• Once upon a time there was a princess who was not very pretty. She lived in a country called Rulayo. Rulayo was very peaceful and full of beautiful people and places. King Marcus and Queen Lydia who were the king and queen of Rulayo wanted to find a suitable prince for their daughter Analise, but you see there was a problem Analise was not very pretty compared to her sister Mary. Analise was short and big boned, had long brown hair, brown eyes and not a very pretty face and was hated by many people in Rulayo and princes of other countries had no interest in her accept one ,Prince Richard of Mantio and she did not know he loved her and he did not know she loved him either. Mary on the other hand was tall, usually skinny, had long black hair, and green eyes and a very pretty face. There were many princes interested in her, but unfortunately she was married to Prince Miguel the prince of Somora and was pregnant with the heir of the Somoran thrown. Analise was always jealous of Mary ever since she got Married and then pregnant because Analise thought that her parents were always only going to be proud of Mary and never proud of her because she could never find anyone who could love her for who she was and how she looked.
    One day there was a festival happening just outside the castle walls. While watching the people of Rulayo during the festival someone spotted her watching them. Then the word spread of her watching them and the next thing that Analise knew she was being pelted with pebbles that range from the size of a small marble to the size of a gum ball. Hurt by the actions and words of the people of Rulayo and the world around Rulayo she decided to run away. So that night after her parents had gone to bed she packed her things and left Rulayo. While on her way to Lotia the country were many ugly people lived she was teased because many people recognized her as Princess Analise and they were teasing her because they all though that princesses were supposed to be pretty ,but she was the exact opposite of what a princess should look like. When Analise got to Lotia she felt so fat and ugly that she thought about suicide. When the people of Lotia saw that Analise was there they made her leave at once because they knew that once her parents awoke and saw that she was gone they would send guards everywhere immediately and they did not want anyone to intrude on their territory not even to look for her. While walking to the next city Komlaly she was kidnapped because some people recognized her and they knew that they could get some money by doing this.
    When the news of her kidnapping spread as far as Mantio which was thousands of miles away from Rulayo she knew that she was in a lot of trouble because not even the guards that her parents sent to find her could not find the location that she was being kept. When Analise’s lover from a far Prince Richard of Mantio found out that she was being held captive he did everything in his power to save her. Richard finally did what her parents guards couldn’t do he had saved Analise not Richards guards, but Richard himself. When the news that Prince Richard of Mantio had saved Analise reached Analise’s parents in Rulayo and her sister Mary in Somora her parents and sister were overjoyed that a prince may be interested in Analise at long last. Analise and Richard later realized that they could not live without each other and decided to get married. A couple of months later Mary gave birth a son whom they named Louis who later in his years took the throne of Somora. Analise’s parents lost the thrown of Rulayo when they were unable to produce a son to stay and rule Rulayo after they died. As for Analise and Richard they had a daughter named Claudia and a son named Lestat. Claudia was later married off to Armand the prince of Alzen and Lestat took the thrown of Mantio with his wife Kambre.

    The story now continues with the life of Analise and Richards’s son Lestat. Now Lestat was tall like his father, blonde hair about shoulder length, a narrow nose and a cute mouth. Lestat and Kambre had been in control of Rulayo for about 2 years now and they still have not produced an heir to the throne of Mantio. You see Lestat had the luck of his mother in a way he could not be successful and his sister Claudia on the other hand had the luck of her Aunt Mary because she and Armand were expecting a baby. So back to Lestat he really wished that there was some advice that his parents could give him, but Analise and Richard thought that he need to figure it out on his own. So doing Lestat being Lestat decided that he and Kambre needed t o take a little trip. So they did and the next thing that he and his parents knew Kambre was pregnant. So when Lestat found out he was wondering how that happened because nothing ever seemed to go on during their trip accept going to meetings with other kings and queens around the world. So Lestat started to talk to his mother about the thing that he was thinking about. Analise said that the only thing he could do was talk to Kambre and get things figured out. That night after dinner Lestat and Kambre talked. Angered by what Kambre said he forced her to leave immediately and the weird thing is that she did without a single word. Later the next day his mother and father asked where Kambre was. Lestat told them that he made her leave because she told him that she had an affair with one of the princes’ that they had a meeting with and that the baby was not his.
    So then his parents told him that he made the right choice when he told her to leave. Just as they were about to go to a ball in Alzen they got news from Armand’s guard that Claudia was going to have the baby in a few short days. Which the timing was perfect because they were going to make a trip to Alzen any ways so now they had a reason to stay there a couple of more days until the baby was born. So when they arrived in Alzen the first thing they did was going up and see Claudia who was on bed rest. Then Lestat asked everyone to leave so that he could talk to Claudia. So when everyone was gone he told her the bad luck that he had. The next thing that Claudia said was that he should travel from country to country looking for a worthy princess to be his bride, but the thing is that he could not leave her. Claudia then said that it was fine she had Armand there and her parents and that she would send a guard to find him where ever he was when the baby was born. Lestat agreed to her plan and off into the darkness he rode on his horse.
    Lestat traveled to Balin, Draylan, Lysia, and many another very important places until he found Arissa the princess of Vima. He then arranged to have a meeting with her and her parents. When the day of the meeting came he was so nervous because she was so beautiful and he was sure that there were many other princes trying to win her love. So when he got in the room with Arissa and her parents he came right out with the matter. Lestat just simply said that he loved her and he wished that Arissa would marry him and come live with him in Mantio and to his surprise she and her parents agreed. So the next day they were married and they headed to Alzen so that Arissa could meet his family and so he could see the heir to the Alzen thrown. When they arrived there with Arissa, Claudia and baby Amaros, Armand, his mother and father were all waiting there for their arrival. So when they got there they talked a bit, ate dinner and then Lestat and Arissa went home to Mantio. Five months later. Lestat had now had the luck that his sister had because Arissa was pregnant. Lestat and Arissa and the rest of their family waited the nine months with excitement. When the nine months were up and the baby was born they finally completed the task of giving an heir to Mantio the baby boy was named Kaya. In the end King Amaros and Queen Delia took the thrown of Alzen after his parents died. As for Kaya he was married off to Mai the Asian princess of Fayla. Kaya and Mai had one daughter named Miyo and one son who took over Mantio after they died named Sauron.

    To be continued hopefully…….