propellers and pieces of island and some gravity generators. There was a strange building there as well. This was Dalton's hideout. Dalton was talking to Dr. Wily at the moment.

    Dr. Wily= WHAT!!!?? A human in a suit resembling PROTOMAN? This isn't possible! Megaman and his t**t buddies cant find me here? Bass defeated?

    Dalton= It was unexpected. Some guy came meddling with the plans. The mechaloid panic mission became a failure cause of him.

    Dr. Wily= Damnit!! We can't have this meddlesome fool interfering with our plans. We need to cause more panics to keep those resistance clowns busy. I know what, you already have some of my robots. They already been upgraded for this world.

    Dalton= Yes, I have the following. Metalman, Heatman, Needleman, Snakeman, Airman, Woodman, Sparkman, and Bubbleman.

    Dr. Wily= While my laboratory staff are busy upgrading my robots and repairing Bass, I must attend to my new client. Over and out.

    Dalton= Hmmmmmm. He seems almost familiar somehow. It wasn't some kid.

    <i>Meanwhile at another location</i> *Dr. Wily's secret location*

    Dr. Wily= How are you feeling friend?

    Mysterious haggling voice= Terrible at this state, but feeling more better since you saved me.

    (Music pauses)
    Dr. Wily= So, Dr. Wiel, how did you manage to become imbedded within a reploid body and manage to survive a wreck?

    (Music playing- Rangarock/ Megaman Zero 4)Download
    Dr. Wiel(<i>the one behind the mysterious voice</i> wink = A battle with.. that faker Zero. Some time ago, he killed the real Zero. "Omega" I lost the dark elf and my former followers to that copy b*****d.

    Dr. Wily= This is strange? My own creation being called a hero. Well, anyway, I may have a bit change of plans.

    Dr. Wiel= What did you have in mid?

    Dr. Wily= We will stop our raids in Area Zero and focus on a new continent. Somewhere a bit too untouched.

    Dr. Wiel= Sounds good. When Neo Arcadia was still active, we been hearing rumors about an old continent. Some place called Abagale.

    Dr. WIly= Hmmmm, You may have a good suggestion there.

    Bass= Excuse me pop! What about the forest where I lost to that chump in the Protoman get-up?

    Dr. Wily= Rude child! Guh.... Very well. Were moving our plans to another area called Abagale. When that so called chump shows off again, you have the pleasure of facing him off again.

    Bass= Thanks pop, I cant wait to get back at that fool.

    *suddenly another robot shows up, this time in a full masked helmet and a cannon on his shoulders*

    Vile= Well, Bass, you better hope to get him before I do or they may be nothing left, if you know what I mean.

    Bass= Huh? Who are you?

    Vile= Im your new assistant, well, don't let your personal feelings get the best of you. Both doctors need our cooperation.

    Dr. Wily= Oh, yes. Bass, I like to introduce you to Vile. He was in the era of Megaman when he became known as X during the maverick wars. Dr. Wiel told me all about it.

    Bass= So what's the plan?

    Dr. Wily= You and Vile go to the continent Abagale and make some raids to keep those goody goody syndicates busy while Me and Dr. Wiel rebuild Neo Arcadia. We will deal with any annoying trespasser if they come in our way. We will rest tonight. In the morning we will commence our next plan.
    (Music dies down slowly)

    *<i>Tonight, back with the caravans at Area Zero</i>*

    (music playing- Holy land/ Megaman Zero 4)Download
    The night sky was filled with stars. John was out of his biometal and was eating and drinking soda and coffee with the human caravan sitting next to Neige talking about the mechaloid raid and the battle with Bass.

    Neige= So John, your really from the way backwards of time?

    John=I sure am.

    Neige= So do you come from a future world too?

    John= Nope. I came from a plain old era. This Tardis a girl named Kaolla found it in her world.

    Rafale= So what about that get-up I saw you in earlier today? Didn't look like Zero too much.

    John= Oh, that's called a biometal. Ciel made it from some old data she found in the Tardis.

    Rafale= I heard from some repliod kid that Miss Ciel has been working on another one of those biometal things.

    John= She wants me to try it out tomorrow morning. Man, I got her allot of scrap metal and parts after blasting so many mechaloids. I Didn't know that old fart Dr Wily was behind it all. Something else bothers me too.

    Neige= Whatever it is it sounds like one hell of a story.

    John= You bet. Dr Wily is from Megaman's first era when he protected the people he cared about from him. But Something bothers me, what in the sam-hell is Dr. Wily doing associating with ... Dalton?

    Neige= Dalton? Never heard of him. Is he from this Megaman's era too?

    John= No. He's from a separate world. That guy is from the land of Zeal. Me and Kaolla and her 2 friends have been there before.

    Neige= Wow, you really have been through allot. But who is this Megaman you keep saying.

    Tempete= I think he's referring to X.

    John= I still like to know why keep calling him X for? It doesn't sound too right to me? No offence but im pretty much being used to his plain name.

    Tempete= So John, how was ...X .... as this ...Megaman you keep saying?

    John= He and his older brother Protoman were both battlers. Megaman was really named Rock, he was originally a household robot with his sister Roll. Protoman was already born a fighter however. And ge this, his civil name was "Blues" get it? Being called that if your armor is... red?

    *<i>People around laugh</i>*

    Tornado= Your one funny guy. I have to say this.

    Typhon= Hey sir, can I ask you Something? Why are you wearing..... *giggles* shorts same length as boxers? And why are you wearing tights on your arms and legs?

    John= Circulatory reasons.

    Neige= Come clean John, but. *giggles* Do you like sporting your legs?

    *<i>People around laugh but John blushed in embarrassment</i>*

    John= Oh, c'mon guys. Stop it! Im getting all red.

    *Wrist-com goes off*

    Ciel= John, it's me. Me and Cerveau are getting more preparations on the new biometal and we will be going to bed as we finish tidying up. You should stay with the caravaners till morning ok?

    John= Alright, but don't you dare work yourself too hard! Same with Cervy.

    Cerveau= I heard that John. Don't worry about us ok, get some rest.

    John= Good night both of you ok?

    *ends transmission*

    John= Im ready to hit the sack, boy am I tired.

    Typhon= You can stay in my quarters if you want.

    Neige= Typhon?!

    John= C'mon Neige, he was just offerin' you know?

    Neige= Well, alright. You 2 go to bed. We will call you in the morning.
    (music dies down slowly)

    John had his first night in the new world, unaware of the new horrors and plans Dr. Wily and his new associates are brewing up. John tries to not worry but John just felt guilty leaving Ciel and Cerveau alone to continue working on the next biometal.